Tag Game!

Answer the questions then tag whoever else you want to play. You don’t have to if you don’t feel like it, of course! Post on bloggle when done.

I was tagged by: nobody, I’m just bored.

1. What is your favorite book/movie/series?

2. If you could have any pokemon (only one) which would you choose?

3. Which song can you relate to?
A lot of them, right now 

4. What makes you smile?
Everyone I’m about to tag has made me smile this past month.

5. What was your favorite toy as a child?
I had a stuffed cow. His name was Cow.

6. If you could live in a fictional universe which would it be and why?
Harry Potter because the real world still exists plus fucking magic.

7. Which is the lamest joke you ever heard?
Anything that comes out of my friend Kourii’s pun-filled mouth.

8. If you could be any mythical creature which would you be?
A dragon

9. Which game makes you rage?
League, but I don’t really play it anymore. Community sucks

10. If you won 10000 dollars what would you do with it?
I’d buy stuff for a “friend” of mine.

11. What do you think of when someone says red?

And the ones I tag are: @hiharry66 @thunders29 @ozzi9816 @razeman9 @ask-the-chan-family@wavygravynavy@the-prince-of-fate@trueinfinimine@doomed-prince-dreemurr

Scenarios Master List

So, there you go people. All in one place. I’ll upload the list with time.

1) G-Dragon peeking at your lingerie

2) T.O.P peeking at your lingerie

3) G-Dragon when he sees another guy flirting with you

4) T.O.P when he sees another guy flirting with you

5) Seungri when he sees another guy flirting with you

6) G-Dragon when he notices that you’re not wearing panties

7) G-Dragon when he slaps your butt

8) Role-playing with G-Dragon

9) G-Dragon when he is your secret admirer

10) T.O.P when he finds you pleasuring yourself NSFW

11) Dirty talking with G-Dragon

12) G-Dragon finding you asleep in his bed

13) T.O.P Mafia AU NSFW

Community Homebrewing: Dragonborn Origin

Hello People,

I have tallied up your votes and a lot of races got a lot of love (except for the halflings and half-elves, sorry buds), but in the end there can be only one winner (for now). That winner is the Dragonborn with 17 votes!

Second place was taken by the Goliath with 14 and third place by the Tiefling with 12 votes.

The next poll is going to decide where we base the subrace on or where we differentiate the race. You have one vote. Also if you are looking for a dragon with an affinity to water which is not the dragon turtle you are thinking of a bronze dragon ancestry which is already an option. Your options are:

1. Divide into Chromatic and Metallic.

2. Dragon Turtle

3. Pseudodragon

4. Faerie Dragon

5. Shadow Dragon

6. Wyvern (Dragons without front legs)

7. Wyrm (Dragons without legs)

8. Chinese dragon

9. Drake (Wingless Dragon)

10. Other

Which one would you like to see?