Each Dragon Tooth Dagger is an original design by the artist Thomas Davies and is lovingly made from resin and powdered marble, hand cast and hand painted. This piece is approximately 13 inches long

After reviewing the 2014 Dragon Dagger, my only complaint is that is doesn’t summon the Dragon Zord or allow me to use the Dragon Shield. Other than those two flaws it really is pretty great. If you can afford it, I recommend getting it, any Sentai or Power Rangers fan would enjoy this item, and if your a fan of Zyuranger and or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers then you will love this item.

Dagger (part 1)

AU: Mafia

POV: Reader

Rating: PG-13 (For the violence and occasional language)

Summary: As the sister of the leader of the most dangerous gang in Seoul, you’ve done a pretty amazing job at maintaining a low profile, and not letting anyone know what family you belong to. Your life is normal, despite your brother’s intimidating, yet respected, image. But what the people don’t know, is that you’re Big Bang’s secret weapon, their Tump Card.

“I don’t have to go there every day you know!” I whined, dumping my bag on the ground.

“Yes, y/n. You do.”

“I should be in some assassin school”, I retorted, “Not middling with people who can’t even tell an M4A1 from an AK47. I do not belong there. They give you homework oppa. HOMEWORK.”

My words made my brother snort and that only made me more frustrated. “I should have known this was the reason you stared.” He said, still grinning. Still not taking me seriously. “You know I don’t want this life for you right? I want you to make something of yourself.”

Unfortunately, our argument was interrupted by his stupid phone, ringing its stupid ringtone, at the wrong time, as per freaking usual.

Jerk.” I cursed.

“Bitch.” He replied, and proceeded to answer his phone.

As I reached my room, I dragged my bag pack behind me, too exhausted to even keep it in its regular place. They had made us stay afterschool for decorating the auditorium because our seniors had conveniently ‘forgotten’ to do it, and it was already dark by the time we were done with the task. My mind yearned for some action to get the school off of me.  I heard Jiyong shuffling down in the hall, and as if answering my unspoken request, he yelled, “Suit up kiddo, we’re going hunting.”

The next few moments were a blur of changing into soul pleasing black, and loading all my guns. The only thing I took time in, however, was deciding which one of my knives was going to adorn itself with the blood of my victims tonight.

When I reached down, Jiyong was already dressed and ready to leave. Acknowledging me with a nod he made his way out indicating that Seungri was already at the gate, waiting for us. TOP, Taeyang and Daesung were already at the site, to set up some traps. Just in case any of the inhabitants decided to make a run for it. You’d be surprised at how often those losers turn out to be disloyal cowards.

Seungri opened the front door to the car, like a gentleman, and I stepped in, before Jiyong could claim that spot. He made a sound of annoyance, but I just stuck my tongue out at him from the window. Seungri stepped in next to me after Jiyong had taken his place in the back comfortably, and from the driver’s seat extended an arm to draw in my seat belt. “Don’t want the lady to get hurt because of me, now, do I? Especially when she looks so dashing.” I just chuckled at his smoothness, whereas Jiyong was not half as pleased at this advance. “I’m about to puke, and then kill you, Lee Seung Hyun. That’s my baby sister.”

“Damn, treating me like a lady is sickening? Then what does taking me to a massacre stand for?”

“Shh. I’m trying to load my gun. Don’t want it accidently going off in your general direction, do you?”



“Can you both be nice to each other at least once?” Seungri chimes in, in his ‘mom voice’.

“If you’re asking so kindly.” I answer with a little wink. Jiyong made more puking noises in the back. Sometimes I wonder how this dork has empires worth millions. But then again, other times, I’m helping him construct them.

We stopped about one block away from where we were supposed to go. Which reminded me, I did not even know what we were doing tonight. “What did they do?” I ask, looking out at the only lit apartment in the abandoned neighbourhood.

“They traded with some big shot under our name, and cheated him. Now he’s after my neck, and I want those bastards to pay for it.” He answered, with anger evident in every syllable he pronounced.

The three of us got out of the car and were joined by the others. They already had masks on, which made understanding what they were saying difficult. The fact that they were whispering, wasn’t helping.

“Can you take that thing off oppa?” I asked Taeyang, who seemed to be surprised on hearing my voice, almost as if he wasn’t expecting me to be there. He shot Jiyong a look, but then uncovered his mouth by dragging the mask to his chin, and went on. There were about 15 of them, and we needed them dead. That was all I needed to know. After a bit more briefing, we finally made our way down to get some work done.

Being in a team with the five people that had been protecting me for as long as I could remember, even when their own lives were at stake, gave me a blood rush. A feeling of gratitude and at the same time, completeness came over me. Walking in the dark as a single unit, with our footsteps unconsciously in sync, I felt like I was a part of them.

TOP unlocked their door, somehow managing to make zero noise in doing the task. We walked in, one after another. Each having the others’ back, with guns at ready. With Jiyong leading the way, we followed close behind. Alert. Tiptoeing to the upper floor where light was pouring out from, we took our positions outside their door. There were distinct voices coming from inside, they were excited to have pulled off their stunt, and were most probably drinking. All our eyes were fixed on Jiyong, waiting for his signal. After taking a quick peek in to check the possible escapes routes and to make sure that all of them were in there, Jiyong put up two fingers, and as soon as he turned them towards the door, we poured in. All six of us aligned at the entrance blocking their exit way with guns aiming right at them, all set to shoot, even if they so much as twitched a finger.

“What the hell” one of them, presumably their leader, gasped, which made his glass of whatever cheap drink he was having fall from his hand and on the table. Making the pungent smelling liquid flow everywhere.  

“It’s a little too early to celebrate, don’t you think. Wow, did you really expect to get away after pulling a bullshit stunt like this? I’m literally physically offended right now.” Jiyong stated, in the most dramatic voice he could conjure. Meanwhile, one of the guys thought it was a good idea to shoot him while he was in the middle of his ‘speech’. The bullet grazed the cloth on his arm a little, probably because the guy who shot was too drunk. But before his bullet even touched Jiyong, Daesung had already fired at the man and now he was lying on the ground in a pool of blood and alcohol.

Clutching his heart for a dramatic effect, Jiyong said, “I came out to have a good time, but I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.” Finishing the sentence, he finally showed a little seriousness and turned to their leader. “Let’s make a deal, you spineless git. Tell whatever bastard you made an ass of, that it wasn’t us who did it, and that it was actually you cowards who bank on other’s identities like parasites, to intimidate people, and I’ll let at least six of you live. Otherwise, this place will turn into a Quentin Tarantino movie and I’ll enjoy every second of it.

A second bullet flew, this time at TOP who was standing right next to Jiyong, but luckily he dodged it within a fraction of a second.

“Bad choice”, Jiyong growled. And on cue, all six guns started firing while stepping forward, aware that the bullets would only get us so far. There were shots fired from the other side too, from the men who had not forgotten to bring their guns, while others simply took shelter behind tables and poles. On getting close enough, TOP took the guy who had shot him by the collar and punched him across the face. The man tried to retaliate with a punch, which was immediately blocked with one hand, while the other landed more punches, till it was covered in crimson.

I stood a few feet back while the boys moved in front of me as the first wall of defense. My gun was still in my hand, watching their backs. A group of thugs ganged up on Seungri, but he was joined by Daesung and the duo stood back to back, fighting of all the attackers as a well-furnished team, accustomed to each other’s moves. Taeyang, TOP and Jiyong too were busy knocking off teeth and breaking bones, as sounds of gasps, thuds and occasional screams echoed off the walls of the room. But something seemed off. There was still a puzzle piece missing. And contemplating this, unintentionally, I let my guard down.

In a matter of seconds, someone snatched the gun out of my hand and my back was being held against his chest. Putting the gun on my temple, the boss of the organisation yelled, “You shouldn’t bring weaklings on a mission, G-Dragon.” Which caused everyone to stop dead in their tracks. “It would be a shame, if I had to kill someone so young and beautiful, just to get back at you. So this time, let me propose a deal, drop your weapons like a good boy, and maybe I’ll let this one here see another day. Otherwise..”

“Otherwise what?” I interrupt. Catching him off guard. I used this opportunity to elbow him in the side, which made him take a step away in surprise more than pain. He tried to get a hold of me again, but his arms were stealthily dodged as I ran across from him, and instantly turned, stepping on one of his knees for support as I wrapped the other leg around his neck, which dis-balanced him and he fell. I got up from the ground and moved to his front, hoping to strangulate him. But before I could make it, a realization struck him, he raised his hand and took a shot at me. The bullet grazed my cheek, and I felt hot blood drip down from the wound. “Wrong move, bitch. Wrong. Move.” I snarled, as he got to his feet. Taking my knife out by its hilt, I flung myself at him, slicing the vein his neck before he could take another shot. Blood splashed across my face as the older man fell down with a thud.

The commotion that had resumed sometime while we were fighting, suddenly came to a standstill as the underlings stood with their jaws hanging. Their boss, lying dead on the ground with blood still gushing out of his wound and pooling around his limp body. A girl, not more than 18, walking away from the corpse with blood smeared all over her and the weapon that did it all still in her hand.

“You bitch”, one of them cursed as he lunged at me. Shifting to a side to dodge his punch, I caught his extended arm and stabbed him, never breaking eye contact as his pupils dilated and his eyelids fell shut. The other five joined me and as a single unit, we killed every single person in the room. Like an artist drawing a masterpiece, our movements were fluid, coordinated. Where one left off, the other picked up and within what felt like seconds, it was the just the six of us who remained standing.

“Well that was interesting.” Daesung broke the silence before it got awkward. “We should head back now, there’s nothing of interest in here anyway.”

Nodding in agreement, we headed out back to the cars. While I was getting in the front seat, beating Jiyong to it again, I turned back to give him another teasing look. He, however, was nowhere to be found. What was odd, was that Taeyang was missing too. I stopped halfway from getting into the car and went up to TOP, who was standing near his car, smoking a cigarette, “Oppa, have you seen Jiyong oppa anywhere?”

Putting out his cigar on the hood of his car, he threw the butt in a nearby dustbin. “Yeah he and Taeyang went back to the building to see if there were any clues as to who the guy they cheated was. They’ll be back in a minute, don’t worry. Meanwhile, let’s take care of that cut. There’s a band aid in the car, let me go get it.” With that he turned and opened the door to his car while I was left with an uneasy feeling. But I shrugged it off as he shut the door and tearing the cover, gently covered the bruise on my cheek with the adhesive tape.

“Why do you all keep flirting with my sister?” His low cracked voice made TOP wheeze. “Ji, if I ever make the horrible mistake of even looking at her that way, you are more than welcome to draw a blade through my heart. No questions asked.”

“I’m sure that won’t be necessary, hyung.” Taeyang spoke up in a gentle voice. “And it’s about time we were on our way. Daesung-ah! Let’s go!” He yelled out which made Seungri and Daesung break up their conversation. Seungri pointed to the car indicating that he would be waiting for us, while Daesung walked up to us.

“Y/n, we should head out too. I don’t really want to listen to the maknae whine all the way back home.” I giggled and bowed to the other three, wishing each other good night, we parted our ways.

The ride back home was fairly silent, except for the music that was blasting from the car stereo. When we reached the turn that separated our way home from Seungri’s, Jiyong told him to drop us off there, and head back to his place, we could walk back home, it wasn’t even that far off.

“But hyung I really have no problem…”

“Go. It’s okay. Get some rest.”

And so we ended up walking back home in the dark, the sounds of our footsteps resonating in the dark empty street.

“What did he say to you?” I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me.

“What did who say to me?” He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Youngbae oppa. He took you aside to say something to you dint he?”

He let out a deep breath and looked down at the ground. “It was about you. He thinks this is too dangerous for you. He asked me to tell you to quit.”

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calc anon here! consider this: do you know who dagger is? from how to train your dragon? have you seen dagger from the netflix series? (the race to the edge one!) Consider that dagger is actually Mitch. He rides a gronkle, he is super protective of family, a lil kookoo... it's mitch.

okay tbh I binged every one of those series last time I was super sick AND?? lets be real I fell in love with dagger I wont lie. Someone make a fucking au mitch is the dagger we all need 

On Bran, the Children of the Forest, White Walkers, Hodor, and Time Travel in ASOIAF.

The amount of revelations revealed in the maybe 25-30 mins of screen time Bran’s storyline had on Sunday were mind-boggling. Not only do we get the origin story of the mysterious White Walkers, we also learn they are capable of reaching out into Bran’s visions, the extent of their power, and perhaps most crucially, the introduction of time travel (from a certain point of view) into the saga.

  • As is typical in ASOIAF, even the White Walkers aren’t (or weren’t) truly evil. Ambiguous morality extends even to the supernatural, as we learned this week how exactly the Walkers were created, and for what purpose. Yes, they were once men, converted into the Others by the children using what I assume are dragon glass daggers, as well as their own magic, to combat the threat of the First Men who had crossed over from Essos. Like the Others, we find out the Children aren’t as innocent as they might seem, but of course they have their reasons for the actions - in this case creating some type of biological weapon in the form of the White Walkers, who I’m assuming they eventually lost control of. The scene where the man is stabbed and his eyes turn blue almost looks surreal and very fairytale-esque amidst the trees and weirwoods and monoliths - it’s a visually stunning, chilling moment. And just an observation, I can’t help but draw a comparison to the origin story of the orcs in Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium - an account from the Silmarillion states that the orcs were actually once Elves, but tortured, mutilated, and corrupted by Morgoth, who created them in mockery of the Elves and similarly utilized them for his own nefarious purposes.
  • The extent of the powers of the Night King is really put on display here. Somehow, he has the ability to tap into Bran’s visions, actively interact with them, and mark him. Amazingly, as soon as he marks Bran, he and the other WWs are outside the Children’s Cave in a matter of seconds, even displaying an ability to extinguish fire (albeit it isn’t dragonfire…). The Walkers make their Season 6 debut with thrilling intensity, and this set piece in the Cave is one of the best action moments the series has seen. Meera particularly gets a chance to shine here, as she’s the one who has to get Bran out of there and fend off numerous wights attackign her. It’s mentioned that the Walkers broke the protective spell surrounding the Cave the instant he touched Bran, so it raises the question that, if Bran were to cross over the Wall to meet up with Jon and Sansa, that the protective spells supposedly imbued within it would fail, and it would come crashing down, leading to the invasion of the Others. It’s an incredible theory, and many readers do expect at one point to see the Wall destroyed. It would be a hell of a way to end the season.
  • It’s always the innocents who die in war, and this particularly brutal season of deaths continue with the untimely endings of Hodor and Summer. With the rate at which Direwolves are beginning to get killed off, and the circumstances in which they are, I’m starting to think budgetary reasons, as opposed to narrative ones, are responsible for the deaths. Poor Summer. It only makes sense that he ends as soon as Winter comes. But it’s Hodor’s death, and the circumstances that lead to both it and his inability to talk, that’s probably the saddest moment in the entire series. It’s the moment when you realize that the only reason Hodor actually exists in the story is to protect Bran and Meera and barricade himself against a door that makes it all the more heartbreaking.
  • The circumstances that led to it however, have earth-shattering revelations that could seriously have enormous ramifications on the story we’ve been apparently told for the past 6 years. After seeing Bran reach out to his father a couple episodes back, but only in the form of the wind, I mentioned that I didn’t think time travel would play a huge role in the series. But seeing how Wyllis effectively became Hodor, in this timey-wimey fashion that would make the likes of Steven Moffat and Christopher Nolan proud, really changes a great many things. Effectively, the writers introduced the Bootstrap Paradox to this universe, in which things from the future - events, people, actions - can exist in the past without having been created yet. It wasn’t some accident or injury in Hodor’s childhood that caused his disability - it was Bran’s actions well into the future. I’m still trying to comprehend exactly how this mechanism works, and I’m guessing The Winds of Winter should clarify it, since this plot decision came from GRRM himself, but I think I have an idea how this transpired. Bran was with Bloodraven (or the 3ER) in the past, witnessing the events in Winterfell (great scenes with young Ned, Benjen, their father Lord Rickard Stark btw) and he received the cries for help to warg into Hodor from Meera while he was still in the past experiencing the vision (similar to Inception whenever the dream levels begin to crumble). But since Bran is youthful and inexperienced, he warged into the young Hodor in Winterfell, while experiencing the PAST, instead of in the present like he should, and somehow, this causes young Wyllis’ brain to convulse in seizures, constantly repeated the command Meera gave him “Hold the Door, Hold the Door, Hold the Door, Hol Da Door, Ho Da Door, Hodor.” It’s such a tragic, saddening way to both kill off a character and condemn to the life he’ll lead at the same time, but it’s some brilliant storytelling.
  • It’s arguable actually, that Bloodraven knew this was coming, and expected this whole event to transpire, which explains why he brought Bran back to Winterfell, as opposed to some other location. He knew Wyllis would have to become Hodor in the past, so that his past self would receive the command from his future self to barricade himself against the Door so Bran and Meera would be able to escape. It appears to be this command he constantly repeats throughout his life, possibly subconsciously, that order to Hold the Door, leading up to his eventual and tragic death protecting his friends. As Kinvara said in this episode, “Everyone is what they are and where they are for a reason.” - and as tragic as it may be, Hodor’s only reason for living was to help his friends.
  • The introduction of the Bootstrap Paradox into this universe can really affect the way we as observers see the story unfold. As Bloodraven commented, “the ink is dry”. The past has already been written, and simply can’t be changed. That means Bran can never go back in time to save his Father, or Robb, or Catelyn from their deaths, or even prevent Jaime from tossing him off the Tower in Winterfell. He could however, have had a role in the events leading up to these specific incidents. The internet is abuzz with theories, some leading from plausible to outrageous. Throughout the books, people recall hearing whispers in the woods, in the flames, in the atmosphere in general. What if Bran was the one trying to talk to Aerys, trying to get him to see sense, but the voices in the head simply drove him mad instead, similar to how Hodor suffered the irreparable brain damage due to Bran’s actions? What if the voices Melisandre and Kinvara keep hearing in the flames about a Chosen One, Azor Ahai, The Prince That Was Promised, etc was Bran trying to tell them something? What if the words Varys heard as a child were Bran’s? What if Bran convinced Rhaegar to fall in love with Lyanna, thus leading to the conception of Jon, fulfilling the prophecy? What if Bran was constantly intervening throughout history, influencing the creation of Wall, teaching his distant ancestor, Bran the Builder, what he had to do? The possibilities are endless, and incredibly exciting… and slightly worrying. Time travel is an incredibly difficult plot device to write. In the hands of capable writers, it’s an exciting, mind-blowing, and ultimately satisfying way to tell a story. Under incompetent writers, it can be convoluted, confusing, and lead to gaping plot holes. I’m not sure if this the way things will go down, since time travel as a device has always been more tied to science fiction instead of fantasy, but with this series, anything is possible. All we know is if the Winds of Winter expands upon the events and sequences shown so far in Season 6, it’s going to be a bloody brilliant book.