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Agaedri and Cullen for Cati! Agaedri has a blue lotus flower tattoo on her wrist and thought I’d also feature it in the rest of the card to add some nice imagery. Plus them being so close to a lake reminds me of the cutscene where Cullen offers the Inquisitor his lucky coin. <3


Hi everyone!!

So, seen that a lot of people asked me to make mor of the Dragon Age keycharms I used for my last giveaway, here you go! Featuring:

  • The Iron Bull
  • Dorian Pavus
  • Fenris
  • Zevran Arainai (NEW ♥)

If you want to purchase one of this little guys (not so little, seen that they are 6cm sized!) you can find them on my

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Hope you’ll like them! 

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The nightmare this time was a bad one, but the Commander isn’t alone anymore.

Angst (panic attack mention), with a touch of fluff.
Demetra Trevelyan X Cullen Rutherford

Cullen is panting, his body tense, hands which are gripping the sheets as hard as they can. He is drowing in his own fears and nothing can stop him. The nightmares are waiting for him, hidden in the shadows, and his guilt is their food, and he can hear them laughing and waiting.
They have time, they always find him.

He knew he’s awake but the darkness around him is strongest than his reasoning. He gasps, his lungs refuse to work properly and every forced breath is more painful than being stabbed.
He’s not going to survive, he can’t endure this anymore, he’s going to fail her…

“You won’t.” 

Demetra’s voice is the fresh breeze that can penetrate the heavy cover of darkness around him, blowing away the terrifying silence “Breath with me, Cullen.”. Her voice has the adamant inflection she uses when she wears her official title. Strong and sure, fair and regal, his Inquisitor is a true leader and he’s always been a good soldier. Cullen goes rigid for a moment when she takes his hand, placing it against her chest “Follow me, Cullen. It’s gonna be alright.”

He does.
She inhales deeply and exhales slowly. Again, and again, and he follows her lead in this occasion too. He will always follow her, knowing that with her he’s safe, knowing that with her at his side he doesn’t need to check it, because she’s there.

“Continue Cullen,” Demetra encourages him softly when he can breathe again alone “It’s all ok. You have had a nightmare, but it’s gone. You’re in Skyhold, in your bedroom, and you’re safe.”.
Only now he can focus properly on her face, her azure eyes sparkling in the darkness of his bedroom. There is no moon this night, the sky is clouded, but she’s there and she’s real and warm under his hand. He tries to speak, to justify his weakness, but she presses gently something cold on his lips “Drink, love.”.
He obeys again, realizing his throat is dry and sored. How loudly has he screamed this time? 

“Demetra…” it’s a croacked prayer and she answers, as always, dragging his torso on her knees, her fingers gently massaging his temples. The softness of her belly, in which he presses his face, is real. The cotton of the shirt she’s wearing - his shirt - his real. The scent of her skin, and the feeble trace of her soap are real.

She is real.

“I’m… I’m sorry.” he whispers, the words too little to contain his shame.

“Hush, there’s nothing to be sorry for.” she cradles him gently, wiping away his tears with care, and drying his soaked forehead with a cloth “It’s all okay, it was just a nightmare, and now it’s gone. You’re with me and I won’t move.”.
He knows that tomorrow morning he will be full of shame for this night, questioning again why a woman like her - why anyone, truly - should stay close to him. But this’ll be tomorrow.

Tonight, in her arms, he can allow himself to be just weak and scared and trembling, knowing that she will hold him, no matter what.

“I love you, Cullen.”.

A little angsty ‘cause… just ‘cause. But don’t worry people, I have TONS of fluff ready for this month, so just stay tuned! As always, I love every like, reblog, comment and tag! Thanks!

DAI NPC Compendium
A Compendium for mods which apply to Advisors, Companions, and other NPCs in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Another quick update: we’ve refreshed the DAI Companions & Advisors Compendium and moved it to a new site with a new name: the DAI NPC Compendium. It will have a similarly updated look as the DAI Beard, Hair, and Horn Compendium.

As part of the move, we’ve updated the name and contents. It now includes not only Advisors and Companions but other moddable NPCs such as those found in Orlais (including Briala & Celene) as well as temporary companions (including Alistair & Hawke).

So have fun exploring the updated list of NPC mods for Dragon Age: Inquisition! And happy modding!

“The holy or the broken Hallelujah… ”

So I really like the idea of Alistair and Cullen training to be templars together. I imagine they bonded over sparring (which Cullen usually won, only to become frustrated at Alistair for so quickly accepting defeat). They would have been a good pair, making up for together what they lacked on their own.

When Alistair was conscripted into the Grey Wardens, Cullen considered it an abandonment of both his duties and his faith. Alistair had no choice, but Cullen didn’t care. While he would dedicate his life to the Order, Alistair would be off playing hero with the Wardens, and eventually take the throne. They fought the night before Alistair left, but Alistair left anyway. It was the last time they saw each other.

Ten years pass before their reunion in Inquisition. It’s awkward. It’s tense. Neither of them really know what to say. Even though Cullen’s perspective has changed (Alistair wouldn’t have left if not for the Warden treaties, and - Maker’s breath, Cullen, you’re not even the religious type. Why are you still defending this?), he can’t help but feel resent for his king.

Alistair doesn’t know what to feel.

Dude idk, clearly they need to slip away to Cullen’s quarters and settle their differences.

Anyway, I spent a ludicrous amount of time on this and it’s not exactly what I had in mind but I don’t want to look at it anymore, so here.

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