Solas Romance Headcanon:

After Solas leaves, Dorian becomes very protective of the Inquisitor. Seeing how the elf's sudden break up and disappearance broke her heart, he begins to notice an uncomfortable change in her. She is not as cheerful as she once was and tends to be by herself a lot. Dorian makes it his mission to cheer her up in any way possible, if that means being there to bad mouth Solas or a shoulder to cry on.

Okay, so here’s that goofy drabble type thing I said I’d write to go with the porn I commissioned from Syber.

Again, sorry for the lack of Varric.

Iron Bull/F!Trevelyan under the cut.

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She wanted to grab his horns.

The desire hadn’t been verbalized, of course, but all it took was a few telltale glances upwards for Bull to become wholly aware of what Mally wanted. Why she wasn’t saying anything, he had no earthly clue.

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“His lips on mine speak words not voiced, a prayer. Which travels down my spine like flames that shatter night. His eyes reflect the heaven’s stars, the Maker’s light. My body opens, filled and blessed, my spirit there. Not merely housed in flesh, but brought to life.”

Cassandra Pentaghast + Ulfric Trevelyan

Headcanon: The Inquisitor's daughter has a strange infatuation with Iron Bull. I love the image of this tiny toddler, sucking her thumb, holding her favorite sleepy time toy & barely the height of Bull’s knee toddling behind this giant Qunari everywhere he goes. Her big eyes looking up at him like she’s trying to figure him out.

((And yes, I realize that this is straight out of Maleficent))