dragon there



The insatiable dragoness and daughter of ANU. Queen of lust and eater of her lovers (only the great GILGAMESH was strong enough to deny her advances). So-called “goddess” of the sensual experiences, she is of the feathered wyrm subspecies inherited from her mother’s bloodline. She often walks among humans in the form of a predatory seductress. Kings and princes that she fancies are at first subject to extraordinary sensations, only to be devoured when they bore her or driven mad and their kingdoms burned to ash for her amusement.

Petulant and malicious, she is favored by her father but simultaneously undermines his rule when she wishes. Of all the spawn of ANU, she is potentially the most dangerous. 


I wish people wouldn’t talk about how the Dalish need to move on and focus on the present. The elves in Dragon Age are inspired by Native American, Romani, and Jewish cultures, and hearing people say that these characters whose pain is based off of our own should just forget all of their culture, every scrap of hard-won knowledge that they’ve held onto for millenia of subjugation, and assimilate into the community of their oppressors? It hurts. It feels like when the rest of the world is saying, “Oh, well, wouldn’t it be easier if you just tried to blend in?” No, it would not, because we are a people with our own culture and our own history and we will not let it be stripped away from us. Never again shall we submit.


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