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I know many people shit on the da2 approval system but I would actually have liked to see it used in dai, albeit a much more improved version. I disagree with Vivienne a lot but I would have loved to have a rivalry with her where my inquisitor and her disagreed all the time but had a mutual respect for each other. Disagreeing with someone’s actions doesnt necessarily warrant hate on that person.

Rumors abound that [the Grey Wardens] severed ties with their leaders at Weisshaupt, and that a bitter war now rages between them.”

What if this happens because the Wardens discover the highest up of the Order have the Cure but are refusing to give it to the lower ranking wardens?

I have zero reason to believe this, BUT I would love to see it. Think about it, they’d have their reason not to give the Wardens the Cure. Not only because of their abilities being linked to having gone through the Joining, but also because it would give Wardens a way out.

I can see the leaders (it would have to be really high up, because the HoF can’t have been in on in, though they could end up being the one to discover the truth) arguing that the Wardens have no right to leave the Order - after all a lot are recruited when they would otherwise have been executed and it is presented as a lifetime commitment - or arguing that without the knowledge of your life belonging fully to the Order, they might not be willing to take incredible risks for the sake of stopping the Blight.

Which also opens up a lot of things about the Cure in general - like the things I already mentioned and also the fact that when do you give a Warden he Cure, do they have to serve a certain number of years before they become eligible, with the Cure the Calling is no longer inevitable, so will the senior Wardens all still be willing to sacrifice themselves if an Archdemon needs slaying? But that’s too long for this post.

Tamlen through the years!

I got inspired by [this post] @wardenmom made for her Marcus Trevelyan, and I wanted to make something similar for my Tamlen :D

16-19 years old baby-faced teenage Tamlen

He gets the scar next to his right eye when he’s 16, so actually it should be there, but CC wouldn’t let me. Apart from that his hair might be a bit longer or differently at that point, but otherwise that’s him :D He’s in the middle of his “finding himself/ rebellious teenager” phase during these years, fell in love and got his heart broken, got into fights, but eventually also grew up a bit and became more responsible. Before getting his vallaslin he cuts off his hair entirely.

26-28 years old, his time with the Inquisition

Pretty much how you know him so far :D I think at one point he might let his hair grow out a bit (although sadly the hairstyle mod I had in mind doesn’t show up in the Emporium so bleh…), but at the latest for the Exalted Council it gets cut at least somewhat tidy again. Also I still think it suits him best :D He is very reluctant about his position, but in the course of these years grows more confident and possibly when disbanding the Inquisiton he has become the kind of leader he would have needed to be a couple of years earlier. After Dorian returns to Tevinter he needs a break from politics and all, goes through a depressive episode, but eventually recovers after spending a couple of months with his clan in the Free Marches.

~40 years old (if everything goes well & Bioware doesn’t do evil things in DA4)

He eventually follows Dorian to Tevinter, maybe becoming an Ambassador of sorts fighting for the abolition of slavery and/or as a representative of the elves/ Dalish of the south. Slightly more tanned than before due to the more sunny climate, hair not getting grey yet but maybe slightly bleached by the sun. Also some more wrinkles and darker circles around the eyes, otherwise though still as fit and active and probably an even better fighter than before - with words and with weapons.

~65-70 years old (if everything goes well, see above)

He doesn’t really think about retiring yet, but he probably retreated from the public step by step during the last couple of years. He’s still as stubborn as always, still fighting for his ideals, but a bit more sublty than he used to. But only because he’s an oldie it doesn’t mean he couldn’t kick your ass anymore. Maybe he’d be known as some kind of hahren, wherever he and Dorian live at this point. The younger elves would come to listen to the stories about his past adventures, and he’d gladly share his knowledge. I’m torn about what he’d do with his hair: either he wouldn’t bother much with it at all anymore and cut it short, like in the picture. But on the other hand I have a soft spot for old elves with long hair, so maybe he’d grow the undercut out and wear it as a ponytail or bun :D Dorian loves it either way.

Also, a small call to action: I’d love to see other OCs throughout the years! I think I won’t tag anyone in particular, but I’d love to see more of you try this with your fictional kids :D Go to the Black Emporium and play around with the different complexions etc., make a photoset or a gif and maybe write a few lines, if you’d like :D Thanks again to @wardenmom for the inspiration! This was a great idea :D

Iron Bull x Inquisitor Appreciation Week 

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Bull happens to be my personal favourite Inquisition romance and I wanted to host an appreciation week for his romance. 

So anything goes for this, fanart, fanfiction, edits, meta, basically however you’re willing and able to depict your inquisitor and Bull’s relationship is a-ok. Just be sure to tag all your posts with #bullinquisitorweek you can also feel free to directly @ me (eyesasblackasthevoid) in your posts. so that I have a better chance of seeing them. I’ll try to reblog as much as I can (probably in a queue) to a side blog explicitly created for this which is: ironbull-inquisitorweek. So be sure to follow that!

This week is gonna run from Monday October 17th through Sunday October 23rd. Below I’ve provided some vague prompts you could base some content off but they are by no means restrictions on what you can put in the tag. Feel free to post any sort of bull/inquisitor content that you wish during this week. The prompts serve more as a guideline/inspiration. 

Mon Oct. 17th: The Captain Of The Chargers 

What were your Inquisitor’s first impressions of Bull when they met on the Storm Coast during his recruitment quest? What were their early interactions/conversations like? 

Tue Oct. 18th: “…demons, dragons, the bigger, the better” 

What are Bull and your inquisitor like out in the field on missions? Do their combat strengths/techniques compliment each other? Is your inquisitor as enthusiastic about fighting dragons (and other such beasts) as Bull is? 

Wed Oct. 19th: “No war, no inquisition, just you and me, nothing outside this room.” 

What are Bull and your inquisitor like when they’re alone together? How does that differ from how they are as a couple in public? Do they keep it strictly professional outside of the bedroom or does your inquisitor have no qualms about PDA, or at least it being known that Bull is their lover?

Thurs Oct. 20th: Necklace Of The Kadan

Basically anything in regards to the romance quest “tough love” ie. killing a dragon and crafting the tooth into a necklace for Bull. How did your inquisitor feel about the whole thing? Did they make the necklace themselves or have someone else do it for them? Was your inquisitor nervous about making that commitment to him or was it something they did without hesitation? How do they feel about the “kadan” endearment? 

Fri Oct 21st: Wicked Eyes And Wicked Hearts

What was Bull and your inquisitors conversation on the balcony at the Winter Palace like? Did the two of them dance together? Do they share the same opinion of the Orlesian nobility and did Bull approve of who the inquisitor chose to support

Sat Oct 22nd: AU Day

This one is sort of self explanatory. Any sort of alternate-universe goes for this. 

Sun Oct 23rd: Post Inquisition

What were the two years between the death of Corypheus and the Exalted Council like for Bull and your inquisitor? What happens to them post-Trespasser? Do they marry? Have/adopt children? etc. 

Well, I think that’s everything, if y’all could please boost this I’d appreciate it!