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This audio is pretty loud, so please be sure to have your volume adjusted.

Okay, so I saw the two posts that @yugogeer12 made about Undertale and Dragonball Z having a crossover and I just had to make this audio post!

Original Creator - Yugogeer12 

Voice Actor - Me

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Dragonball Z x Akira

anonymous asked:

Hello auro if you still doing the shipping drawing, and have free time, can you draw a Shadamy one? (And what is your opinion about it?)

Anonymous also asked: (I’m the same anon about the shadamy question) I don’t know why but I always see them like vegeta and bulma (but I know bulma and amy don’t have many things in common)            

Anonymous also asked: Hello auro, I don’t want to bother you, but if you have the chance, You would like to draw shadamy, and if you like, what is your opinion about this shipping? Thanks you :D        

Anonymous also asked:  Shipping requests?  HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SHADAMY OR BLAZAMY XD I’m teh sorries.       


(I see Amy more as Chichi but since you mentioned Dragonball stuff I couldn’t resist the uRGE)

I personally…don’t know what to think of this ship? Like Shadow and Amy had so few interactions between eachother and yeah they were nice but I don’t have the immediate thought “Man they would make a great couple” when I see them. Plus the most important one they had got erased from Shadow’s memory it seems XD

So ye hope you enjoy them cosplaying :’‘


Applejack Becomes Best Pony.

Part four of the 11K follower special!  Tune in next week to see part five!


Had to rush the last six panels out, sorry for the lack of quality in them!  I realized this Friday that I still had to work on this update, sorry!  (I also learned more about some of my brushes in Sai later on, so yeeeeeaaah)

Student of the Night’s Scootaloo can fly in the dream world, so I figured she’d be the most appropriate for the scene replacing Trunks. I also love their blog.  I did view all the Scootaloo blogs who responded to my post last week though, keep up the awesome work all of you.