20 years of Resident Evil panel at Dragon*Con 2016. A fan asked non-RE question, towards Peter Jessop’s character Paladin Danse in Fallout 4, about his thoughts on Danse’s character development being incomplete. (to left is DC Douglas—voice for Albert Wesker in multiple RE titles, and Courtenay Taylor—voice for Ada Wong in RE6 and F!Sole Survivor in Fallout 4)

I even asked him the same question hours before I attended this panel. According to Peter, Danse did had an alternate path, which he did recorded dialogue for, but were not added into the final draft of the game.

I missed the first part of this recording, but he said the alternate option was that if you wanted Danse alive, you have to challenge Elder Maxson. If you win, you become the new Elder, and Danse is welcomed back into the Brotherhood of Steel while they are aware that he is a synth. That follow up question on taking Maxson coat tho lmfao

It really did sadden Peter when the option never came up. He is definitely on the same page as most of the Paladin Danse fandom. During our first meeting in the Hall of Fame, I asked him if he was given the opportunity to go back into the recording studio to improve Danse’s character development after Blind Betrayal, without hesitation he said absolutely.


So I went to Dragon*Con a few weeks ago and found a great Snape and Ten cosplaying near each other. It was in the busy section of the vendor fair so I just asked for a picture of them together and ten just said “on a scale of 1-11 how close do you want us?” so I said “uh…12”



Riddler (with and without wig)

Cosplayer: Chronist

Photographer: A grad student friend of mine who I didn’t know did this as a hobby and turned out to be super good at this

Location: My suite’s common room.

Mostly finished two days before Dragon*Con! Going to the Gotham photoshoot and the DC photoshoot (with Joker and Harley Quinn). I still can’t decide about the wig; I like both. I have a feeling I will decide only on the day that I wear it.


OKAY!? I’m so thrilled with these pictures! Special thanks to my friend Lexi for taking these pictures, and an even bigger thanks to my amazing friend jagreda for humoring me and being the literal perfect embodiment of Prince Eric for a solid hour for this shoot. We do plan to maybe do another when Ariel has her legs next time! Hope you guys enjoy them. Check ‘em all out on my cosplay page!