I can’t allow myself to forgive you

And I’ll never let you forget.

I love this photo so very much. My boyfriend and I discussed wanting to recreate this shot based off some lovely fan art we’d seen in the months leading up to Dragoncon. Our goal was to be inspired by all the Reylo fanart we loved and to bring a little of that into each of the shots we did. Photo by Luis Correa/Crash: The Photos.

~Please kindly do not edit without permission or crop out the watermark on this photo ❤️


@somelikeitblue and I debuted BotW Link and Zelda at Dragoncon and I got to work with some fabulous photographers. Her mom sniped these from her cell phone while we were shooting and I’m already dead a little just looking at them. Can’t wait to do our own on-location shoot with these SOON.

Also, a little PSA: Lopti and I have been best friends for 16 years and so have more or less grown up together and I couldn’t ask for a better, more generous and thoughtful and weird-in-all-the-best-ways friend. Our inside jokes that continually make us laugh till we hurt could fill a book and NOBODY would understand half of them, but we’ve simultaneously weathered a lot, a lot of storms together. Get yourself a Pippin like mine and you’ll be in great shape. <3


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