DragonCon 2012 I decided to break out some naked me and cosplay as Xandir P. Wifflebottom from the old Comedy Central show ‘Drawn Together.’ Since I had no one to go with me in costume I made myself a Ling-Ling plushie and carried him around. He had a voice box/speaker and was rattling off Japorean quotes from the show. This is the first of numerous photos I’ve found or been sent of my cosplay. If you took a photo and are uncredited, let me know, I’ll credit you! Please reblog, I want the Xandir and Drawn Together fanbase to see this… Please and thank you!


Fantastic video from DragonCon 2012. Check it out. I’m at 2:35 and then at 13:31 or so.


Pipboy 3000 version 1.1 is complete.

I added real working LEDs to the front, reworked the screen to fit better, added a real turning knob, and did a few other small touch ups.

I failed at soldering (first timer) the knob into the circuit to operate it.  I plan on improving it again soon though!  This is what I’ll be wearing at DragonCon in FIVE DAYS!!!