Dragon Quest VII: Ok, before you get into your first battle, we really need to introduce the world to you! Explore the town and be sure to talk to everyone so you get a real feel for this world and the people in it. Now go to the other town. Don’t worry, there’s no monsters to get in your way! Talk to everyone here, too. Alright, now go back to the first town. Now head over to the big shrine, then go to the little shrines, they’re technically right over there but the path goes all the way around the island (again, don’t worry about monsters). Now, there were some puzzles here, but we simplified them a little bit! Head back to the big shrine again, and figure out where to put those pieces of equipment. Now go back to the first town, then the second town, and then back to the big shrine one more time. All you have to do is solve the three piece jigsaw puzzle, and then you’re ready for your first battle!

Dragon Quest VIII: Who are you? Who are they?! Where’s the princess?!! DOESN’T MATTER, LOOK OUT, SLIMES!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!


Dragon Quest Heroes II- ‘Meet the Heroes, Part III: Maribel & Ruff’ trailer