Basically this.

Too many people seem to think DB lost all its humor and sense of adventure once the “Z” portion of the story began, but honestly that’s not true. Some of the more traditional mystical elements gave way to Sci-Fi ones, but truth be told the adventure was still there. The trip to Namek? The elaborate strategic games played there? Adventure. And heck, Dragon Ball itself was only purely “Adventure” in its first arc, sure Goku moved around, but each arc was focused mainly in one area against one opponent or group of opponents. Adventure is but one element to the overall story.

“Dragon Ball” also had its more serious elements too, as seen above, so the foolish notion that it was “pure comedy” as some claim is ridiculous, as is the claim that “Z” was where it lost its comedic heart and became “serious”.


Well… so I started watching Dragon Ball Super a week ago… which I haven’t watched for 15 years or something.
I never watched GT, I read a bit about it and decided it was not for me. But Dragon Ball Super is… really good (surprise!!).
So the nostalgia kicked it and I thought I should go and draw that oc I made when I was a teen.

Originally she was Goku’s sister or some shit and in my headcanon all saiyans had some pets that could evolve, kinda like pokemon lol.
Now she’s just some random saiyan who took refugee on earth I guess… and Brandix is just -some- kind of alien canine she picked up along the way.

.. it was really a blast working on this!

Shoutout to Supobi, I was oogling at their beautiful work earlier and got inspired to go for some mix of soft glowy coloration and cell shading.

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hey man im feeling too weak/skinny and that's such a big deal for me and I was thinking about joining a gym but I don't know anyone who goes there and it kinda spikes my anxiety up do idk, what's the gym like?

let me just tell you that the biggest guys there are the nicest, all princess protein. excited about dragonball and actual big precious dudes.