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I originally played on an Xbox 360 and couldn’t afford to buy a One, so I couldn’t play Trespasser. In September I went through a REALLY bad breakup and seriously needed an escape. So after my fiance left me and took the 360 with him, I said SCREW IT, I’m getting a One NOW, pulled money out of savings, and spent weeks playing. I’m still paying myself back, but it helped me through the worst time of my life, and at least my Inquisitor could get married.

You know, we always think about the poor recruits interrupting Cullen and Quizzie - Jim, the fandom is looking at you.
What about Leliana’s scouts? Can you imagine their faces when they discover that their dark boss has a bunch of nugs, and one of them is called Schmooples II? And then Charter starts to reflect, and understands that Sister Nightingale is the one who has brought the nugs on the surface from Orzammar? And when they have to name their crows and the scouts all pick names as “Darkstorm”, “Silverwings”, “Nightfeathers”, “Frank”, and Leliana comes with “Baron Plucky”?
I think we need to think more about what’s going on in that tower.

Magister Sethius Amladaris, High Priest of Dumat, the Conductor of the Choir of Silence.

I wanted to paint Corypheus in his possible human form, I used a screenshot from the game as reference for his features.
Dear God, he has such eyes….
I miss playing Dragon Age so much :c

raggedy-boy  asked:

as a response to the donald duck fighting his va post and as a fan of your work in dragon age, I have to ask, would you fight Josephine and who would win?

You know honestly I don’t think I’d fight her in the first place—at least not under ideological circumstances because we’re generally not opposing there. But maybe over what to do for dinner, or something mundane or logistical like that, and … you know, I’m a little scared of her, so I think I’d let her win. I don’t need to know exactly what she was planning on doing with that glove on that table.

(And that’s saying a lot because I am stubborn and opinionated, and intellectually I think she and I would be pretty even matches in a debate, but Josie can be more ruthless than I am. Grand Game, and all.)

Madame De Fer and Kid

Based off a reaction thing @dragonagecompanions did ages ago, it’s been rotting in my google docs so I figured I’d post it. (Will be on my ao3 account soon)

The circle was full of children, new ones constantly being dragged in shaking and afraid and so young. It was these children who were harmed most by the circles rebelling, not a single person who voted thought of the children. The shaking and frightened kids who feared their own magic more than the templars, the children who were still training to control their magic.

Most died when the circles left and the fighting began, those that didn’t chose to stay with the few mages who stayed at the circles.

The first time Vivienne met the young boy was as she was leaving the circle just after the vote. Seething with rage hidden under an icy visage, she almost didn’t notice the small boy. He was shivering in the hallway and wearing only the thinnest of clothes.

    “Madame De Fer, what’s going to happen now?” intense brown eyes stared up at her fearfully.

“The mages have voted to leave,” she spoke stiffly and the child’s small frame shook.

“Wh-what’s gonna happen to me?” the small boy’s shaking intensified and Vivienne sighed internally.

“You’re going to stay here, sweetheart,” she knelt down to the boy’s height and brushed some hair out of his face. “You and the other apprentices will stay here.”

    “But what about my magic?” he was on the brink of tears. “It hurt brother, I don’t know how to stop it.”

“Oh, don’t worry, sweetheart, I will ensure you get all the training you need.” She paused in thought. “How long have you been here, sweetie?”

“The metal men brought me here a week ago, they said they’d keep my family safe from me,” the tears started rolling down his face. “Who’s going to protect them now?”

“Now look here, darling, the Templars may not be very useful anymore, but I promise that you and your family will be safe.”


“Madame De Fer never breaks a promise, so you can believe me, sweetheart.”

From that moment on the child stuck by her side, every time she’d visit the circle he’d be right there with the same wide eyes.

Time passed surprisingly quickly and Vivienne was proud to find that each time she returned the young boy was showing more and more affinity for ice magic. A part of her she would never admit to having was intensely flattered by his chosen path.

I am doing an art trade with @the-feral-lady of our Lavellans–this is a quick reference sheet of my Lavellan’s basic outfit, which I just edit in color schemes, etc, in my head, or adjust some of the fabric. I want her to look like a little goddess, hahah.

My Lavellan Inquisitor’s name is Vala’Hani Lavellan. I miss drawing/playing as her! Her and Adele were always my favorites to play as for females and my Inquisitor Astor for males (he is my beefy beauty).