dragon*con cosplay

A piece of art I did to thank the kind and mysterious Deals Warlock cosplayer who bestowed upon me a hallowed ticket to The Adventure Zone ( @theadventurezone ) San Diego live show just when I had begun to give up all hope that I would ever get to see it (literally, this happened about an hour or two before the show). 

Being at SDCC was pretty effing cool to start with, but this guy and this ticket to this show made it positively MAGICAL. I don’t even know how to express how happy I was and how much it meant to me. So here’s a drawing I did of him as a Deals Warlock working sinister D&D magic! 

For a step-by-step gif of this pic, see here. For more TAZ fanart from me, see here.

EDIT 30/08/17 Holy moly. Thank you very much for the lovely response to this drawing! I’ve got my fingers crossed that amongst the notes, somewhere, is the Warlock himself. I was thinking… I may pay the good karma forward and get this printed to do a giveaway? What say ye, Tumblr? It’ll take me a while to get a new print run ordered (life’s a tad busy atm, and I prefer to bundle a few different prints together in one print order) But when I do, you down for that? 

EDIT 01/10/17 Ok, I have three shiny 8x10s (unlike Taako, am I right??) to give away to 3 people in the notes, chosen by a random number generator. And those three people are….drumroll…. @offkeymidnight @thingonmyback​ and @sherlocks-bitch-moriarty​ ! To claim your print, drop me a message here on Tumblr before Friday the 13th of October (oooooo spooky), and we can sort out postage. (Unfortunately if I do not get a message before then I will not be able to send the picture). 


The highlights of my con were the tiny eleven’s. Btw that’s me being Kim Possible in the picture with Master Roshi. If you see yourself let me know and I’ll tag you. That bulma is @pixelvixx

Hey tumblr, long time no post!

This past weekend was Dragon*Con, and the debut of my Keyleth from Critical Role cosplay. Still have a few tweaks to make on her, and some better pictures than in a hotel basement to take. That being said, I DID finish and get some great footage of the Mantle of the Tempest, as you can see above.

There’s about 2500ish leaves hand sewn into a gradient across the back, which took too many hours to count. The result is this beauty, which for all it’s size has some wonderful movement.

Long story short: I have needle calluses, a few hundred spare leaves, and vast pride in my cloak.

Here’s another awesome black knight picture from Dragon Con!  I’m still really busy with my graduate studies, but I occasionally find time in the evening to work on my next costume.  More progress pictures coming soon.  And by the way, someone did guess what my next cosplay is from just the chainmail picture, which was impressive lol.  

Dark Souls black knight made and worn by me.
Photo by Ashley Sowers.