This is for the Anon who asked for more Captain Marvel pics. Also, thanks! :)

This was DragonCon 2014, after the big Marvel shoot, on the back Hilton steps. I had a wicked good time at the shoot, but I wound up staying outside for too long. I mean, look, there’s NO ONE on the steps - that’s a good testament to how long I was out there for, haha! I was just chatting with people, taking pics, and losing track of time…on an empty stomach. So right after this pic I realized what time it was, and ran in the Atlanta heat and sun from the Hilton to the Hyatt. That’s how I wound up passed out on the bathroom floor. That’s a no-no, kids! Always bring snacks to conventions! Drink plenty of water, especially if you’re imbibing! 

Anyway, pictures by Danny Hunter. I gave him some Carol realness and then he asked me to smile, so I smiled.

If you want to learn how to make the flame thingies, go here. Or I could make you a set (in any color!). Email me (bellecherecostume@gmail.com) if you’re interested!

This is a picture of the jackalope (with the antlers removed for this photo) after the parade at Dragon*Con. :D I’d been working on this gal on and off on the evenings since March, and I got her done just in time by staying up late for a few weeks. *wipes forehead* I had a GREAT time wearing her, my and my friend were even chosen to ride in a Cadillac in the parade! <3

She’s already sold to someone - I hope to get lots of better photos within the next month. 


Missed DragonCon 2014? This Pair of Cosplay Videos Has You Covered

Getting excited for NYCC cosplay!

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"Life comes up. Life goes down. There’s just one way to keep it going ‘round. Try a little longer, for your friends. Try a little a stronger, for your friends."
                                       -Fraggle Rock Season 1: Episode 17 “Marooned”

Red Fraggle | imsosrsly
Boober Fraggle | pinkodak
Gobo Fraggle | nohtaram
Mokey Fraggle | an-eternal-wanderer

Photographer | ohduckzor

Here’s another one for my fellow ear puck illuminuttys. I cut the visor to fit in the hotel room using metal shears so it certainly is far from perfectly in there. The deadline was so tight to get that done in time for #dragoncon that the helmet arrived without a visor…because pedro was still having to build a vac former! He did so almost over night, rush shipped the visor from Scotland to my chromer who then overnighted it to me IN Atlanta at my hotel the day BEFORE our shoot with @jwctp! Phew!


Cecil Gershwin Palmer - Dragon*con 2013

Made, modeled, gifs by me (FB)
Video source (x)

"If you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget."

So glad to have a video of this where you can see the blinking lights, even if it is footage of me partying. When I made this cosplay last summer, I had just gotten into Night Vale, and it was such a thrill to meet up with that marvelous community for the first time IRL!! This was supposed to be a simple closet cosplay, and ended up being quite a bit more complex than that! Yes, I was playing some awesome ‘weather’ all night long on the speaker system I built into my station desk. And as always… Good night, listeners. Good night. 

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