dragon wings

I mean, the nature festival apparel is… okay, but did we really need what is basically another Sylvan dress with a couple flowers thrown in?

From the preview, I thought it also included the dragonfly wings and got all excited, but then I realized it was just the accent on the preview dragon. The wings would’ve made the dress 75% better to me. Missed opportunities and all that :C

Friendly (Reassuring) Reminder

No matter what happens in ACOWAR, no matter what shit Tamlin or Hybern or Jurian pulls, always remember:

We have Amren.

We have Amren, and the promise from SJM that we’ll find out her true nature. 

And when we do, those boys better run

I made a little fanart because I love Simon and Baz, and off course I love SnowBaz 😀😀😀 IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO PAINT SOMETHING TELL ME!!! I love painting characters form books, films, etc.😍😍😍😍😍


Other than the plated scales, tough leathery skin, frilled head, horned skull anatomy and sinuous tail, mythological and folkloric dragons have very little in common anatomically with actual reptiles. They have MORE in common with the Felidae genus (cat family) and the Aves Phylum Chordata (bird classification).

Like a cat’s eye, a dragon’s eye has a comparatively large iris with a vertical pupil. This arrangement allows the pupil to open extremely wide and receive
more light than that of a human eye.

A dragon’s legs are also decidedly nonreptilian, despite the scaly coverings. A dragon’s legs are positioned more or less directly under its body, in the manner of mammals. (Most reptiles’ legs tend to splay out to the sides, offering
much less support and mobility than a mammal).

Lasly, a dragon’s four feet very closely resemble those of a great bird. Each foot has three or four clawed toes facing forward (the number varies, even among dragons of the same kind), plus an additional toe, also with a claw, set farther back on the foot and facing slightly inward toward the dragon’s body, like a human’s thumb.

A dragon’s resemblance to a reptile is literally only skin deep  So the next time someone you know refers to mythical dragons as giant lizards, you’ll have the know-what to save a life.


I have not read a single book in the Wings of Fire series. Heck I havent even bothered to look at the actual covers of the books yet. My only jumping off point is hearing an acquaintance describe said series as “Warrior Cats, but with dragons”.

Using the wisdom of pictureless descriptions and vague information on the internet, I have managed to draw what I think several of the dragon species in the series would/should look like.

Today’s monster Girl is Black Fatalis from Monster Hunter!

Crimson and white Fatalis variants will come soon!

I recall taking the quest thiking “well, caravan crimson fatalis wasn’t that hard, should be okay and then being brutally shot down : “ok… now THAT is a fatalis!”

Each time I begin a MH drawing I think “let’s do it quick like a speedpainting” and I end up spending more time each time XD. The sad thing is I’m not even intending to make nsfw-ish thing and I added this smoke that is hiding something I didn’t even drew, but I guess we can have different perceptions. XD.