dragon triangle

How do I start…? Okay. This is Lara Croft - an archeologist from The Endurance, shipwrecked on an island in the Dragons Triangle - east of Japan.
This place is incredible. I’ve seen wrecks here that could date back centuries. We weren’t the first and I know we’re not alone. Something isn’t right about this place.
If I don’t get off this island, maybe someone will eventually find this.


The full version of Escaflowne’s opening, Yakusoku wa Iranai, is, I can confidently say, the best ever song that has a surprise bagpipe interlude. <3

Oh man, I know it’s old now (I was the same age as Hitomi and Van when I first watched it, and now I’m double that…), but if you’ve never seen it it’s amazing. Tarot cards, destiny, mechs with swords and capes that turn into dragons, love triangles, bishounen with angel wings, gorgeous orchestral music… it’s like shoujo and shounen had a beautiful, perfect child together.

Request: Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

Request: hi, can you do a sam x reader imagine where sam nicknames the reader as Lara Croft (from Tomb Raider) because she’s english and she used to explore tombs before she met the winchesters? maybe she lived in america, but was on a trip to a tomb over near japan, and got stuck in the dragons triangle, came back, and met the winchesters? sorry it’s a little long x

Word Count: 522

Here it is, I hope you like it! It’s not too long at all!<3

“C’mon, Miss Croft.” Sam grins, catching your hand as you drop down into the sewer. Luckily, it’s long since abandoned and no longer flows with waste. Nevertheless, your nostrils crinkle with distaste at the lingering smell.

“This is gross.”

“Welcome to the shifter hideout. I’d think you were used to this kinda thing.”

“You’re joking?” You raise an eyebrow, “I’m used to… grandeur! Paintings on the walls, gold, treasure! Curses in foreign, ancient tongues and… you get it.” You blush slightly, looking down, “Sorry.”

He grins, “No, it’s interesting.” He smiles, touching your upper arm affectionately. “I’m surprised you left that life for this.”

You shrug, “Duty, maybe?” You offer, “Just… learning it existed… it was like a wake-up call, y’know?”

Sam nods understandingly, “You couldn’t just leave those monsters out there?”

“My job before, it was like a game. A grand adventure. Breaking into the burial sites of ancient people? It was like, all jokes aside, a video-game.”

“Too good to be true?”

“Exactly.” You pause, hearing a noise, but upon seeing a rat, you both relax. “After that time in the Dragon’s Triangle… I just couldn’t let that slip, you know?”

He nods, “Take me one day.”


“Tomb-raiding!” He grins, pace quickening as he gains excitement, “Imagine the adventure! Learning about the ancient civilisations, we get a vacation out of it.”

You laugh, “It’s not as fun as that. There are booby traps and…” You sigh, “I’m not convincing you otherwise, am I?”

“I doubt it.”

“Alright, I promise. We’ll go tomb-exploring.”

“You’re the best Lara Croft ever.” He grins, pulling you in by your shoulders for a moment, “And an even better girlfriend.”

You roll your eyes, “No promises that it’ll be soon, though.”

“Whenever. I don’t care. It’s just exciting.”

“You great big dork.” You laugh, and he grins. “It’s why I love you.”

“That’s why?” He raises an eyebrow, casting the torch down the long corridor. The slither of light allowed by the manhole is long gone, far behind you.

“Sure.” You prod a bit of shifter skin with your foot as you see it, grimacing at how gross it is. “Ick. None of this in tombs.”

“Tell me about one.” He says, looking at you. “Any tomb.”

“Any tomb?” You raise an eyebrow, then grin, “Okay, this one in Mexico.” You begin, “I have to lever this huge stone out the way. And as soon as I do, like, fifty arrows come darting out of the tomb. Nearly needed new underwear.”

“How did they miss?”

“They didn’t. They were old and wooden, not particularly hard-projected. Tops had worn. Didn’t do much damage.”

Sam laughs, “You’re lucky.”

“Apparently so. So… yeah. I’m going through this tomb and I hear a freaking growl.” You shake your head at the memory, “Wasn’t a growl. It sounded like one, though, it was a trap. Just jumped out the way of a trap-door. I’ve never been in a place with so many failure traps, honestly.”

He laughs, stooping as the sewer becomes lower. “I look forward to our trip.”

“Me, too. I think you’ll be good at this.”

The Healer has the Bloodiest Hands

“My people had a saying once, the healer has the bloodiest hands, you cannot treat a wound without knowing how deep it goes. You cannot heal pain by hiding it. You must accept it. Accept the blood to make things better.”

And so Elena does–enlisting as an agent of Fen’Harel and lending her talents as a necromancer and spirit healer to support the Dread Wolf’s mission to restore the glory of a fallen, forgotten empire. Meanwhile, The Wolf’s former lover and ex-Inquisitor, Sulenera Lavellan, has sworn to save the Wolf from himself, thwarting his plans at every turn but at a costly price. Elena hopes she can help heal the pains of a dying world, but finds herself trying to save the Dread Wolf’s broken heart.

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1. Liberated

The first time Elena met the Dread Wolf was when he removed her vallaslin.

At dawn on the first day of each month, the Wolf would perform the Revas’ara for hours, the ritual for all those in his service who wished to be freed of their slave markings. The newly pledged and ancient alike would gather and watch as their lethallin were unbound and welcomed. As one was liberated, another would walk forward and take their place before the Wolf. 

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real talk when i was a kid i had to allay my mom’s fears that dungeons and dragons was not going to get me into “the occult.” she forbade call of cthulhu because i made the mistake of saying the word “cultist” when describing it. i straight-up lied about vampire the masquerade to get it allowed in the house, and fucking prayed she never felt like thumbing through the corebook. even though it was technically allowed, i usually hid it because of that. the ironic thing is that in a roundabout away role-playing games did end up helping build my interest in real-world magical practices and now i’m a witch sorry mom  


Make Your Move Closing Scene

It’s finally completed! I made edits to some of the original ones. Again, all story credit goes to solastolemyvhenan. (Except the last panel is an addon because I like drama and angst.