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Tiny People in Jars AU: Part 8

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The Wrong World

It would have been well and truly dark by the time Marianne reached the goblin castle if the moon had not been full and the sky clear of clouds. The moon and stars were bright, exceptionally bright even for a property that was somewhat removed from the lights of heavily populated areas. What Bog had said about inhabiting a different worlds made more sense when she stepped out into the night as a fairy and found herself in a slightly altered reality where light pollution and smog did not obscure the brilliance of the night sky.

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doubleichigopower  asked:

Aja was fighting Yellow Beryl's robots alone, taking a knee as they surrounded him, these new Bee, Wolf and Dragonfly types about to carry him away.

“Ugh, such a poor…hideous designs for robonoids.” Muttered Gold Topaz.

She summoned her wings and flew down. A yellow hand extended and released several bolts of electricity. Some hit the bots, while the rest created a barrier between Aja and the bots.

She didn’t even care that a few bots were destroyed. Their owner can make more.