How does the Tooth Fairy compare with Hannibal Lecter? 

Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, Lara Jean Chorostecki as Freddie Lounds, Hannibal – …and the Woman Clothed with the Sun (S03E09)

Thought about HAPPY ENDING for that idea of Fidds and Stan meeting earlier and by HAPPY ENDING everything is pretty much the same as canon but with more Fidds!

Stan still takes 30 years though, combination of Fidds too scared to help and can’t remember much, but doesn’t leave him on his own. So they just help each other out in normal ways. Fidds is mentally more stable and Stan becomes more “open” emotionally but still a grumpy grunkle.

The town still calls Fidds “old man McGucket” but not in a mean way, just in the “oh look at this silly old man forgetting his shoes again, silly old thing!” And he still invents random robots when no one’s looking. Usually hidden at the dump.

Also, important, Fidds punches Ford after Ford punches Stan. *thumbs up*

I have other things but those are the most important. Mabel makes Fidds sweaters that is also important.