dragon age fandom wakes up the next day

groggily it notices it is swimming in pairs of shades and bottles of aggregio litter the room

the garish sunlight seeping in through the window makes its head throb. the fandom rubs its red, bleary eyes, it’s too briGHT

the fandom cringes together as it resorts to~
putting on a pair of shades

join us brothers and sisters and nugs and arishoks
join us in the shade where we stand with shades
join us as we carry the shades that can not be forshaded
and should your shades perish, know that your swagrifice will not be forgotten.
and that one day we shall join you

[takes long drag on cigarette] lemme tell ya a story son. that there dragon age fandom started on a steady old road down to plain ol’ madness. ever since that there dragon age 3 trailer comin’ out, they all started crazy talkin’.

[rocks on rocking chair] first there was some crazy epidemic where they all put dang sunglasses and flower crowns on every critter they love

now there’s some o’ them, gone real crazy. see here, they all started thinkin’ they’re some sorta thedas drag queens.

son, listen here. [stubs out cigarette with foot] ya got to stay away from them dragon age folk. ya might well get locked up if ya do.

Dorian/Cullen + 3 (’good morning’ kiss) + 19 (sad kiss)

for @morweneledhwen

thank you for being so patient! ♥
not sure if this conveys the sad as desired