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So my game of Dragon Age Inquisition always glitches during the first judgement, so when Movran attacks Skyhold with a goat, I get a scene right out of goat simulator.

(Ignore my roommate’s music.)

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3x OTP, BroTP, NoTP

The rules are simple: share your Otp, Brotp and Notp for THREE separate fandoms. Tag some friends.

Dragon Age Inquisition:

  • OTP - Solas and Sene. Obviously. Like I’ll never play another Lavellan in my life. My whole world is destroyed because of these two. They’re unbreakable, even when they’re yelling at each other in the middle of a snowstorm or breaking up fifteen times over a period of three days like I don’t care. That’s it for me. Farewell, sweet sanity of mine.
  • BroTP - Solas and Iron Bull. If you’re reading The Dead Season, you probably get this. Especially in the latest chapter, Bull, aka “feelings guy” is really the only character capable of getting Solas to open up, and their bond is also forged pretty deeply in battle scars. As men of war, they share a lot of mutual trauma and experiences which allows them to offer each other emotional support in times of uncertainty.
  • NoTP - I really can’t think of anything, at least not in terms of canon pairings.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • OTP - Buffy and Spike. I love Buffy and Angel, but Buffy and Spike’s relationship dynamic and their quotidian are far more fully formed to me. They feel much more “real.”
  • BroTP - Giles and Spike. This was sealed after “Tabula Rasa” when everyone forgets their identities, and Giles and Spike get it into their heads that they’re father and son. (”Randy Giles? Why not just name me Horny Giles or Desperate-for-a-Shag Giles?”) Lol.
  • NoTP - Was never terribly crazy about Buffy and Riley, tbh.

Gilmore Girls

  • OTP - Emily and Lorelai Gilmore. Obviously mother/daughter and not romantic but I don’t care. There are moments in later seasons where their relationship dynamic is so rich, and the moments between them are so entirely earned that it’s like literally devastating. The writing is so good just kill me.
  • BroTP - Rory and Paris. That time Dean comes over unannounced and Jess is there, and Paris takes the blame and says that she asked Rory to invite Jess, like ever since then–they’re forever.
  • NoTP - Lorelai and Christopher. Bleh. Spare me. Actually just spare me all of season seven. I’m good.

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oopiejay5  asked:

Prompt! If you're still awake!! 5 or 4 James + Nassella (wishful thinking but pleeeease!)

5. Comfortable kiss for James and Nassella. One of my other answers could count as a desperate kiss, so I went with this one instead! @dadrunkwriting

James wiped away the sweat that was dripping into his eyes, taking several steps back to give himself a moment to compose himself before Bull began his next attack. But the giant Qunari lowered his sword and grinned.

“I think that’s enough for today,” Bull said. “We’ve been sparring for over an hour.”

James frowned, and glanced up at the sun, realizing it had moved significantly across the shy. “Shit, I didn’t even realize.”

Bull stretched out his arms, grinning. “You don’t tire like a normal man,” he said. “It’s like fighting another Qunari. I haven’t had sparring matches this good since leaving Seheron.”

James smiled, stretching the last of the tension from his own limbs. “Glad to be of service,” James replied.

They returned their practice swords to the rack, and James nearly left the practice grounds, but Bull grunted, then pointed toward the far end of the grounds.

James turned, and felt a smile cross his face when he saw what Bull had. It was Nassella, by herself in a corner where the walls of Skyhold came together, throwing knife after knife into a dummy several yards away, each blade landing within the same circle, roughly the size of a dinner plate.

He walked toward the elf and leaned against a pole to watch her finish her training, still smiling when she finished.

And then she leaned down, drawing James’ eyes to her ass, and picked up another set of knives.

“I think he’s dead,” James said.

Nassella stood, throwing a grin over her shoulder, her eyes travelling from his face, down toward his feet, then up again. “You can never be too sure,” she said back. But she lowered her hands and dropped the knives.

James pushed off of the pole, reaching Nassella with three long strides, and draped his arms over her shoulders. She stepped forward, her arms wrapping around his waist. “I came down here to watch you,” she said quietly, her large green eyes crinkling as she smiled. “But even I couldn’t watch you fighting for that long.” She bit her lip, her eyes sweeping over his body again. “No matter how sexy you looked…”

James smiled, warmth spreading through every inch of his body. “Well I’m free now,” he said.

Nassella nodded, and stepped even closer, placing her bare feet on his boots, her short body pressed against his. James leaned down, hunching over as she stretched upward, until his lips could meet hers. He pulled at her bottom lip, smiling when her tongue flicked over his, then pushed between them, probing into his mouth…

Just as he lost track of time while sparring with Bull, he lost track of time while kissing Nassella. Sometimes he thought he could spend his life doing nothing else, kissing her was that natural, that comfortable, as if his lips were meant for nothing else…

Nassella was smiling when they pulled away, a small, satisfied sigh slipping past her lips. “We should go clean up,” she said quietly. “You’re pretty sweaty.”

“I thought you like it when I get sweaty,” James murmured. “And what do you mean we, if I’m the only one who’s sweaty?”

Nassella hummed, still grinning, her eyebrows raising above her sparkling eyes suggestively. “Well… that tub upstairs is big enough for the two of us.”

James laughed, then lifted Nassella up so her face was level with his, her legs wrapping around his waist. “We only fit because you’re so small.”

Nassella giggled. “You love it.”

“Yes, I do,” James said, kissing her again.


Basically Yvaine/Cullen and mistletoe fic, because I love ridiculous tropes and always have. If Thedas has a mistletoe equivalent, please nudge me, but I wasn’t aware of one, so I made one up. AU, because here they Get A Clue slightly earlier due to said mistletoe.

There’s that crisp sweetness in the air that you get during the run-up to Satinalia, and Yvaine admits, even with an Inquisition to run and a hole in the sky, she’s looking forward to it. If they’re not all dead by then, that is. But that possibility is seeming less and less likely. Some days, she even thinks they might win this, not just survive it. Oh, hopeless optimism. Don’t tell the Breach in case it gets ideas.

She sighs, trying to put the less immediate future out of her mind, and steps into Cullen’s office.

It’s thankfully not full of troops, and he’s leaning, half-sitting against his desk, inspecting a report. She almost wants to glare at him, because he’s stolen her spot. Not that she has a spot, or that this is her office, but she leans against his desk and bothers him while he stands awkwardly on the other side of it, trying to work and not to laugh at the same time. Or so she thought.

She clears her throat, coming to stand in front of him.

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For those of you trying to follow along as I smash my way through The Fire and the Flood, I’m now going to be posting my chapters to AO3 at the same time.

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I’ll still be posting chapters on tumblr with my little chapter covers and note commentary, but the AO3 story will probably be easier to follow.

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