Kitchen of Dragons

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Prompt: based off of this continuation where Thranduil is this Gordon Ramsay-esque chef/judge and Bard gets picked for his competition. Cue major UST and flirtation.

Everyone who was anyone in the world of cooking knew who Thranduil Oropherion was.

A top-shelf chef, he owned five of the world’s most pretentious yet delicious restaurants, all based on highly technical otherworldly dishes. Not a flaw ran throughout those kitchens; praise singing from food critics’ mouths. In order to get into such a restaurant, one would have to put a reservation sometimes months in advance.

Truly, his knowledge of food surpassed all but those of the greats. Hundreds of recipes were embedded in his mind, lying dormant until they could be used. There was a rumor floating around that he could be blindfolded and still manage to cook a three course meal without a hitch. Whether those tales proved accurate, no one really knew. But many wouldn’t put it past the blond chef. Deft were his slender hands while dicing or chopping or filleting – the knife dancing in a quick tune dangerously close to his spindly fingers. Yet no blood was ever drawn for years, and probably never would be.

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"G-Dragon and I lean on each other a lot. G-Dragon does it and I do it, too— we have a special relationship. We are a match made in heaven to the point I think I should marry someone like that if I were to marry.” - Taeyang

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Can I say something to the whole HTTYD2 fandom. 

Please, don’t upload the movie to youtube when it’s released, please don’t make gifs of it from a movie download you found online (if you see it don’t reblog), and please try your best to report the illegally uploaded movies. The more we avoid all these things the more of a box office success HTTYD2 will be let us support Dreamworks. 


Dragon Age Inquisition: Mage Backstories


Born to the Trevelyan noble family of Ostwick in the Free Marches, you were originally intended for a life of privilege—until magical abilities surfaced at a young age and you were forced into a life of confinement within Ostwick’s Circle of Magi.


You grew up in the wilderness, a member of the Lavellan Dalish clan and apprentice to its leader and guide, the Keeper.


No known dwarf, surface or otherwise, has managed to wield magic.


You have earned a place within the Valo-kas mercenary company as its mage, possessing abilities that would have made you a pet slave among your own people, ignoring the fearful looks you receive from those around you.

Warrior and Rogue Backstories