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Josephine reacting to f inquisitor forcing herself to stay awake every night because of nightmares? As fluffily as possible? Thank you super much!!

When Josephine finds out, she feels bad for not noticing it earlier. She spends quite a few nights with the inquisitor as it is, finding it to be one of the only places she can relax and forget her diplomatic duties for a while. It allowed her the most restful sleep she could get in Skyhold. And maybe that’s what made it feel like a sucker punch when she woke up in the middle of the night to find the inquisitor not beside her in bed.

Instead, she found the inquisitor over on the couch, staring about the burning embers in the fireplace that had been abandoned hours before. Josephine got out of bed as quietly as possible so that she could sneak up in the inquisitor. Her former life as a bard seemed to pay off as she made it all the way over to them before she wrapped her arms around them. She noticed how they jump just a bit in her arms and she asks, “why don’t you come back to bed?”

It wasn’t until she pressed a kiss to their cheek that she noticed that they had been crying. It cause her to come around the couch so that she could sit next to the inquisitor. She cupped their face and brought them close, laying featherlike kisses on their face. “Are you alright? Would you like to talk about it?” She asked them delicately.

She doesn’t try to force an answer out of them but if they do tell her, she finds herself wanting to comfort them out of all of their fears of these nightmares. Either way, she continues to hold the inquisitor, cuddling them closely on the couch. She worked hard to stay awake with the inquisitor despite their insistence that she should rest. Instead she whispered sweet nothings to the inquisitor and listened to their heartbeat.

Dawn seemed to come quickly and it broke them from the spell that the two of them had started to weave between them. Josephine knew that she couldn’t solve everything for the inquisitor in one night but before she leaves, she tells them they should do it again some time. Even if they don’t immediately tell her about the nightmares, she wants to comfort her lover no matter what.

-Direct From Orzammar

I’ve just found a quest on the Storm Coast that I’ve never had before - the Glowing Key. Honestly, I don’t even remember finding that cabin before, but I ran across a rebel mage who had the key, which I thought was odd anyway because… this is the Storm Coast, no apostates here. 

It’s nice to be able to be pleasantly surprised and find things even after so many times doing the same old thing in a game.

I know I already created Mr. Elai Lavellan before and he was supposed to romance Cassandra, but in the end, he might have just had a crush on her.

When he meets Dorian, oh boy he is smitten :D

…and you know, Cassandra is reserved for Joan, so there is no room for negotiations.

So here he is popping up once more, always cute, and ready for Dorian romance.

A Letter to Lady Montilyet

Inspired by this post by @bi-otic, I wrote a teeny little thing in the form of a letter that you can either read below the cut or on ao3.

I do hope you enjoy it!

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the beginnig of the end

The moment he regained consciousness Iseran felt a sharp pain running from his hand up his arm. He hissed and glanced down only to see a strange green glowing mark on the inside of his hand. Iseran could feel the foreign magic spreading from his hand through his whole body, the pulsing of a heart that was not his own.

The next thing he realized was that his hands were cuffed and in a dark place, only lit by a few torches, allowing him to make out that wherever he was confined was most likely a prison.

He tried to move his hands, tried to free himself  from the chains, ignoring the vigilant glare of the soldiers surrounding him.
This was not right, this couldn’t be right.

Whit a sudden bang the doors opened and two women entered. Two shem women.

Iseran frowned at the Breach. His hand hurt and he was cold. Apparently they had confiscated his warm cloak for some reason. The dwarf patted his back, causing Iseran to look down to him.

“Come on, let’s get up there and then somewhere warm, before you freeze your toes off.”

“It would be more likely that they put me in a cell again, would it not?”

Varric grinned, a certain kind of sadness glinting in his eyes.

“Y’know, I still don’t know your name.”

They followed Solas and Cassandra, stomping through the snow, closer and closer to the forward camp, to the breach. He wrapped his arms tighter around himself, thinking for a bit. None of the others had seemed to care for his name. To them, he was ‘the Prisoner’ and therefore apparently not worthy of a name.

“My name is Iseran. Usually I would say that it is a pleasure to meet you, but considering the circumstances…”

Varric laughed. It was a nice friendly laugh, he thought.

“I get it”, he said, looking up to the green, swirls of the Breach a wry smile tugging at his lips, “we really should hurry.”

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“The pretty hearld’s I presume? Antiva sends you luck in your mission... And my handsome self along with it.”

Tobias Iadanza

~ Bard ~ Assassin ~ Lover ~ 

Faeron - Can... Can we keep him?

Nico - He’s not a bloody puppy, Faeron! 

Tobias - If it would help, I can lay on my back while you both rub my strong rippling torso?