Massive instagram sketch dump!  Mostly Archer and Scout stuff…plus some random face drawin’…

Archer and Scout are the main characters of my webcomic that ill never post or finish :D (maybe someday…)  sketch dump also featuring:

Alidae - Scouts dragon-bird friend

Pookie - the floaty shadow cat blob thing

a random dragon-bear that doesnt have a name yet  woo!

more frequent skeches are posted over on my instagram…if yer interested: http://instagram.com/doomypotato

One dark and stormy night a magician tried to create a new monstrosity for his creature army.. a Bear Dragon…. well something didn’t quite happen they way he wanted and Honey was born. She is a sweet little fire breathing dragon bear.. more ear than dragon. she enjoys long walks in the forest and burnt fish. and of course her namesake… honey!

I have been seeing a lot of characters lately with heads in odd places.. or maws at the very least.. so i wanted to make my own little chimera critter. I may put her up for adoption for a later time.. for now I just like looking at her :3