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There were many ways to keep himself busy. Genji would deny that all of them contributed to his general lack of spending time in Hanzo’s vicinity. Ever since he’d brought his brother to Overwatch, where he was reluctantly enfolded into their ranks (on probation, or something of that ilk), Genji had found reason after reason not to spend time with him. Training, missions, briefing, debriefing…everything seemed better than being trapped in a room with Hanzo.

It wasn’t cowardice…or was it?

He couldn’t face him. It wasn’t just about the fact that he knew Hanzo was only here because of him. Or maybe it was.

The entire problem was complicated because Genji didn’t want to think about it. So he left Hanzo to settle into an organization he didn’t want to join, surrounded by people he didn’t want to know.

It wasn’t his best move, far from it.

It was cowardice the only option to cope with Hanzo’s presence. He was so close, and yet they felt as far apart as when his elder brother believed him dead.


Massive instagram sketch dump!  Mostly Archer and Scout stuff…plus some random face drawin’…

Archer and Scout are the main characters of my webcomic that ill never post or finish :D (maybe someday…)  sketch dump also featuring:

Alidae - Scouts dragon-bird friend

Pookie - the floaty shadow cat blob thing

a random dragon-bear that doesnt have a name yet  woo!

more frequent skeches are posted over on my instagram…if yer interested: http://instagram.com/doomypotato

                look it’s literally 1am on christmas eve and i’m making a bias list lmao

man, i didn’t think i’d hit 300 so quickly, i mean………. i swear there are better interpretations of the grump dad, or even the golden boy in this community but you all are here. following me. this gigantic nerd that can’t run more than one blog for the life of him. i’m both confused and ecstatic that you guys have taken the time to follow me and sit through all my crazy ideas and AUs i’ve come up with, and even stuck with me since i had my old blog back in……….. man was it august or september i made it? no matter, it’s been a good while now!

now as per usual, the sappiness is gonna happen. a lot of regurgitated stuff for people from my previous bias list because i’m not that creative, but i’m sure as hell gonna make it seem super good and unique guys h AVE FAITH IN ME.

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Apparently there are 400+ of you fucks following this little fuck, so I suppose it’s time for one of those there fancy “follow forever/bias lists.” (Apparently I’m so old that I don’t remember when they got named bias lists bc that’s a new thing? idk man, I’ve been on Tumblr for like 5+ years now. what the heck.) Anyways!! 

To save y’all the dash space, I’m putting a cut down. Feel free to like, idk, click through if u wanna see me gushin’ on dorks and saying who I think is bae.

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