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My new Solas theory

I say new because I haven’t seen anyone else talk about it before though I’d be shocked if no one else hadn’t posted anything on it. Also new because it changes my previous theories.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Dragon Age Redemption or finished DA Inquisition.

So after watching Dragon Age Redemption I think Solas was awakened during the Fen'Harel mask ceremony. See I think he’s been in uthenara for years (though how long who can say) and woke up during the Saarebas’ ceremony, which would have made him awake and presumably too weak to do much with his orb. I mean it is HIS mask, and the ceremony was somewhat successful before ending violently and the Saarebas looked like he was yelling into a rift which could potentially lead to wherever Solas/Fen'Harel was in the Fade or maybe even in Thedas. This would also be around the general timeframe when Corypheus wakes up. It might even put Solas in the same general area if he was in uthenara somewhere in the Free Marches or wherever Corypheus went after waking up. It would also make Redemption more important to the overall plot of DA than being a back story for Tallis with tidbits of DA universe info.

I’ve seen a lot of people arguing about whether Solas was even in uthenara or if he was when he woke up but this would give a definitive time for the uthenara theory.

I don’t know, what do others think?