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“Why is it ok to make Jaal bisexual but not Dorian?”

I’m. Not even touching on the real world issues, just on a game lore level, how about the fact that the whole thing about Dorian is that his dad tried to get him into a relationship with a woman and then when Dorian refused he tried to find a way to literally force him into the relationship conversion therapy style with blood magic that risked him dying and would have most likely made him into a soulless husk. Dorian is Gay and couldn’t force himself not to be, even though he tried, and when Tevinter society as well as his family couldn’t accept that and instead threatened his life for the sake of appearances, he fled.

He was forced to flee from everything he had ever known because he was exclusively attracted to men.

Jaal is a part of an alien species with different gender identities and pronouns to ours. He has never stated a his sexuality. He has never stated any attraction based on human OR angaran sex characteristics or genders. Angarans sexual dimorphism is only slightly familiar in that some are shorter and have wider hips, but is otherwise a mystery. Jaal identifies as male, at least to the translation software, but does not exhibit anatomy that a human would consider “male” on sight so to him we must be different as well, no matter the “bits” we have.

And that’s just very shallowly on a lore level. I can go on.

I’m so tired of people pitting Dany against Cersei. 😒😒😒 Why do you all want two powerful women to fight each other??? 😧😧😧 Fucking M I S O G Y N Y 😡😡😡

They have so much in common (fire 🔥, burning down places of worship ⛪💥, blond hair 👱, being queens 👑, dead husbands 💀 and other stuff), they would admire each other for defying the patriarchy ♂🖕 and coming this far ♀✊. Stop talking about their differences 👎, start celebrating their similarities 👍 !!! 

You 📣 don’t 📣 have 📣 to 📣 hate 📣 on 📣 Cersei 📣 just 📣 because 📣 you 📣 like 📣 Dany!!! We finally have two(2) Queens 2✖👸 and you want them to go to war 🗡?!?! Just stop 🚫 . 

👏👏👏 It’s 2k17, stop perpetuating this idea that women can’t get along. 👏👏👏

Stop pretending that Cersei and Dany would hate each other for some reason, it’s just because you’re some salty D*nrion shipper or whatever. 😤😤😤 We see right through you. 




  • bioware: *punches me in the face* say it
  • me, tied to a chair: never
  • bioware: *slaps me* say that the Dalish deserve to be repeatedly portrayed and foolish and wrong and the constant options to wipe them out is warranted. SAY IT
  • me: *spits in their faces* fuck you
So, Dragon Ball Super recently hit it’s 100th episode milestone...

I was watching it yesterday with my younger brother and somewhere halfway through the episode he told me:

I’m bored. DBS is boring.”

And you know what? I have to agree with him. I’m also bored with this arc of Super.

So that made me wonder: Why is that so?

 and if that’s the case,

 Why am I still watching this anime?

The answer to the second question is pretty simple: It’s for my beloved characters. Because more Super means more Dragon Ball content and more Dragon Ball means more character interactions.

Now that I think about it, the parts of DBS that I‘ve enjoyed the most are those slice-of-life/filler episodes, with their more light-hearted, DB-esque plots and loads of character development (with my absolute favourites, episodes 1,2,43, 69 and 70). They have this quasi-fanfiction/fanservice vibe to them that I absolutely don’t mind.

This partially answers the first question: Why am I bored with this arc?

With the “preperation arc” behind us and with the actual tournament started a few weeks ago, I’ve thought that I’d be on the hype train with everybody by now. But that didn’t happen. Because for me this current arc has even more flaws than the Future Trunks one, which I’d like to point out:

1. The Lack of tension and threat

With all canon debates aside, let’s be honest here: Dragon Ball Super is basically a filler that takes place between the Buu Saga and the EoZ. So whatever happens in Super we will still know the outcome, that in the end everybody will be daijobu for the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai.

As for the other universes and their fate, it doesn’t really matter to me. Because I’m  mostly concerned for our uni 7 and our cast, not a load of freshly introduced guys with whom I have no emotional connection. So why should I give a doodle about them? Well, I don’t. And that even is the case for the universe 6. I simply didn’t have enough time to get aquainted with that characters, get to care about them. I see them on the screen for just a brief moment, often not even knowing their names until they are shown on the end credits or Toei’s webside.

2. Power scaling doesn’t make sense anymore

Power scaling in Dragon Ball Super is a mess at it seems to bother a lot of people. When the problem started earlier in the series (eg. Future Trunks’ preposterous power-ups/feats), recently, it has reached a whole new level of absurdity, with characters being as strong as the plot requires them to be. (With Krillin and now Kale being the prime examples.)

This uncertainty about characters’ power also affects the way I experience the battles in this arc. I simply don’t know if the fighters are going all out of if they are holding back.

The holding back itself bothers me a lot. Not only it is a failed attempt to create artifitial tension but for me it even lowers the stakes of that tournament: if the characters are not giving everything to survive maybe the threat is not that great?

Also the fights I’ve seen so far were pretty mediocre for me with few above-average moments. I’ve seen better choreographed fights in the series.

3. “The Preparations saga”

I’ll say this right of the bat: I didn’t really enjoy that segment of the story where Goku was scouting fighters for the universe 10 team. First of all, most of that episodes had the same plot:

 Goku asks X to join the team -> X initially refuses -> Goku spars/helps X and bribes him with a fake promise about the prize money -> X agrees to join the team.

 And because we already knew the roster it was no surprise to us that a character would eventually join the team so there was no point in creating artifitial suspence weather or not a certain character would join the team, because in the end it was know he would! Therefore, I didn’t feel any progression to the plot, the whole thing felt dragged out and piontless. So I got bored even before the tournament started. It successfully kept me from getting on the hype train. Secondly, with the whole Frieza thing: on one hand I’m kinda glad it happened, because it creates opportunities for the galactic emperor to have unique interactions with other teammates and with Frost and it actually gives the Resurrection F arc some meaning but at the same time it feels like it was done just for the sake of making a change, whatever it would be. (And I don’t even want to mention that cheap way they got rid of Buu… I’m still salty about it.)

It also angers me that in that time we were hinted/told of the importance of teamwork at that it may pay a major role in the tournament, but as of now with the whole introduction of Frieza contradicting this idea (he it the walking opposite of teamwork) it also seems that in the end cooperation won’t matter at all.

I’m sorry if this post seems chaotic, I was writing stuff from the top of my head and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of issuses I have with DBS. But that’s all for now. I’m sorry, I just had to vent it somewhere.


I recently had a Dalish fan tell me that the opression casteless dwarf
dwarves face is not important and only the elf opression matters
because the Dwarves are just a fan service added to and I quote
“Shut Dwarf Fans Up”. She literally said that to me in a post. :(
As someone who loved playing elves as much as I love my dawrves…I got
so angry by that statement that I literally deleted all of my Lavellans.
If only Dalish elves are available in the next game simply won’t play them.
I will play a city elf though so I am hoping for that. I just don’t understand why people have to be so mean about things. I will understand
if the mods don’t post this. I just need to vent. I’m sorry.


You have nothing to be sorry about Confessor. And there are some truly awesome Dalish/Lavellan fans out there and I know they will instantly tell you that the person that posted that to you does not speak for the fandom. And feel free to vent anytime.


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a dragon’s alternative to kidnapping princesses

There comes a time in every dragon’s life when they have the urge to become a legend. The most fearsome and famous of dragons have been stitched onto tapestries for snatching themselves the richest of princesses to barter ransom, besting battalions over a spit, and becoming legends remembered in hushed voices and candlelight. Said most fearsome and famous of dragons are emblazoned on rich threads of gold and scarlet because they have been skewered by a thousand knights’ arrows. There is no great gain from kidnapping royalty other than the attention.

But mountain caves can only fit one dragon at a time, and the woodland critters flee when you stretch out your wings in the sunlight for a breath of warm air. Your mother and her mother before her have gushed about the thrill of kidnapping princesses but it has been a long time since either of them have graced the earth. There comes a time in every dragon’s life when they realise that they are desperately lonely.

As there are a limited number of monarchies within close distance of your mountain range, it is plausible that another dragon has staked a claim on the royal daughter. There are several alternatives to princesses that a dragon can consider.

THE JESTER: It will not be as enjoyable as you think. Within ten minutes he will sweat the paint off of his face, and even you will cringe at how thick a mask he wears in court. You will not hear him laugh once, but then again, neither do anyone else. You best swallow him whole, as nothing terrorizes a town more than hearing the clown cry.

THE BEGGAR: The town will suddenly think of you less as a nuisance and more of a convenience. You can be rest assured that no one will come with pitchforks into your cave. But there is little thrill when no one puts up a fight, and the beggar–once he realizes that there is no one who will pray for him–will stop giving you one. One night you may find him crawling between your teeth himself, and he will not even scream when you snap your jaws in surprise.

THE BLACKSMITH: The danger is not what scraps of sharp metal he may have down his boot once you snatch him from his anvil. The danger is when he notices how your scales glimmer, and how the edges nick his skin. Your scales are your comfort and pride, but to the blacksmith they are bags of gold. Be warned–you may suddenly wake up to find your hide raw and bleeding, stripped bare of what protects you. And if you weep from the pain, humans and dragons alike will scoff. You have teeth, don’t you, they would say. Why didn’t you just guard yourself?

THE PRINCE: An unrecommended substitute. Princesses could charm you as they outwitted you, or share stories of their home life, could talk with you for hours and hours because no one in the castle would lend an ear to collectibles that are expected to be seen and saved and never heard. Princes, on the other hand, are accustomed to hold out their hand to demand what they want. They have never needed to bargain before, so they would drive swords up your snout before you could even introduce yourself.

THE KNIGHT: You may have kidnapped him, but your skin will crawl when you feel his eyes follow you around the cave, how he will lick his lips at the thought of you and press deeply against your leathery belly to picture how deeply his knife will sink in. Yes, he may have dropped his sword along the way, or left his spear in the armory, but the hunger never leaves the hunter. Knights depend on valor to become legends, and you are nothing but a trophy to be hung on the wall. You will be too afraid to fall asleep in your own cave.

THE MIDWIFE: You expect her to cry and faint in fear of you, but the midwife hollers at howling women and screaming babies to settle her stomach. You expect her to tremble at death, but she knows above all else how stalwart a life can be when it wriggles through the impossible. She is accustomed to clawing through blood and pain to seek even the smallest morsel of life. Do not resist; she will find that warm glow of life behind your iron scales and bellowing fire and see you for the frightened, needy creature that you are.