Happy birthday Felicia Day!

Character: Violet. Show: Buffy the vampire slayer. 

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Character: Penny. Show: Dr. Horrible. 


Character: Red. Movie: Red werewolf hunter. 


Character: Codex. Show : The guild. 


Character: Tallis. Show: Dragon age redemption. 


Character: Charlie Bradbury. Show Supernatural. 


And now just some of Felicia being Felicia 


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I love this women 

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This was not Solas’ first attempt at destroying the veil

So how many of you have seen Dragon Age: Redemption staring Felicia Day? Remember it now, yeah? For those of you who haven’t seen it, (and for those who have and need a refresher,) the story follows Tallis tracking an escaped qunari saarebas. She ends up working with a renegade templar, an adorable dalish mage, and a reaver mercenary in order to stop the saarebas from tearing down the veil.

The important detail: How does the saarebas plan on doing this? With a goddamn Fen’Harel mask.

Josmael (the dalish elf) says it’s an ancient elven artifact the clan has kept for years. Only the Keeper knew about it.

And what does it do?

Well doesn’t that look familiar.

What I draw from this: Solas at one point created the mask and ritual, (gotta give the guy credit for the dramatics,) sometime before his nap. He probably intended to go through with it, but was either stopped, or fell asleep before he got the chance.

Which begs the question: How many other ancient elven artifacts are just lying around, or being hoarded by the Dalish? What else is out there?

Confession: My ideal choice of a companion for DA3 would be Cairn from Redemption, or someone like him. Why? Because I hate all Templars except him for some reason. I really want to be able to have a Templar companion that I don’t hate because I’d really like to get a different perspective on them. If Cullen’s a companion, he’ll just fuel my Templar-hating.

Why hello there, miss low-self-esteem “loser” gamer desperately trying to live her life the best she can with what she’s got. I see you found what exactly you need to use in order to be successful there.

I’ve just watched the first episode of dragon age redemption by machinima, and it will be my last. This all-american typical action series is exactly what I expected it to be. Felicia Day, well known for writing, directing & starring in her own webseries The Guild, used to have my respect because she became famous by incarnating a somewhat realistic young woman with lots of issues that could be caused by the media industry; such as low self-esteem, seclusion, no social capabilities whatsoever, etc. Although The Guild is intended to be funny, and it is, it still deserves praise for exposing how people can be insecure for many reasons in today’s society. I liked it because I could relate to it.

Miss Day, however, doesn’t appear to understand her own series the same way I did since she has now sold herself (and her breasts apparently) to a hollywood-style production depicting “perfect” people with “perfect” faces and bodies fighting & winning against ugly asses, all the while stating clever quotes at inadequate moments & bending down to expose cleavages at every given opportunity. Well, you’ve done it, Felicia. Now you’re on the other side. You’ll be the cause of some real women in their real lives who don’t have the means to look photoshopped and have enough self-respect not to expose their breasts when they desperately try to be loved ending up being tossed aside for whoever looks the most like a fantasy “babe”.

It may seem like I’m exaggerating, and I certainly would be if I said that she is the one and only reason why women have low self esteem. But that’s not the point. The point is that she is now one of the billion reasons why, and I feel like it’s about goddamn time something is done about it. Jesus fuck. If I passed by some okay-looking & slightly round female-genie who’d offer me one wish, I think I’d ask her to put an end to the industry’s plague on mankind’s perception of both physical and psychological beauty.

Hey, hey Felicia. Hey, please hear me out…
You don’t NEED make-up & boobs to beat up some bandits on the road.