Trying to Court [Dragonformers! Cons X Dragonformer! Reader] [Requested]

Megatron: He would try to impress you in any way he possibly could. Giving you shiny gems and finding the biggest meal to give you. To other dragons who came near, he would fight them all besides his clan since they knew not to get to close to their leaders mate.

Soundwave: Most of the time he would do sweet silent gestures, such as helping you clean your scales/feathers or shower you with affection. At times, Soundwave would follow you like a lost puppy till you snapped at him or duty calls. Every now and then, you would find small gifts in your den and it was easy to tell they were from Soundwave.

Starscream: He would show you off to everyone and keep you by his side at all time, if he could, sometimes he would be a sap and give you flowers or something in sweet gestures. You would have to deal with his complaining about the other dragons though.