Someone is translating Dragon Quest VII 3DS ⊟

How I’ve longed to see screens like this, shots of 2013’s Dragon Quest VII remake for the 3DS in English. These aren’t from an official localization from Square Enix because that still isn’t happening for some reason; they’re from the efforts of a single fan, fed up with waiting and now translating what he can.

Don’t expect too much rom this – you won’t be getting a complete translation patch in a few months. The translator, Apassingremark, has studied Japanese for two years in college, and he isn’t a veteran of the ROM hacking scene or the Dragon Quest series. So far he just intends to translate item names, spell names, monster names, etc. However he is looking for help with the project, and it looks like Apassingremark has linked up with potential partners at Dragon’s Den. Hopefully something comes out of all this!

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Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS coming west, according to series creator - Gematsu

Dragon Quest series creator accidentally shared news that Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden and Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for 3DS are coming to western territories.

Reports are coming in from Twitter:

  • “Yuji Horii has just announced Dragon Quest VII and VIII will be released ‘in French’…?! Apparently a last minute announcement here at Japan Expo. Guess that means both titles at coming West on 3DS. I asked someone from Square Enix and it seems Horii dropping the bomb wasn’t planned.” (via @jkermarrec, 2)
  • “At Japan Expo, a few hours after our interview, Yuji Horii has confirmed here that Dragon Quest VII and VIII are coming ‘in French.‘” (via @FFRing)
  • “Horii actually did mention 3DS for Dragon Quest VII and VIII localization. The translator got upset when he did.” (via @RedMakuzawa)

Of course, any bit mentioning only the French language is likely due to the announcement taking place at Japan Expo, which is in Paris, France. If it’s released in French, it will be released in English, as well.

The year is almost over and we have a lot of awesome games to look forward to next year. So just in case you missed it, here’s a preview of the awesome JRPGS coming in 2016 (Goodbye social lives).


Square Enix keeps bringing up potential localizations for the Dragon Quest VII and VIII 3DS games ⊟ 

It started a couple days ago in an interview with French fansite Final Fantasy Ring, when series creator Yuji Horii commented on calls to bring the Dragon Quest VII and VIII’s 3DS remakes to the West. "We hear and read that a lot of fans are indeed passionate about these games, and we’re thinking about it,” he said, according to a machine translated transcript from Gematsu.

I didn’t think much of that non-committal statement, but then this odd thing happened at Paris’ Japan Expo during a Square Enix presentation:

“At the end of the DQ stage, Yuji Horii said ‘I want to announce one thing. I want to release Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS in France!’, to which DQ producer Ryota Aomi replied: ‘Wait! There is no official announcement yet!’”

That comes from a Famitsu report translated by Zanasea. Yeah, I don’t know. Hope for the best, expect the worst (English versions released to iOS only).

The above photos of Japanese idol Rena Nōnen as a slime have nothing to do with the story. I’m just making up for us failing to post any of the promotional stuff she did for Dragon Quest Monsters Superlight last year.

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Dragon Quest Heroes II adds Minea, Torneko, Carver, Gabo, Maribel, and Angelo

The latest issue of Weekly Jump confirms six new and five returning characters playable in the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes II.

Here’s the full list of confirmations:


  • Minea (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Torneko (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Carver (Dragon Quest VI)
  • Gabo (Dragon Quset VII)
  • Maribel (Dragon Quest VII)
  • Angelo (Dragon Quest VIII)


  • Alena (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Kiryl (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Maya (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Terry (Dragon Quest VI)
  • Jessica (Dragon Quest VII)

Dragon Quest Heroes II is due out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita in Japan on May 27.

If you missed it, catch the first details and screenshots here.

Square Enix squashes DQ7 3DS fan translation ⊟ 

Remember how fans were creating an English patch for Dragon Quest VII’s 3DS port (also, remember how we got no Dragon Quest 3DS news out of E3? 😫)? Square Enix put a stop to that with a cease and desist order sent to the group. The project’s lead Apassingremark reported, “We are packing up shop and hoping that this means we will see a release from them in the coming months.“

I wouldn’t get my hopes up for an official release, as this looks like the publisher just protecting its property. While it’s an unfortunate end to a fan translation many of us were really excited about, professional translator Thomas James provides some insight behind Square Enix’s decision:

“The big thing about this translation effort is that it pretty much reused the original version’s localization part and parcel for all the legacy content that was there (much to my surprise, if you’ve read my thoughts on the technical logistics of projects like this).

That might seem like something obvious to do for a lot of people on games like that, but bear in mind that it makes such projects go from legally grey to just outright infringing existing copyrights, which makes the legal rationales of cease and desists that much more cut-and-dry.

If I had been on that project myself, I would have redone the entire translation from scratch to ensure maximum potential safety, as Square isn’t otherwise prone to shutting down fan translations for games it doesn’t actually intend to bring out.”

The fanart above comes from Nona.

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The Dragon Quest Super Light Cafe in Shibuya opened in April of this year to celebrate the launch of the casual mobile DQ title “Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light.” What makes this place unique is that  you are given in-game items in exchange for purchasing meals! They’ll do anything to get you in the door these days…

Square Enix doesn’t sound confident about bringing Dragon Quest VII 3DS to the West :o( ⊟

So what’s the deal with Square Enix not localizing any of its Dragon Quest games for the 3DS released in Japan? You’d think the publisher would localize the DQVII remake for the 3DS at least, right? Siliconera caught up with Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto to see if there’s any chance we’ll get that one, but he offered the following response:

“In terms of DQVII, it has a lot of text to go through and translate, and we’ve received so many requests and so much positive feedback about the game, but unfortunately, we have to consider the cost and the manpower needed to handle the sheer load of text. In terms of scenario and script, the game is probably one of the largest in the DQ franchise. If a lot of people can buy it and support it… well, we can’t promise anything.

… We’ve gotten a lot of requests, we really want to do it, but right now, we need to hammer out what kind of resources we’d need to do it. We say this a lot, but, we can’t seem to get to the point where it’s justifiable.“

In absolutely unrelated news, Square Enix will release the original Dragon Quest, as well as subsequent games (II and III have been mentioned), with a new localization to smartphones starting this September. I can’t be too bitter since those older titles have a lot less text to translate, but you’d be amazed how bitter I still manage to be regardless. Image is via F Yeah Dragon Quest!

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