Fairyshy vs. dragonequus
•A Wild dragonequus appeared
•Go fairyshy
•Dragonequus used dragon pulse
•It doesn’t affect Fairyshy
•Fairyshy used draining kiss
•it’s super effective
•dragonequus fainted!
•Fairyshy gained exp. points
•Fairyshy grew to lv.28
•what? Fairyshy is evolving!
•congratulations! Your Fairyshy evolved into Fluttery

A shout out.

Guys, I need a little help here, there is this one person i know that used to have a blog of a little guy named Eriden, and he was a Dragonequus and I have to admit, I loved, no adored that little fuzzball of joy.. And, i found it sad that he had to go.. So I had to spin off that, with Dave, as he was the father.

And i have to admit, i got a bit close to the little guy myself, because I adored how the mun could play him so well, and I found the mun such a good Rp partner… But.. here’s what I want to talk about.

Because I can’t remember anymore if he unfollowed me or just deleted his account and never made a new one, I can’t find him and I want to find him because I have one question, a very important one to at least me.

Can I, have Eriden in my blog and stories? because I have been mulling over a story, a very dramatic and grimdark story that is going to take me a good long while to write, it’s going to be a few chapters. And I wanted to ask him, the mod the original mod of Eriden, if I could, if I could have his permission to have him in my blog, because of how connected I feel to him, and how I know he’s special to Dave.

That’s all I ask, and i would appreciate if all of you, could pitch in and help out. So please, reblog this, signal boost it so he can find it, please have him message me here, VIA IM’s so we could discuss this, if he can’t I will give him, either my skype contact or email. Because I really want to talk about this, any of those if you do reblog and signal boost this. Thank you, I really appreciate it.