dragon vein pendant


The pendants I have made so far that will be used as vessels when I open my spirit companion shop at the end of the month! Excuse the less that the best photos here, my pendant stand has yet to arrive -_-… I have a pretty big obsession with labradorite and rainbow moonstone, though I wasn’t able to catch their impressive flashing in these photos…sadly. I am fully up to suggestions for other types of cabochons to look out for as my next pendants, especially for anyone potentially interested in custom conjures. Once my jewellery stand gets here and I can open my shop, I will be selling these for 20 dollars plus the cost of materials and shipping. In saying that, I would really appreciate anyone that takes a moment to let me know what their favourite designs are!

These pendants are made using two different types of wire. Some of them are made using nickel plated copper, which doesn’t tarnish and gives them a natural antique silver appearance. The other wire is a tarnish resistant silver coated copper, which can tarnish but less so than bare silver. It’s quite a bit brighter than the former, so I find it only suits certain types of stones. Also just as a metaphysical tidbit, silver has a higher amount of energy conductivity than nickel, which I find with the more quiet and docile stones/spirits, it can sort of become a energetic sponge that drowns the spirit and stone out. Copper is higher than nickel in conductivity as well, but since it’s coated it’s not apparent. In that case I tend to use silver wire only on the stones I feel have the strongest energy. As for the stones, from the first image starting with the large red pendant, dragon veins agate, rainbow moonstone, rainbow hematite, labradorite, labradorite, opalite, spectrolite, labradorite, dragon viens agate, blue goldstone, labradorite, opalite, labradorite, rainbow moonstone, amethyst, rose quartz, dragon veins agate, geode, and blue cats eye. 

Anyway most of these vessels are not attached to any spirits yet, but a couple of them are spoken for already. Sometimes when I am purchasing a stone, and especially wrapping it, a spirit will come to me with an interest in the stone and I will usually let them grow accustomed to its energy before doing a binding. :D Can you tell which pendants these spirits have already been working with?