dragon*con cosplay


Casual Allura after the con~
I love all the color filters, honestly… 😀😄💖💖💖😙


Did a minor makeup test for Ayr yesterday - I got a new eye shadow and liner I wanted to try out, as well as actually filling in my brows now that I have product for it! No ears or Vallaslin, just testing out the eyes.

I’m going to go back to the black liner on the bottom but I liked the eye shadow! And couldn’t resist popping on the wig and my Cullenite shirt that I’ve only worn once so why not, and grabbing my Cullen plushie that the wonderful @martini-september sent me for Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥


Unfortunately I had a fever and couldn’t stop shaking so I didn’t get to hang around Tsukino con for long as Rey, but the ever amazing @trekkiechick nabbed some pics for me! I’m way happier with my cosplay this time around!!


Some edited photos from today’s mini shoot! Even though I felt It was rushed, I’m happy I took them! I can’t wait to paint and fix Bela’s daggers for my late spring/summer full cosplay photo shoot!

I tried mimicking Bela’s pose from her tarot card but the hair made it look too much for the pose so I tried for side swept hair. I also hope to get a hair cut soon because my hair has grown out significantly from last year! I need a trimmmmm.

Enjoy sweet things!! ❤☠️❤


Vex’ahlia in coming *wink*


Ed pics from Tsukino Con ft my good friends @punsbulletsandpointythings and @autistic-tauriel as Luke and Leia (the latter of whom also took those awesome pics with the wind flapping my coat around all epic like that).

Bonus since the wind died down and I decided I’d flap my own damn coat without realizing she was still taking pics

I mean I joke but that last one’s still pretty epic lmao


“I am Lord Irving Braxiatel. I am the founder of the Braxiatel Collection on the planetoid KS-1159. I am sauve, mysterious and something of a sneaky devil. I hope your time on the Collection is useful. Do enjoy your stay.”

“…And My dear friend Bernice has given me a black eye.”


My Braxiatel cosplay is 90% done! I apologise for the blurry photos but here it is. Really all I need to get is the fobwatch which I have my eye on a few and the sticky on stache which the @thejabberwocki has already got a “stache!” of ;) 


Katsucon more like Voltron con

Part 2 of the photos I took with amazing cosplayers aHh
Thank you all for making my weekend so much better!♡ If you recognize anyone, please let me know!