So the pictures are coming back from DragonCon this year, and I am sadly reminded of how much fun I had at DragonCon last year. 

I am also reminded of how much I don’t social network, and how afraid I am of actually talking to awesome people like Alistair over here

I am a lot like Morrigan in that regard. I’m very walled up and closed off to the world. I really need to come out of my shell a little bit. It might be good for me, and who knows, I might even get a god baby out of the process. 

Expect fun cosplay write ups soon. 

[Image description: I actually have no words for how amazing this is, but here we have a little boy who’s kind of a carbon copy for Luke Skywalker –right down to the floppy One Direction hair– wearing one of the Yoda plush backpacks they sell at Hot Topic.

It would be weird if I made this the background on my work computer, wouldn’t it?]


Pipboy 3000 version 1.1 is complete.

I added real working LEDs to the front, reworked the screen to fit better, added a real turning knob, and did a few other small touch ups.

I failed at soldering (first timer) the knob into the circuit to operate it.  I plan on improving it again soon though!  This is what I’ll be wearing at DragonCon in FIVE DAYS!!!