• Guy:You're cosplaying as Carrie Kelley! She's my favorite Robin!
  • Me:Thank you!
  • Guy:[turns to girl he is with] Do you know who she's cosplaying as?
  • Me:[stomach drops]
  • Girl:Uh, Robin?
  • Guy:Yeah, but *which* Robin?
  • Me:[screaming internally]
  • Girl:No.
  • Guy:[smugface] She's Carrie Kelley from Dark Knight, the ONLY female Robin.
  • Me:Excuse you.
  • Guy:What?
  • Me:There are, in fact, TWO female Robins. [launches into tirade about Steph Brown]
  • Guy:[silence] [deer in headlights]
  • Girl:Thank you. [hugs me] I'm so glad I got to see that.
  • Me:[to girl] You're welcome. [to guy] Do NOT use me to Fake Geek Girl someone. Ever.

Pics from our Barrel Riders Parade group!  The looks on my friends faces makes me so happy.  This has been a year long dream, and the fact we all had so much fun making it happen fills me with joy.
Thorin - geek-spirations
Ori - korins-cat-pants
Kili - blueeyesdante
Bombur - Foos
Bilbo - hykuw42
Elf King robbed of barrels: thranduart

All photos except the first one are by Kikiama