Haha, I can’t draw dragons. Oh well. 

I think I said something a while ago about wanting too draw poor Cyclonus worrying over a sick baby Tailgate; being completely helpless and unable to do anything about it. Tailgate will be fine though, it’s not like he’s dying or anything. 

Credit goes to the lovely Uniformshark for the designs. Thank you sweetie! :)

I haven’t drawn anything for myself for MONTHS. I’ve been really busy doing a lot of little things (like tattoos and logos) for a lot of the guys I work with on the flight line. But I decided I needed to have a little fun for myself, and so I took a shot at drawing one of Kashi’s TF dragons. I figured it’d be fun, since I like drawing dragons to begin with, and I really loved her Chromedome and Rewind design for her dragonformers or w/e they’re called. Just something I did quickly before I take a nap. You can see the beginning sketch here. I WAS going to do a full body image, but I decided to crop and do a headshot to make it a quickie. Here’s Kashi’s original design for Chromedome (dragonversion).