• guy: its unrealistic to have so many women fighting dragons
  • guy: i mean im sure historically there were many brave women but not enough to merit such a large amount of female characters fighting dragons
  • me: a couple things. dragons arent real my buddy my pal my dude ...
  • me: theres no dragons in history
  • me: theres nothing historically accurate about dragons
  • me: dragons themselves are unrealistic
  • me: i dont even need to address this any further because your entire argument is that bad.


When I was a kid, we used to play a card game called ‘Shit’. I only vaguely remember the rules, but the main gist was that the person that lost at the end of each round was told that they were ankle-deep in shit, then knee-deep, etc. Once, when staying at a foreign hostel, we tried to teach this game to the French exchange students, with the help of the one girl who knew the French word for shit. And now, remembering that game, I imagine Varric trying to play it with a group of Orlesians.


‘Morning, sleeping beauty.’

If Vax had a smartphone it would filled with questionable pictures of his hubby. 


Excellent float through the limestone outcrops of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.