Can we collectively create Stars Hollow? Like Harry Potter World, but for Gilmore Girls. Cause I’m 100% down to stay in the Dragon Fly Inn, browse Stars Hollow Books, have lunch at Lukes, get my late night snacks from Doose’s, go to all the town events and take a million selfies in the town square. 

Just a small masterpost of what to listen during your studies! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Note: Personal faves are in italic


Harry Potter:

Game of Thrones:

Lord of the Rings:



Dragon Inn (1992)

I think a Brigitte Lin marathon is in order this weekend.

Fantastic Tavern Names

No, not really. They’re pretty awful >_> Let’s just get this started! Tavern owner’s race will be with them. They exist in my world but feel free to use `em!

Winking Cyclops - Human (missing an eye)
Branding Iron - Half-orc (veteran, is the bouncer)
Drunken Dragon - half-dragon (pick a color!)
Inebriated Elf - Elf (usually drunk)
Drunken Drow - Drow (also usually drunk! a friend of the elf ^)
The Gobblinn - Female goblin (doesn’t know common, aside from swears)
SnakeHead Tavern - blind medusa (her hair guides her)
Gumbo Pot - Male goblin (his name is Gumbo, he makes gumbo and is often confused when it’s requested)
Hysterical Hyena - Gnoll (crazy, eccentric, hyper)
The Toothy Maw - Lizardfolk (hisses a lot, seldom speaks)
Cracked Skull Keep - Orc (despite sounding like a fight club, it’s fancy!)
Sunken Sailor - Human (ex-pirate)
Underbridge Pub - Troll (dim-witted but quite friendly)
Inking Cephalopod - Illithid Squid-headed person (doesn’t eat sentient brains)
The Hobbit Hole - Halfling (very caring, almost parent-like)
Come Ogre Here - Ogre (likes replacing over with ogre)
Inferno - Fire Giant (hot-headed temperment *badum tss*)
Gno Place Like Gnome - Gnome (racist, loves gnomes - building is made by gnomes, for gnomes and all items in it are as well)
Billowing Bellows - Dwarf (it’s an inn and a smithy, owner tends to smithy mostly)
Hell Hole - Tiefling (ex-adventurer, was a cleric)
Gilded Kettle - Orc (midget, think librarian, symmetrical tavern)
True Shot - Elf (elven themed tavern, hunters mostly)
Hollowed MountInn - Dwarven couple (gruff man, soft spoken woman)
Gem of the MountInn - Dwarf (child of the Hollowed MountInn’s owners)
Salty Spittoon - Sahuagin (”How tough are ya?”)


After a suggestion from scotaire, here’s my version of an URBAN STRUCTURE GENERATOR! In this table, i leave the occupants’ races and other details up to you guys and i think this table is great for when your players are looking at/for a building and you need to come up with something on the fly :D

Hope you guys are able to enjoy this generator and get some use out of it! Let me know what you make from it :)

As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas about this random generator or future work, feel free to send me a message

Here’s the download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzFqRLlZdgtjRWxlYUV2cDZYMk0/view?usp=sharing