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Hey, I was wondering if you could list any common weak points (anatomically speaking) for western dragons? I'm trying to figure out the safest ways to slay them if you don't have magic.

Hello Anon!

Turns out that magic isn’t necessary at all in dealing with dragons. They can be defeated in a number of ways, many of which are within reach for the average layman. Here at Dragonslayers Inc. we sell a complete line of equipment for the aspiring dragonslayer.

1. Lances

The original and best! Keep out of harm’s way with a pointed stick. Cheap, effective, and deadly, as Saint George proved. Watch out for venomous dragons, though, their poison can travel up the lance and kill you. Great for dragonslayers on a budget!

2. Swords

Prefer to get up close and personal? Our line of swords, sabers, scimitars, claymores, rapiers, machetes, knives, and stilettos offers a range of options to fit any wallet. Our recommendation? If you’re going to engage in hand to hand combat, try subterfuge. Valued customer Sigurd killed his dragon by digging a pit and hiding in it, stabbing the dragon as it passed above.

3. Arrows

Arrows work following the same principle as the lance - why come within range of a deadly animal when you can kill it from a safe distance? Our standard arrows require a certain dexterity, as shown by the seven pagan warriors who defeated the Bête de Rô at La Rochelle. They shot exactly seven arrows - two in its eyes, two in its ears, two in its nostrils, and one to nail its lips shut. What a display of marksmanship!

If you’re not as much of a crackshot, our line of Hercules brand poison arrows require only one shot on target to kill.

4. Crucifixes

Even cheaper than swords or lances! Vanquish dragons with the sheer power of your faith. As creatures of evil, dragons will shrink from holy items. Saint Martha used her faith to great effect by taming the dreadful Tarasque. If you’re a bit of a showoff like our customer Saint Margaret of Antioch, you can let the dragon swallow you, then burst your way out of its belly. Hardcore!

5. Spiked Armor

Slay dragons in style with our Lambton brand spiked armor! Guaranteed to make you impossible to squeeze or swallow, as well as giving you that dashing “Egyptian Porcupig” look. With added asbestos layers for flameproofing. Slip into one of these suits and watch dragons impale themselves on you!

6. Deadly Food

We sell a line of dragon bait guaranteed to kill! Combine any number of ingredients including pitch, sulfur, hair, calfskins, and nails to create a lethal cocktail. Just leave in a prominent location, let the dragon eat it, and watch the fireworks! Leave out of reach of children.

7. Lions

Fancy yourself a bit of a beastmaster? Why not check out one of our hunting lions? Not only are they great dragonslaying allies, they make excellent companions and bodyguards. Valued customer Yvain aided a lion in battling a dragon, and they’ve been inseparable since. Adopt one of our lions today!

8. Magic

When all else fails, why not resort to magic? Our exclusive line of Medea brand herbal mixes is guaranteed to put even the most resilient dragon to sleep.

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  • a knight: foul dragon im here to vanquish you
  • dragon: what you packing
  • a knight: this is the legendary sword, durandal and --
  • dragon: oh okay, i see. - pulls out a gun -
  • a knight: holy shit, wait

Linny AU || Ginny is a knight and Luna is a princess who gets kidnapped by a dragon. Of course, Lady Ginevra has been in love with the princess for years, but she has always known that such a match would never be allowed. Nevertheless, she embarks on a quest to save her love and vanquish the dragon.

But when she gets to the dragon’s fortress, she finds that Princess Luna has befriended it and it is now her loyal protector and friend. Under the protection of the dragon, Lady Ginevra and Princess Luna spend a long and happy life together, slowly building a community of misfits to live with them in peace with the guardian dragon inside its fortress.


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Nessian Part Seventeen by L.J. LaFleur


The Night Court forest was vast, pines for hundreds of miles. It was one of our greatest defenses. Even with a compass or magic, foreigners would still lose their sense of direction. But now, standing here, it was haunting me. These woods that I grew up in, that I loved—were tainted by the screams of Nesta.

I released myself from my brothers, stepping forward with great effort. I bit down on my chapped lips; trapping the cry that threatened to escape.

I had been through worse, I reminded myself. Split open on one battlefield only to be torn apart on another, but I made it. Each time, I had fought through the hurdles; dripping with sweat and blood stained but victorious nonetheless.     

Scanning over everything, from the surrounding pines to the ancient boulders, I was unsure of where to focus first.

Breathe…Rhys pushed into my mind.

I looked over my shoulder, giving him a short nod as I inhaled. It felt like an arrow to my chest as her scent barreled through me.

Nesta, Nesta, Nesta…

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Rosie’s favorite fairy tale is one John made up called “The Mischievous Pixie.” It’s about a noble knight who befriends a fairy-sprite-nymph-elf-pixie-type creature (he defies categorization, but he’s certainly very magical). The knight is brave and strong, the pixie clever and bold and although he doesn’t INTEND to be wicked, he has a tendency to misbehave. For example, he’ll occasionally do things like sprinkle pixie dust in the knight’s goblet or enchant a set of armor to dance on its own – fortunately, the knight is a true and loyal man willing to put up with his naughty partner. Together, the pair embark on dangerous journeys and impossible quests, slaying dragons and vanquishing evil along the way. When they’re not off on an adventure, the knight and the pixie reside in a cottage in the forest. Their neighbor is a kind old witch who bakes them biscuits.

can u imagine cora and blackwall having a daughter and she grows up like absolutely baffled at everyone she comes into contact with

people recognize cora as the herald and start whispering in hushed tones and some of them come up in awe like “i was there at adamant when you singlehandedly saved all the wardens” “remember when the inquisitor vanquished a dragon?” “no, you fool, you mean FIVE DRAGONS” she’s just like “????? u mean my mom???? u mean the woman who named her dogs daffodil and dandelion????”

or like “that’s thom rainier he won the grand tourney back in the day” “i fought him in a tavern once while he was pretending to be a warden” 

and she’s like “??????????? my da cried because i got a fever and he thought i was gonna die even though it was just a fever??? he cries over everything???there’s NO WAY he did any of that what in fresh hell”

just… she grows up thinking her parents are the lamest people ever and everyone else is like UR PARENTS WERE HEROES

Linny AU where Ginny is a knight and Luna is a princess who gets kidnapped by a dragon. Of course, Lady Ginevra has been in love with the princess for years, but she has always known that such a match would never be allowed. Nevertheless, she embarks to save her love and vanquish the dragon.

But when she gets to the dragons fortress, she finds that Princess Luna has befriended the dragon and it is now her loyal protector and friend. Under the protection of the dragon, Lady Ginevra and Princess Luna spend a long and happy life together, slowly building a community of misfits to live with them in peace with the guardian dragon inside its fortress.

I’ve let my fear
Stop me from being with her
Kissing her
Holding her
Laughing with her
Making plans with her
Making love to her
Fucking her
Letting her fuck me
It’s almost unbelievable that anything
Could stop me from being with her
But my fears are real
My scars are real
My story is real
My anger is real
But every time that I see her
Read her
Dream about her
Look at pictures of her
Masturbate to the thought of her
I know that I must conquer
This irrational fear
I have to slay this dragon
Vanquish this demon
Confront this inner devil
And move forward
With her
Because she is amazing
She is talented
Sexy as fuck
She is pure
Not in the sense of having no flaws
But in the sense
That she has weathered her own storms
Survived her own horrors
Her own nightmares
And has awakened on the other side
With a renewed faith and beauty
And a sword that can and will
Cut down any falsehood
Dumb enough to cross her path
And yes she still has flaws
But those magnificent flaws
Make her perfect
And remarkable
A Goddess
And it’s time for me to grow up
And let this fear go
So I can take the next step
Towards her forever
—  Born Free #therealbornfree (#3)
Vanquishing the Dragon - Fire_Bear - Hetalia: Axis Powers [Archive of Our Own]
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Arthur has always wanted to become a knight - no matter what his best friend, Francis says. But he’ll show him how much stronger he become as a knight! All he has to do is vanquish a nearby dragon and that will prove himself.


Requested by @justcallmecinammonYay!:D THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m sorry if this is long >_< may I get a one shot where reader tells her bestfriend Bilbo to leave her behind in her cell in Mirkwood because Gandalf told her that there is a prophecy involving her there and it’s not because she’s weak (cuz she’s not) but because she’s supposed to do something important and she ends up saving the line of Durin. Her and Thranduil grow close and he questions why she stayed and she tells him. He gets intrigued and (½)Oh ok XD I meant to type ths 4 the 2nd part: He asks her about why she’s so cooperative with him and she says that she knows what thranduil did but it’s in the past and that when it comes to that people shouldn’t be passive aggressive etc and she’s like a social butterfly and loves butterfliesXD. Thranduil and reader like each other but don’t know but then they end up together with lots of fluffiness and passion and the dwarves (especially thorin) threatens to hurt thranduil if he hurts reader. 

Here you go, lovely!! I changed it just slightly, but I hope you still like it. I do not own Thranduil, the Company, Gandalf or Legolas. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: mentions of blood and violence; fluff!!

Pairings: Thranduil x fem!reader, mentions of the Company, Gandalf and Legolas

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This was it. This was the important thing you were supposed to do. The thing you were destined to do, according to the prophecy that Gandalf had told you about. You were fated to do something great, but he would not tell you what. He did tell you where to begin, however. So, when the time came for the Company to leave Mirkwood, you stayed behind. True, it put you at Thranduil’s mercy, but it could have been worse. At least you were human.

               When he realized the Company had left you behind, Thranduil took pity on you. He released you from the dungeons. He made sure you were clean, well fed and comfortable in Mirkwood. As time went on, Thranduil found something in you that he did not expect. A friend and a confidant. He discovered that within a matter of weeks, you had come to know everything about him and he knew precious little about you. For some reason, he felt the need to remedy that.

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honestly like what feels better than that moment ur fighting a dragon and there’s 10 guards around u and ur all wailing on its head together and it starts scrabbling backwards bc its realised it landed in the wrong fuckin neighbourhood

and then u kill it and all camaraderie is gone as someone says ‘guard might get nervous, a man approaches with his weapon drawn’ behind u. IT’S DRAWN BECAUSE WE JUST VANQUISHED A DRAGON TOGETHER THORFIN, I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT HAVE CARED.


(I’m so sorry this is so long I just love this idea a lot and there was so much potential!)

Character A is chosen by their village/king/queen (just someone, doesn’t matter who!) to go and vanquish the dragon on the mountain. It hasn’t done grievous harm or killed anyone quite yet, but everyone knows that dragons become more and more dangerous as they grow older, and this one creeps closer to human beings with every sighting. Character A journeys to look for the dragon, eventually stumbling upon Character B, who is living peacefully alone in a cave on the mountainside. Character A explains their quest and asks if there’s room for them to spend the night, which Character B denies. Character A moves on, looking for a place to spend the night, and eventually settles upon a small cave. They wake to a large cracking sound and a scream, and rush to find Character B, trapped beneath a large tree with a dragon perched over them. Character A silently searches for a weapon, but stops when the dragon lifts the tree off of Character B, and attempts to help them back up. The dragon and Character B speak to each other in a strange language, and Character A finally steps forward to confront them. Character B confesses that they are a Beast Keeper, born of dragon blood, with the ability to communicate with, raise, and train magical beasts and beings. Character A grudgingly accepts this and stays with Character B while they heal. Character A eventually returns to his home to spread the news of the peaceful dragon, and….

1. The villagers don’t believe them, going for themselves to slay the dragon and get rid of the Beast Keeper. They kill the dragon and attempt to burn Character B, but it’s impossible to burn one with dragon blood. Instead, Character B turns the fire against them, sending the villagers running with burnt tails between their legs. Character A appears shortly after, having heard the news, and the two decide to run off and search for magical beasts and beings to protect, including a dragon egg that Character B had kept hidden the entire story.

2. Everyone accepts this news with great relief, and Character A goes to live with Character B for a happy ever after!

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Sousuke was always the one to get rid of the bug.

Sousuke was always the one to get rid of the bugs.
It wasn’t something he minded too much; after all, there wasn’t a single thing he wouldn’t do to make his boyfriend happy. Makoto was easily contented–he was always happy, it seemed; one of his many virtues–so putting a smile on his beautiful face wasn’t too challenging a task. The problem was figuring out what to do to make him smile, since Makoto rarely asked for anything.
But the one sure fire way to put a smile on Makoto’s face was to “rescue” him from the many-legged demons plaguing their household.
Sousuke would never tire of acting as the bug police in their shared apartment. Especially not when his boyfriend was so adorable when he was scared. He supposed it was some sort of animal instinct, that drive to protect Makoto from any enemy (no matter how small).
So when he heard Makoto’s strangled yelp from the bedroom, Sousuke immediately dropped his spatula and dashes over.
He was greeted by the sight of his boyfriend, pale and quivering, perched on the bed with his legs drawn up to his chest.
“Mako? What’s wrong?”
The brunette cracked his eyes open. “There was a spider crawling on my legs. I shook it off, but I don’t know where it is now.”
Oh, lovely. A spider.
“How big was it?” Sousuke asked, eyes flitting around the room as he searched for the offending creature.
At that moment, Sousuke spotted it: an extremely long-limbed spider scuttling up the bedpost and onto the covers.
“Crap,” he muttered to himself.
“Eh? Did you say something?”
“No. Just… don’t move, okay?”
“Oh… okay.” Makoto swallowed audibly.
Sousuke fished a leftover napkin out of his pocket and lunged forward, nabbing the spindly-limbed terror with practiced ease. He crushed the bug in his napkin-lined grip and rolled it into a crumpled ball.
“I got it,” he said.
Makoto heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you.” Then he looked stricken as another thought occurred to him. “You didn’t kill it, did you?”
“No,” Sousuke lied, loosening his grip on the tightly-wadded paper a little. “I just trapped it in the napkin. I’ll let it outside later.”
“Thank you,” the green-eyed boy repeated, beaming.
“Do I get a kiss for my services?” Sousuke asked.
“Of course.” Makoto hopped off the bed and gave him a light peck on the lips.
“That’s all I get for vanquishing the dragon?” Sousuke grinned, teasing.
Makoto pulled him down a little so that their lips could meet properly and gave him a much better, longer kiss.
The green-eyed boy pulled away after another moment, smiling softly. “Better?”
Sousuke nodded slowly, a little bit dazed. Kissing Makoto felt like it was the first time every time.
Makoto frowned, nose crinkling. “Do I smell smoke?”
“Crap, dinner’s burning,” Sousuke mumbled apologetically, starting to leave the room. “I better go tend to that.”
“Don’t set the kitchen on fire again,” Makoto called after him. “It’s my day off.”

The Butler and the Iron Man

I have Jarvis and Baby Tony feels…

“Not now, Tony. I’ll check on you when I get back.” 

A tiny, dark-haired boy in pajamas stands in the doorway of his father’s room, watching him spray on cologne and button his powder blue shirt. After a last look in the mirror, Howard takes a long drink from his metal flask and leaves the room, ruffling the little boy’s hair in passing. Tony wishes he could run to his mother, but she’s visiting his aunt in a city far away, and even when she’s home, she’s usually busy. The little boy goes out into the middle of the hallway and stands there, staring down at his sock-clad feet and feeling empty. 

“There you are, Master Tony.” The voice is deep and English. “It’s nearly your bedtime.” 

“Ok, Jarvis,” the boy answers listlessly, looking up into the face of his tall butler. Jarvis puts out a hand, and the little boy takes it, walking with him across the house and to the wing that contains his bedroom.

Tony’s room is huge, like most of the rooms in the Stark house, and it contains a myriad of every kind of toy in existence. Sometimes he spends the last few minutes before bed sitting on the thick blue carpet and imagining that he’s a train or an airplane, but this night he doesn’t feel like playing, and Jarvis doesn’t even ask. That’s the funny thing about Jarvis. He always seems to know how the little boy feels, even if Tony doesn’t tell him. 

Part 2 is here: http://girlmeetssherlock.tumblr.com/post/107597210537/the-butler-and-the-iron-man-part-2

Part 3 is here:

The butler sits down on Tony’s bed with his back against the wall. “I was thinking a bedtime story might be in order,” he says. The little boy nods and clambers up into his lap. Immediately, like always, Jarvis’s arms wrap around him tightly.

Tony snuggles into the soft wool of his butler’s vest and listens as Jarvis’s deep voice begins. “Once upon a time, there was a king named George and a huge, scaly dragon.” The story is Tony’s favorite, and it’s always the same. That’s why it’s so comforting. King George is always scared and always brave, and he inevitably picks up his sword and kills the hideous beast that’s terrorizing his kingdom.

By the time Jarvis is finished, Tony is nearly asleep, but when the soft voice finally finishes with “The End,” he opens his eyes wide and looks up at the butler. 

“Jarvis,” he says, “I wish you were my dad.”

“Your father loves you very much,” is the reply.

The little boy answers sleepily, his head drooping onto his butler’s chest. “But you’re the one who’s always here.” The butler holds him until he drifts toward sleep, and he barely feels it when he’s placed in bed with a thick quilt over him.

“Good night, Jarvis,” he says, practically in his sleep.

“Good night, Master Tony.” 


A dark-haired man in dirt-stained clothes lies prone on a hard slab, scared and in pain. His every sense is alert to the sounds around him and the fears that ricochet around his mind. There is no comfort in the cave where his captors keep him. All he wants is sleep.

He closes his eyes, trying to find an image to quiet his consciousness. He thinks of home and family, but the thought of his parents only agitates him more. He lets his mind wonder through his boyhood home, as if he’s all of six years old again, until he lights on a sound he remembers well—the soft clapping of leather shoe soles against the hard floor. Jarvis’s shoes.

In his imagination, he stops in the middle of the hallway and waits for the butler to come into view. “It’s time for bed, Master Tony.” The comforting voice is easy to recall.

“Will you tell me the story of King George and the Dragon?” he asks.

“Of course.” In his mind, Jarvis smiles and takes his hand, leading him to bed.

Tony feels his breathing slow as he focuses on the feeling of his hand in the butler’s. He’d always felt like nothing bad could ever happen to him when Jarvis was near.

They enter his bedroom, and he recalls it as it was when he was very young, with his telescope and his toy box. His imagination has always been vivid, but he’s suddenly afraid he’ll lose the image.

“Come.” Jarvis’s voice quiets him, as kind as it had always been. Even the man’s scoldings had been gentle. In his mind, he forces himself to focus on the remembered sensation of the butler’s strong arms lifting him onto his knee. 

The prisoner, broken and alone, begins to feel his fears lessen as he recalls the soothing familiarity of the story he’s heard a thousand times, the story of a terrified young king and the dragon he had to vanquish. 

“I can’t kill the dragon,” he says to Jarvis. He’d never said that as a boy, but he feels it vehemently now.

In Tony’s imagination, the butler smiles down at his child self and hugs him tightly. “I believe in you, Master Tony.” He can’t recall if Jarvis ever actually said that to him in real life, but it calms him to his core.

He stops the memory there, not wanting to lose the recollection of the feeling of his butler’s safe arms around him, shielding and strengthening him. He finally drifts off to sleep in the middle of the recollection of the sound of Jarvis’s heart beating under his ear.

The next morning, Tony Stark awakens in a dank cave, with dirty clothes and a body in pain. He opens his eyes and stares up at the ceiling, and he smiles. This is the day George picks up his sword. This is the day the battle will begin. 

Part 2 is here: http://girlmeetssherlock.tumblr.com/post/107597210537/the-butler-and-the-iron-man-part-2

Preference: Secret Rendezvous


Your whole life you thought you would figure out what you wanted to do with your life when you got to college, because that’s what everyone told you growing up. But during your third year at University you decided to take a break from school and accept an offer from a friend who worked with different headlining bands on tour. Being an assistant to the head of One Direction’s wardrobe designer wasn’t the best paying job in the world, but for the first time you truly felt yourself enjoying what you were doing. You got to travel with the boys to most of their gigs and you even started getting to know them pretty well. Harry more than the others. Harry would always do sweet things for you when you started to miss home and friends, he would bring you little flowers he would pick from the flower bed of whatever hotel they were staying at…the hotel staff didn’t appreciate it very much, but they never said anything to him. It didn’t take long before you started to fall for him. But with all the media coverage on the band the two of you were trying to find as much time together as possible and still try keep your relationship a secret. 

Some days, like today, before their concerts you would meet up with him in a storage closet just so you could have a few minutes together without everyone questioning what exactly your relationship was. The boys had started to notice, but you weren’t really worried about them telling anyone but the less people who knew the better. As in no one knew but you and Harry.

“I thought you werent coming,” Harry said placing his hands on both sides of your face and leaned down for a kiss. His lips were so soft and he ways always so gentle, like he thought he might break you. 

“Why would I not come?” you asked as you pulled away from the kiss. 

“because you may have finally realized you are way too good for me,” he laughed sitting down in a folding chair. You sat down on his lap and laced your arms around his neck.

“Harry I really like you, and if anything you are too good for me. You are one of the best guys I have ever met,” You said kissing him again. your secret rendezvous’s were your favorite part of the day because just being in his arms was all you needed.

“Whatever Y/n,” he said in between kisses when his phone started ringing. He looked down at it and sighed, “I should probably get to the dressing room before they send out a search party," 

"I mean if you must,” you said with a smile knowing how busy he was. You didn’t mind you knew what you were getting into. 

“Same place tomorrow?” he said with a shy smile.

“of course,” you said placing a final small kiss on his lips before he left the small closet. 


“MOOOOOMMMMMM,” you heard your five year old shout, “we are gonna find you,” You were currently hiding in the pantry playing hide and seek with your two daughters. You closed your eyes as you heard little feet running around on the floor above you and sighed enjoying the few minutes of silence you were getting. You loved your daughters more than anything else in the world but you also sometimes enjoyed a break from their chaos. 

“Daddy!” you heard your older daughter scream. She was right outside the door.

“Hey sweetie,” Liam said. you could hear him leaning down to kiss her head, “What are you girls doing?" 

"playing hide and seek,” she said with a smile you could hear.

“are you looking for Em?” he asked. You smiled remembering the last time they got him to play with them and he hid in all their stuffed animals and popped out to scare them…needless to say that was the last time they let him play hide and seek. 

“No, I found her already, we are looking for mommy,” she said as her voice traveled further away. 

“Have you checked the pantry?” he asked.

“no,” your daughter said walking back over. your heart started beating faster knowing you were about to be found. The door crept open slowly and you saw your husband smiling down at you.

“Oh well she isnt in here,” Liam said closing the door back, “why don’t you go look in our bedroom, maybe she is in the closet,” after you heard the pattering of her feet running away the door opened back up and Liam stepped in to join you. 

“Did you just lie to our daughter,” you whispered in his ear as you stood up to hug him. 

“ehhh,” he chuckled darkly, “maybe,” he started kissing your neck and you turned your head and smiled giving him better access. 

“God I missed you,” you whispered into his ear. He mumbled something you were glad your daughters weren’t around to hear before he pinned you to the wall to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and met his tongue with as much passion as he was giving you. You two stayed in this position until you heard feet running outside the door. 

Liam stepped back and kissed you one last time, “I think we are about to be found,” he said softly just as the door swung open. 

“FOUND YOU,” your youngest daughter squealed running into the pantry where Liam picked her up and swung her around. 

“you sure did,” you laughed and took her from Liams arms.


“my manager can’t find out about this,” you said in between kisses. You started working at a local pub a few months ago and every time Niall came back in town you two would go to the back on break and make out but this time it was getting more carried away.

“I know,” he smiled as he took off your top 

“I’m serious Niall” you said between kisses. “I could get fired”

“mmmm” Niall moaned into your mouth as pressed your core closer to him, creating friction, “trust me baby I can be quiet. It’s you we have to worry about,” he said with a smirk as he started trailing kisses from your neck to your breasts. You laughed and pulled his face up to look at you.

“I didn’t know my volume ever bothered you,” you said biting your lip and trailing your fingers down his torso. Niall stared at you with darkening eyes.

“Baby trust me it’s not, I love it when you scream my name,” he said pressing his lips to yours again and lowering his hands to the button of your pants. “It lets me know I’m doing my job”

“I just wished we didn’t have to sneak around to be together” you said helping remove your pants.

“Baby I know, I would give everything up just to be able to give you a normal life. But I can’t do that,” he stopped his kisses and cupped your face, “you know how much I love you?” You nodded and smiled up at him, “good. Because I would give up anything for you, Y/N.”

“anything?” You said with a naughty grin pulling at the waist of his pants.

“oh anything but that. I have my virtue to protect” he winked and leaned down to kiss you and finish what you two had began.


You hadn’t been back home for long, just long enough to unpack your suitcase and say goodnight to your family. It had been a long day of traveling to get back home and you were exhausted.

You collapsed on your back into your childhood bed and stared at the walls that were littered with old decorations from old high school photos to posters of bands you obsessed over.

It wasn’t long before you were reminiscing about the days when you were in high school and even though it was only a few years ago, it felt like an eternity. So much had happened since then. sitting up and walking over to the window you remembered the times you thought about sneaking out but never did because you were scared you would get caught.

Looking out the window you saw a figure in the yard. You squinted closer and could make out that it was Zayn standing in the bushes of your backyard throwing rocks at the window next to yours. You smiled to yourself and opened the window.

“wrong window Romeo.” you half yelled/ half whispered down from your window. Zayn turned quickly and smiled embarrassedly up at you. He started to climb up the drain pipe to your window and you watched in awe the way his body moved. He was truly the most beautiful man you had ever met.

“hello gorgeous,” he said not even remotely out of breath.

“are you here to rescue me?” You said kissing him quickly before pulling him inside.

“that depends. Are you a damsel in distress and do you have a dragon I can vanquish?” He said kissing you slowly.

“Unfortunately not. There are no dragons here.” You said kissing him back.

“oh fuck. I climbed into the wrong princesses window,” he said standing up and pretending to head back for the window.

“oh no you don’t.” You said pulling him with you to the bed so you could lay with him, something you rarely got to do. He wrapped you in his arms and pulled you close against him.

“so I came here tonight to experience part of the teenage years I missed out on,” he said kissing your ear, “I feel like sneaking into the girl of your dreams room is something every kid did,” you laughed and shook your head no.

“I feel like that’s not true but I am not complaining if thats brought you here tonight.” You said leaning around to kiss him.

“I mean it’s not the ONLY thing,” he smirked and kissed your neck.

“mmm I love you Zayn,” you said groggily to him pressing back further into his embrace.

“I love you too,” he whispered as you fell asleep in his arms.

Louis: “You have to be super quiet. I am not suppose to have boys in the dorm after 2 on week days,” you said trying to sneak Louis upstairs to your dorm.

“Literally the stupidest thing I have ever heard” Louis said quietly

“sorry not all of us live in a world where the rules don’t apply,” you winked at him.

“I don’t understand why we couldn’t go back to my place?” He said as you opened the stairwell door.

“because I want you to see how my half lives. All the things you are missing out on.” You said with a giggle. Louis grabbed your butt as you walked up the stairs in front of him and it made you squeal. He quickly put his hand over your mouth and pushed you against the wall gently.

“you have to be super quiet” he said with a smirk as he repeated your instructions to you. You laughed and swatted him off of you.

Louis grabbed your hand and followed you all the way to your room where the two of you collapse on your bed. Your roommate had gone home for wedding so it would be just the two of you.

“it’s very cozy,” Louis said kissing you on the cheek. “I love it” he said as he messed with your desk.

“I’m glad.” You smiled and motioned for him to join you on the bed, “because I feel like this is the best place for us to be together. You could easily blend in with other college students, it’s the perfect way for us to meet up out of the medias eye,” Louis smiled and kissed your hand.

“and that’s why you are the one in college. You are so smart,” he smiled leaning in to kiss you again.

Tomorrow Was Forever

As children tomorrow was forever
we’d accomplish a great many things
nothing could stop us, we’d become
poets, pirates or maybe even kings

Noble knights attired in our armor
nary an adventure we wouldn’t dare
we’d vanquish every dragon to win
the heart of the lovely maiden fair 

There could then be no stopping us
great empires as sycamores we’d fell 
and long into the misty distant future
of our exploits would the elders tell

Today so terribly much has changed 
the fire burns yet the nights are cold
and only one great question remains 
why did the gods ever let us grow old 

anonymous asked:

Uhm How about one sorta based on "Dollhouse" By Melanie Martinez??

This was supposed to be a drabble…

It is set in the 1880s and it deals with an abusive family through the eyes of a child.  I’ve added it to the ‘Inspired’ collection.


Gilbert laughed and darted around his father. He swung his brother behind him and ran between the servants and his nursemaid.

“Gilbert,” his father reprimanded sternly. “Behave.”

He skidded to a stop and straightened his cap with impatient fingers. He grinned sheepishly.

“I will. Jus’ excited, s’all.”

“And enunciate, child.”

He cleared his throat.

"Yes, Father.”

Gilbert watched the servants stream past them with boxes and chests and piles of linens before redirecting his attention to the cobblestone street. It was lined with neat, trimmed houses and gas lanterns. Men and women and even other children bustled around them. He had never seen anything like it. It was amazing.

They had lived in a country estate since Ludwig was a baby and he had no memories of the city. It was bigger than he had imagined. Brighter.

He might even make a friend.

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Short Sammy Imagine

I’m and the most terrible human being on earth. I can’t even finish any requests because I procrastinate like there’s no tomorrow. This is a short imagine just to show that I am still alive. 

 You were snuggled up in a ball. The blanket covered your head, hiding you from the outside world. Your headphones drowned out the world. Then your phone lit up.
Sammy <3~ Hey you okay?
You~ I hate life. Let me wallow in my agony.
There was no reply back. You closed your eyes, shutting out everything. “Why did this day have to be crap?” you thought. You drifted to sleep, only to be rudely awakened by your blanket being pulled away from you. The idiot who did it was none other than your boyfriend, Sam. “Your knight in shining armor has arrived. And he brought ice cream, candy, movies, and most importantly…cuddles!” He dropped the candy onto your bed and put the ice cream on the bedside table. He snuggled up to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “So what dragon should I vanquish today, my lady?” he asked. Sam nuzzled your neck with his nose and then planted a kiss on your cheek. “It’s okay, no vanquishing today Sammy.” you said, smiling lightly at his adorable antics. “Aww, but Y/N, you’re my princess. I love you and I want to see you happy.” he said. You smiled at his words, “I’m happy now, in your arms.” You snuggled closer to him, “I love you too Sammy.” You pressed a kiss onto his lips. You pulled away and rested your head on his chest. “Thank you Sammy, for being my knight in shining armor.” you thought.


Remember we ran
With mouths open
To catch the rain?
Joy ran with us
As we danced
With the wind
And vanquished
Dangerous dragons
To the fiery realms.
Ravens and crows
Had tales just
For us as we
Read our fortunes
In the heavens.
You were the prince
Of my heart,
And I your lady fair.
What has happened
To our hearts brother?

Venus Crow