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I agree with you 100% there should be tests for people to see if they should be able to/have the mental capacity to own a gun. But they have the 2nd? amendment that says they have the right to own one. But those are 100s of years old rules :/

Exactly! Man, that’s complete bullshit. Why are people so damn insecure and afraid of change? If owning a gun is your first choice when it comes to self defense instead of actually learning how to defend yourself with your body I have no respect for you. Hell, here’s even illegal to port knives of any kind. The right to own one? Are you kiddin’ me crab? That retrograde way of thinking pisses me off so much, if this world is so damn fucked up it’s because all those old laws and amendment JUST DON’T WORK. You just can’t force new minds to adapt to your old bullshit. The society needs to evolve, the sooner the better.

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does dark beer taste different (or less bitter) than normal beer? (sorry im not a beer fan) whats the best you have ever tried?

yes, it does! some of them are less bitter than your average canned lager, for example. It certainly does tastes different, the roasted malt and hops give it a “roasted” and tougher flavour. Most crafted black beers usually have a chocolate-y/coffee flavour that comes from either adding chocolate or roasting malt grains in brewing, usually both. Its dark color also comes from the roasted malt grains and hops, which depended on how roasted they are can be dark brown or just plain black. I haven’t tried many mostly because I like ales and lagers better, but they sure are enjoyable on cold days! Somehow it makes them taste… I don’t know, different? Anyway, if you’re looking forward to try a dark beer which is not that bitter or strong I’d suggest drinking a crafted chocolate stout to start. They are quite expensive (as are most crafted beers) but they are worth the price! 

Now if you ask me what’s the best I’ve tried I’d say the Kunstmann Unfiltered Lager, a chilean beer from Valdivia! Shit’s good man. It tastes a little sweet and like, malty at the beggining and in the end it leaves a bitter flavour with some honey hints. Since it’s an unfiltered beer you can see the active yeast in the bottle, which is awesome and also adds a more intense flavour to the whole thing. Probably my favorite beer so far, you got me drooling just by thinking about it!

Honey Ales are very good too, if you’re looking for something sweeter and “friendly”. They go well with desserts, or to drink it as “The Dessert” since it’s absurdly sweet.

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og satan chan u should make ur beer recs a thing!! also seconding sakas question :3

there you go crab // and aww thanks man but I’m still a beer rookie! I still have a lot to drink and taste in order to start a blog about them. For now it will stay as a culinary hobby. I’m enjoying it a lot so far! The beer world is amazing~