dragonborn cat

Context: I’m a new DM playing with a small group of veteran D&Ders (consisting of a high-elf Ranger, a Dragonborn warrior and literal cat? cleric), and they suggested that we do a small series of one-offs to get me used to being a DM. We’re in our third one, which is based off the C'thulhu mythos, and they’re about to face off with Nyarlathotep when this happens.

Me: Okay, you find your way to Nyarlathotep’s chapel and as you enter, you hear his voice in your head saying, “Ah, my sacrifices have arrived.”

Ranger: What does he look like?

Me: Knowledge check that.

Ranger: *rolls an 18*

Me: You remember he is described as a tall, swarthy, sinister man, looking as if he had just walked out of Egypt. Dark skin, dark eyes, well built; he looks like a Pharaoh that walked straight out of the past.

Warrior: I roll to seduce!

Me: Excuse me?

Warrior: I roll to seduce the handsome Egyptian-Eldritch god.

Me: … I don’t even know why I’m allowing this but okay.

Warrior: *rolls a nat20*

I’m just staring in disbelief at this point, and everyone else is laughing.

Me: Okay, fine. Nyarlethotep pauses and considers, then grabs you and stuffs a tentacle down your throat and into your stomach, placing something, probably an egg of some sort, there before tossing you back down. Congratulations, you are now pregnant with the Dunwich horror. In about a month, it’ll eat through your stomach and probably you before bringing chaos upon the world.

Now its his turn to stare, and I’m just like, “What?”

Cleric(OOC): Wait, what? His character’s a dude!

Me: The forces of chaos care nothing about your insignificant human gender binary.

A painting I did of my Khajiit Dragonborn character Malak from Skyrim.

Thanks to the use of mods, he’s led quite a life from being a member of the assassins to discovering he’s quite Force-Sensitive.


My Skyrim avatar as of right now. She’s supposed to look like a snow leopard, sadly there’s only so close you can get with the in game choices.
She’s an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood, Dragonborn who has all but abandoned the main quest line, wanted criminal of Solitude, Argonian lover(gotta find one of those Argonian bachelors mm mm), with a shadow horse(Shadowmere <3), a dog(Vigilance), and two children(Lucia and Aleson). She lives in the Lakeview Manor near Falkreath, where she has survived multiple bandit raids, a giant, and two dragons(along with the many other dragons around Skyrim).
I can’t wait to actually make this save the one where I accomplish nearly everything ovo/

Commission Info

* She tried to be honest after she was almost beheaded but the shinies’ call was too strong to resist (once a thief, always a thief).

* She was once part of the Riften Thieves Guild, but after her short venture into a honest life, she became an independent thief. 

* Paarthurnax is like a dad for her. 

* Put Delphine into her place when the latter demanded she kill her dragon dad. 

* She hates boats.

* She’s also afraid of horses. 

* But on the other hand, she comes to enjoy flying on a dragon’s back quite a lot and thankfully Odahviing doesn’t mind that much to carry her now and then. She’s proven worthy after all. 

* She’s actually a very selfish piece of shit, seriously Akatosh, couldn’t you chose someone more altruistic and heroic as your dragonborn?

* She has four cats, and loves to fuss over them. They live in Honeyside and are the secret owners of the house. 

* She frequently comes off as desinterested and uncaring, mainly because that’s how she wants people to see her. She’s not completely heartless, but it puts people off who otherwise might beg her for favors. She doesn’t have time for that shit. 

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