Some loser woman you might know refused to go to bed until way too late after a fucking enormous day and now she is paying for it hardcore. It’s 10am and I’m losing the plot already. Send stimulants, send help, send gay thoughts ⛅


Okay so here’s the deal! I couldn’t help myself and made a bunch of Pokemon hybrids I’ll never use so I’m giving them away and also trying something new for myself. These designs will be up for auction!

If you buy one, you’ll get a better quality image of their design unwatermarked, plus three emote/RP icons of your choice if you want. Bidding starts at $8 and you can leave your offer in my inbox. You can bid for multiples of these at once and I will accept payment through Paypal only.

Want to avoid the auction? Then you can choose to buy yours immediately for 16$ (this will include the icons).

Bidding will end on August 5.

Drawn during my live stream today ^_^ I guess that’s what Dragonite should have looked like xD

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