Come bug out with your fellow fans at Dragon*Con! It is sure to be a clawsomely good time, so don’t m(h)iss it!(ΦωΦ)

  • When: Saturday, Sept 3, 1pm - 2 pm
  • Where: The Marriott Marquis 10th floor Atrium. Those of you familiar with Dragon*Con may know this area as a popular spot for unofficial meetups. For those unfamiliar, simply take the elevator up to floor 10 and you will find yourself in an open atrium area. It shouldn’t be hard to spot (hehe) us!

Cosplay is welcome but not required. This is meant to be a very casual meetup with no particular agenda - just a chance to meet new friends, take some cosplay pictures if that’s your thing, and generally dork around. Note: this gathering is unrelated to the official ML fan club panel happening later in the day - we just thought it would be fun to meet up in a non-panel setting :D

Reblog to spread the word or invite your friends to the Facebook event page. Hope to see mew guys there~!

I’m going to help my friends. I’m going to help anyone who needs me. I’m going to beat the bad guys. And I’m going to do it as…


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Special thanks to @wwprincessofthemyscira for an enormous help with mounting the armor.

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I’ve been going to DragonCon for almost 10 years now (having skipped one or two), and by far my favorite thing about it is just the fun, silly times with friends. Without friends, there’s no point! Going through many of my photos over the years, I think of friends I’ve made and had since my first con in ‘04, some who have come and gone, and some I hope to have for life. And if anything, we had amazing times thanks to this incredible hobby! I feel so lucky I am able to enjoy making a living doing something I love so much.
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29) Don’t battle for power! (Unless you’re gaming) Bring a power strip with you.

Let’s face it - finding an outlet that’s easy to get to in a hotel room is a pain in the but, especially when you have several people jockeying for crash space. Bring along a power strip and set it up in an area that easy for people to find and is clear enough to let them set their tablets and phones down to charge without fear of becoming doused in random beverages.

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