Having a berry good time with our cleric

Context : we’re escorting a merchant to a town where he can sell his goods and by doing this job we get 35% of all the goods he was carrying and we get huge discounts but we are currently on the way to the city we have a teif Warlock, Human goat Cleric dwarf paladin dragonb sorce and me a drow monk

Warlock trifling : I look for berries to add to my book of nature *rolls a 19*

Dm: you find a set of berries you are completely new to

Warlock :I convince our cleric to eat them

Cleric : no need to convince I eat them anyways

Dm: roll con save
Cleric: *rolls 4
Dm your vision goes blurry and you see your goat god in a mighty throne room and one approaches you

Me realizing I have taken form of his main god as he hallucinates move closer and touches his face

Me: you have been chosen young man to serve as the champion of our people go forth and free the goats of your lands

Dm:this is all said in bahhs to you cleric

When he finally comes out of his high he exclaims that his god’s have talked to him and he now has a purpose in life


The nations were angry,
   and your wrath has come.
The time has come for judging the dead,
   and for rewarding your servants the prophets
and your people who revere your name,
   both great and small
and for destroying those who destroy the earth

Today has been a v. productive Dragon Bible day, here is just a snippet.