Trying to Court [Dragonformers! Cons X Dragonformer! Reader] [Requested]

Megatron: He would try to impress you in any way he possibly could. Giving you shiny gems and finding the biggest meal to give you. To other dragons who came near, he would fight them all besides his clan since they knew not to get to close to their leaders mate.

Soundwave: Most of the time he would do sweet silent gestures, such as helping you clean your scales/feathers or shower you with affection. At times, Soundwave would follow you like a lost puppy till you snapped at him or duty calls. Every now and then, you would find small gifts in your den and it was easy to tell they were from Soundwave.

Starscream: He would show you off to everyone and keep you by his side at all time, if he could, sometimes he would be a sap and give you flowers or something in sweet gestures. You would have to deal with his complaining about the other dragons though.

Chat was talking about dragonformers and I got reminded of the ones I was doing and started doing some quick preliminary sketches.

Going for feathered dragon for Arcee, some sort of ape-frog thing for Bulk and Bumblbee needs a lot of work because he looks scary and not very cute and peopel prob wouldn’t approve. I approve of completely horrifying but I also intended to go insect like and he looks more piranha. snrk.

I closed it!

Because messages arrived more than three of them, I closed the request.
I draw characters of requests of three following first arrival.

I am going to draw it from about next month.

Because I raised requests for the first time, the deadline became very early. I’m sorry.
The next announces it a little before.
In addition, please participate if there is an opportunity!
(I reply by a message later.)

Thanks for your message!₍₍ ᕕ(´ ω` )ᕗ⁾⁾

I raise requests of the picture of Dragonformers.

Please send the message which you wrote a series name and a character name to me!
I demand it around three.

Its quality is a lower picture.
Probably it becomes only the upper body.

Because I am busy, I am going to draw it from about next month.
(I may be not accepted if I judge that I cannot draw it.)

I wait for your message!

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