dragonborn cat

A painting I did of my Khajiit Dragonborn character Malak from Skyrim.

Thanks to the use of mods, he’s led quite a life from being a member of the assassins to discovering he’s quite Force-Sensitive.


My Skyrim avatar as of right now. She’s supposed to look like a snow leopard, sadly there’s only so close you can get with the in game choices.
She’s an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood, Dragonborn who has all but abandoned the main quest line, wanted criminal of Solitude, Argonian lover(gotta find one of those Argonian bachelors mm mm), with a shadow horse(Shadowmere <3), a dog(Vigilance), and two children(Lucia and Aleson). She lives in the Lakeview Manor near Falkreath, where she has survived multiple bandit raids, a giant, and two dragons(along with the many other dragons around Skyrim).
I can’t wait to actually make this save the one where I accomplish nearly everything ovo/

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