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Any of my Tumblr connections - DS9 / Garashir / Star Trek - attending? I go every year, have for many years, and would be open to meeting up or exchanging friend codes on the app. I live under 10 minutes away by -foot- (no hotel needed) and have for 19 years now, so I know the area really well, including restaurants and bars that aren’t overwhelmed by con-goers. I’m hope to do a Cardassian cosplay for one day of the con and I do some crazy outfits other days, especially on Saturday when I march in the parade as part of the walking periodic table. I’m Beryllium! I go to all sorts of different panels, normally not specific fandom tracks, although last year I did go see Alexander Siddig and Aron Eisenberg because DUH. Anyway, message me and let me know.


Hogwarts Robe and Wand Set [MADE TO ORDER]
Every Witch and Wizard needs a robe if they are going to attend Hogwarts! Look no further! This Hogwarts Costume Set comes with everything you will need to look fabulous at school! (Or your next costume event) Each set includes A custom made robe with embroidered patch and a custom wand. Robes are made of high quality suiting and non-static lining in your specified house colors. Wands are a combination of wood, beads, clay and paint. They are full size wands made for adults. (Child sizes available upon request) Please allow 2 months for production as I will not be starting on these orders until June 1st. This ad will only be available for a short time so order while you can! In the notes section please include your height and size (S, M, L, XL)! Notice: No refunds will be accepted. You have until June 1st to order and select your size. The Deluxe includes a custom made robe, custom wand, Gilderoy Lockheart storage book and the Monster Book of Monsters

Deadline to order is JUNE 1st, 2017!


Are any of my mutuals going to DragonCon 2017 in Atlanta September 1-4? Any followers?

I’d like to stage a meetup and hang out with you guys!

Let me know if you’re thinking of going, or planning on going so we can make some plans. I’ll likely be there on Saturday and Sunday (sept 2&3).

Looking forward to (((hopefully))) meeting and hanging out with y'all!

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Where are you cosplaying next?? (I love your murdoc cosplay so much!!)

I’ll be at Dragoncon in Atlanta during Labor Day weekend. If you see me please come say hi! If you’re in Gorillaz cosplay come get some pics with me! I’m not sure which day I’m gonna be Murdoc. Probably Friday or Sunday.

I’m sitting on my mobility scooter in a packed elevator at DragonCon in Atlanta, when a man grabbed my arm & pulled. I removed his hand and stared at him. I asked him if we knew each other. He looked defensive and said he was just trying to say hello. He then got off the elevator & I said aloud ‘Who says hello by grabbing strangers in an elevator??’
Another man said “well that’s how we do it around here, where are YOU from?” I replied ‘New York City, where grabbing strangers is not acceptable.’ He then said “well women are more accessible around here.’
I stared at him in disgust and said slowly 'You think women are things to be accessed.’
He replied 'Around here they are.’
I was trapped in the elevator with this filth staring at me & trying to talk to me, and then about me to other passengers when that failed, for 9 floors. I couldn’t wait to escape.
This man does not speak for the entire state of Georgia, clearly. But this mentality is prevalent everywhere. No one else said anything when I was grabbed. No one else disagreed with the second man’s statements.
I can take care of myself but I wish the other passengers hadn’t been silent & complicit. It’s important to speak up for yourself and others. We are not things.

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Hey Caddy! Wanted to tell you something cool. I just got back from Dragoncon in Atlanta Georgia here in the States, and some guy was dressed up as Crowley from Nightmare Creatures. I asked him where he got the idea from and he said: "There's a guy on Youtube named Caddicarus, he inspired me to do it." Congrats man! You're spreading the word about that game more than ever!

Oh that’s badass.

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Jeez you must be rich traveling to so many cons and places

It really is pretty simple. My TV is 10 years old. My car is 14 years old, I don’t buy DVDs or Blu-Rays anymore. My DVD player is probably 8 years old, my laptop is around 5 years old, my camera was bought in 2007 (though I did recently buy a used Canon 5D MKII), I don’t have any gaming consoles, I don’t collect figures, my clothes are from K-mart and Target. I rarely go out to restaurants more than $10 - I eat Subway sandwiches and cook at home. My entertainment is Netflix, Hulu and my internet. I got out to a movie maybe once every 3 or 4 months. When I fly to cons, I stay with other con-goers, use public transportation if I can (Psst, DragonCon hotel from the Atlanta airport costs under $3….if you use their subway) and oh…. 99% of the time, I don’t buy anything at a con.

I have no student loans, no house payments, no car loans (my car was built in the 90’s, it has a cassette tape player !), very little credit card debt, no wife, no girlfriend, So you can imagine, my monthly expenses are kinda low.

it sounds my life is pretty boring and it is in a way, but with my limited income, I had to make a choice. Do I want to spend $80 on a new game ? Or not buy 3 games and use that money to fly to a con ? 

I also acquire mileage to front some of the flight costs. A lot of mileage credit cards will give you 20,000, 30,000 or even 50,000 miles just for signing up for a new card and completing their conditions - usually you must charge at least X amount of money in X amount of months to qualify. And if you have monthly bills, just use that credit card to get to that amount. 

Check out http://boardingarea.com/ - it’s a collection of travel blogs dedicated to acquiring miles. That is how I am financing my trips to England and Australia. When I went to London for 10 days, I crashed with a friend, I bought food at the market to eat at home, I used public transportation so yes, my total expense for my London trip is probably $500. NOTE : opening multiple credit cards - this does slightly affect your credit score so if you are buying a car, house or large purchases, I suggest you do not do this.

And finally, I have money from the Kickstarter from last summer to financed at least the flight aspect. I kinda underestimated the budget. The last 6 months of 2013, I realized that the costs of flying to a city, staying there for a week, renting a car was getting more than I originally thought so I know ask people if they have a spare couch I can crash on and I couch-surf. I’m trying to save as much as I can for the actual printing and shipping of the book. I may have to cut down my con in 2014 to make it under my budget.

So yes, I am rich …..  in experiences ! I had a chance to travel to many different places and countries but I am poor in physical belongings and you know what, I’m fine that way. When I die, I can’t take it with me anyways, so yeah, I’m gonna live my life to the fullest that I can. 

Anyways, not saying my way is the best or you should follow what I do, but more of this how I choose to live my life. It ain’t for everyone but fits me just fine.


I realized I didn’t answer how I have time to do this and again, this is simple. I work freelance which means I work from gig to gig to gig. I usually work as a photographer or a photographer’s assistant. And yes, sometimes I turn down jobs to travel to cons to shoot for the next book.

I do have a part-time job that basically pays my rent and a bit of my bills and that is I do social media for a photography company. Honestly, the pay is crap. BUT it allows me to work from anywhere in the country for a brief amount of time. So yes, while you are partying in the rave/dance (depending on where in the country you are), I am in my hotel room catching up on work. So this plus the small amount of gigs I do helps cover my bills.

So yes, that is how I can take off a week to do this. I work freelance. I am my own boss…. which can suck because I have to pay health insurance, business tax and all that. 


We’ve returned from DragonCon in Atlanta and have the first batch of photos from the weekend! As always the weekend was filled with amazing costumes, including from the Marvel Universe Gathering shoot!

Stay tuned as we highlight even more costumes! Plus swing over to our Marvel.com DragonCon Gallery here!