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My head canon: Commander Cullen’s presence during any judgement at Skyhold thoroughly distracts my Inquisitor Trevelyan. She just can’t stop staring at her handsome military advisor. They’ve recently begun a relationship, but they’ve tried to be professional and discrete. Her other two advisors, Leliana and Josephine, have noticed anyway. They’ll surely tease both of them during the next war table meeting. ;)

About Fenris being the older or younger sibling in my last posting,
There were a lot of interesting headcannon replies about both cases.
lingering-nomad in particular said, “Twins ;)” 
.. and that actually hits me hard because I’m a twin myself.. 
I guess I just couldn’t imagine ever being upset enough at my twin sister to do what Varania did.. but then, I do imagine Varania having a super traumatic encounter after the incident.. I will draw that one eventually. 

“We met in the gardens - he was one of father´s slaves. He was funny and bold and stole kisses from me when nobody was looking. My father saw us once…. I never saw him again….”

Oh the angsty headcanons…. where papa Pavus is a real piece of shit…. 

Baby Dorian with snakes again - I think I found a new obsession….

I’m just thinking …

Solas is differently built from a male Lavellan - he’s got broad shoulders and muscular legs and really nice arms, and is overall pretty toned? And at least a little taller than other elves … (because they are malnourished since generations and don’t grow as tall anymore).

Wouldn’t that stir up some jealousy among other male elves if, say, Lavellan would introduce him to her clan/family? 

I mean, obviously Siryn is not complaining, but I could see the men in her clan being envious because of how well-built Solas is. 

“I want to have such broad shoulders too!”

“He’s tall, damn! That’s unfair.”

“He’s got such a good biceps! Why, Elgar’nan?” 

I’m so cackling about that right now. 

(Proof that Solas really is well-built.)

badjujubies  asked:

I love your art style. I love you children, mog love it so much

EEP THANK YOU :’D I’m still trying to establish a consistent type of art style but as you can see, it keeps on changing. 

Here’s a quick kid!Solas because you love my kiddos <3

I headcanon that the reason why Lavellan was struggling with defining her relationship with Solas was simply that it was more of a slow development, a step-by-step growing into something more and more deep and intimate than an agreed-upon relationship.

They never had a moment together where they decided “Yup, we’re together now!”

Instead, it was more of a feeling for both them that grew stronger over the time, and they never bothered with putting a label at their relationship. 

Lavellan can also say “I know what we mean to each other”. 

She CAN be completely certain about what exactly her relationship with Solas is. 

I personally headcanon Solas’ natural haircolor as dark auburn. 

(shamelessly posts Solas’ face)

Just my headcanon. I can see the argument for Solas having dark brown hair. I thought that myself at first until I stared for too long at his eyebrows … 

Though I would not say that he’s blonde. Unless he’s dark blonde, maybe.