dragon age inquisition

Inquisitor please

Inquisitor! What ever you’re doing stop and read this!
You’ve been unconscious for months now and the others have given up hope but I believe in you.
The grand enchanter proposed a spell to try to reach you in the fade and we can only pray that this message finds you safely. We need you to wake up, Thedas is doomed without you…

- C. Rutherford

One of my fanfictions on AO3 passed 1,000 hits!

I only joined AO3 earlier in this year, but I’m glad I did. My fanfiction on AO3 has a much smaller following compared to some of my FF.net stories, but I’ve noticed there is a much bigger feedback culture on AO3 which I appreciate greatly. 

It’s so exciting to reach these little milestones! Onwards and upwards! 

games i bought during the sale:

 - fallout 4
 - dead space 1 & 2
 - left 4 dead 1 & 2
 - bioshock 2
 - psychonauts

games i still need to finish:

 - fallout: new vegas
 - dishonored
 - dragon age: inquisition


 - i love video games
 - i have no self control
 - fuck