dragonball z quotes

  • Zarkon: I wish to meet this man so that I may reward him!
  • Arusian Leader: I thought you said you wanted to arrest him?
  • [pause]
  • Zarkon: Execute them.

Scourge: “You cut through my jacket! This was a gift from my father!”  

Antoine: “I-I’m sorry, I’m sure your father was a great man!" 

Scourge: "I HATED my father!" 

Antoine: "Oh! W-Well then I’m sure your father was a total prick!" 


Why would I stop watching anime?

You understand how many lessons I’ve learned from watching anime?

  • Full Metal Alchemist: Don’t play with God. You’ll never win.
  • Hunter x Hunter: There are two types of insanity. Subscribe to the good kind and you’ll surely beat out the bad kind.
  • Yu-Yu Hakasho: Any punk has the potential within to do good.
  • Ruroni Kenshin: That which was meant for death can be used as a tool to preserve life. 
  • Dragon Ball Z: Work incredibly hard. You have no clue whose counting on you.
  • Naruto: Never give up on your morals or your dreams. 
  • Sword Art Online: Even the strongest player can’t win alone.
  • Gurren Lagann: The power within you, is the strongest force in the universe. 
  • Akame Ga Kill: Labels mean nothing. It’s your character that counts.

You guys can feel free to add what ya’ll like. I just like to make the point that theres no shade thrown to ya’ll who watch sitcoms, fantasy, sci-fi, drama, whatever. You get enjoyment out of it so enjoy. This is my form and as you can see, I get more than just a few chuckles out of it. 

Nerdist assembled the voice cast of Dragonball Z: Resurrection F to voice their favorite movie scenes as their DBZ characters. Here’s a taste of what happened.

Watch the full hilarious video (including the best version of the INDEPENDENCE DAY speech ever) here.

“Amazing. How do you do it, Kakarot?
You’ve always been like this, ever since the day I first met you; always ready to meet the next challenge, even if it’s bigger than you are… It was the same on Namek. You had improved so much that it make Recoome like he was standing still. Your power had increased so dramatically since our battle on Earth that I thought you have done it–I thought…that you had become…a Super Saiyan! It tore me apart! How could a low-class soldier accomplish so easily what I…I had to struggle my whole life to achieve!? After three millennia, it has finally happened; a new Super Saiyan had emerged, and, somehow, I have become this popish witness. Then, at last, it happened. I, too, transformed. After living every moment of every day for the singular purpose of surpassing you, I finally became a Super Saiyan myself. The Prince had reclaimed his throne and fulfilled his destiny. But, no matter how strong I became, your power still exceeded mine. At first, I though it was your loved ones; that it was your instinct to protect them that spired you on and pushed you beyond your limits. But then I found myself with a family of my own, and my power…didn’t increase at all. I used to fight for the sheer of pleasure of it, for the thrill of the hunt, all I had the strength unmetered; I spared no one. And yet, you showed mercy to everyone, even your fiercest enemies–even me! Yet, you never fought to kill, or for revenge. Only to test your limits and to push yourself beyond them, to become the strongest you could possibly be. How can a Saiyan fight like that and at the same time be so gentle that he wouldn’t hurt a fly? It makes me angry just thinking about it! But, perhaps it is my anger that has made me blind to the truth for so long. I see it now…this day has made it all too clear.

You’re better than me Kakarot. You are the best.” ~Vegeta

Wendy Naugus: (to Speedy) “Oh God, Your father’s Kukku.”


Carrotia: “Well, first we trashed this airbase-”

Wendy: “Oh my shit!”

DBZ cast as siblings

Gohan and Goten

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Trunks and Bulla

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Android 17 and Android 18

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Goku and Raditz

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Vegeta and Tarble

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Bulma and Tights

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Frieza and Cooler

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Huh. You really are immature, getting so upset over a videogame.
  • Huh. You really are immature, getting so upset over a videogame.
  • Chris Huber
  • Super Dragon Ball Z

“Huh. You really are immature, getting so upset over a video game.”
- Android 17 after defeating Android 18, Super Dragon Ball Z (Crafts & Meister)