Foxing Quarterly is very excited to announce FOREVER GREENa green ranger fanzine and corresponding Tumblr page (Follow us!). 

Submissions are now open for a late August 2014 release.

Please send your comicsvisual artfictionpoetry, and essays to forevergreen@foxingquarterly.com by July 15, 2014.


You can submit fan art, GIFS, screen caps, or other Green Ranger awesomeness to our Forever Green Tumblr submit page. This work may be chosen for publication as well.

Submission guidelines can be found on our about page here.

Amazing cover provided by Alex Schubert of Blobby Boys fame.

After reviewing the 2014 Dragon Dagger, my only complaint is that is doesn’t summon the Dragon Zord or allow me to use the Dragon Shield. Other than those two flaws it really is pretty great. If you can afford it, I recommend getting it, any Sentai or Power Rangers fan would enjoy this item, and if your a fan of Zyuranger and or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers then you will love this item.

 Happy Lunar New Year and Year of the Monkey!

This photograph was taken in February 1938, as part of the preparations for the ‘Pageant of Nations’ show staged at the Sydney Town Hall

The Pageant was described in The Age newspaper on 15 February 1938 as ’…probably the biggest and the most striking stage presentation ever seen in Australia. The many picturesque national scenes, with appropriate costumes and music, aroused the audience to a high pitch of enthusiasm.’ The dragon dance has long been associated with Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year celebrations across the world. 

From the collections of the State Library of New South Wales

 Pageant of Nations, Town Hall. February 1938.  Home and Away 18144