dragon*con cosplay

Here’s another awesome black knight picture from Dragon Con!  I’m still really busy with my graduate studies, but I occasionally find time in the evening to work on my next costume.  More progress pictures coming soon.  And by the way, someone did guess what my next cosplay is from just the chainmail picture, which was impressive lol.  

Dark Souls black knight made and worn by me.
Photo by Ashley Sowers.


coles of dragon con 001 - flower hat cole
courtesy of acecasinova

I was inspired by all the wonderful cosplays this year at Dragon Con.
acecasinova was a precious bby Cole with flowers in their hat so I wondered why the flowers were there? My brain thought up this fluffy scenario and I drew it out all cute then BAM. I realized that Cole… lives for a very long time.



So I guess Sakura con is over. I walked around a bit. I took some pictures. I ate some mod pizza. It was alright.

Here is a small sample of photos I took over the weekend while I mull over what the best ways to upload these photos are.

Like there’s Flickr but finding photos is a pain there, or there’s tumblr, but it limits you to 10 photos a set… Yea I don’t think there’s some go to photo album dump in any official capacity on facebook. I took enough that throwing up photo sets on Tumblr is obnoxious, but not enough that I need some heavy duty album.  So… thoughts?


Oz Comic Con Day 2: The Round Up

1: An amazing Cullen and Leliana
2: Two beautiful OS Star Trek ladies I found!! We had a good chat about the OS, they were awesome
3: I’m only like 6 episodes into Haikyuu so I only know Hinata but I’m getting there! I loved both of these cosplayers they were v sweet 💖
4: Me waiting for my Space Dad to arrive and save me from a life of Galra prison hell (spoiler he didn’t come 😭)
5: Close up of the locket I was wearing *stares dreamily into the distance* when will my sweetheart return from the war
6/7: The most beautiful Keith istg I’m in love??? I was afraid they weren’t okay bc they were like !!🙏🏻!! I love them so much
8: I FOUND MY SISTER!!! It wasn’t Space Dad but hey Pidge is the literal best so really who won here. They’re @o0olivia0o and she’s super sweet 💖
9: The Cosplay Championship cosplayers. I’m legit in love with the guy who won. His armour is TO DIE FOR. Actual goals.

If you’re in any of these, please let me know so can tag you!!