Our society has rules. And all these rules are written by intelligent people. These rules will continue to serve these intelligent people. And stupid people will only have to try to understand their meaning. Stupid people will be cheated and continue to lose.


Dragon Zakura


Doragon Zakura: Photoset 1 (more to come!)

I made these three during my free time since I want to change my desktop wallpaper. Mostly just for experimenting, and UYEY I laf the results <3

Anw, DZ had quite a lot of good tips & techniques that are quite useful in studying and real life, which I would like to try as well. I recommend watching this, whether you like Japanese dramas or not. And it also has a good amount of comedy too. I cracked out loud whenever Hideki did something hilarious LOL. The teachers that were invited to teach the students are equally hilarious as well. (y)

so go and watch eett xDD