dragon tattoo

AU Most people attribute the snarling dragon morphing on Newt’s arm to be a testament of his dedication towards magical creatures, even the most deadly of them all. Some were privileged enough to be told that the tattoo is a memory of his days in the dragon corps in WWI. But only Newt knows that it is a gift from an old line of kings diminished in the days of men.

Percival Graves is a man that commands respect not just due to his imposing presence but also his steadfast belief that he has one clear path and it is the protection of his city. The Percival Graves after Grindelwald does not share that belief anymore. Newt thinks differently.

Lookie a headcanon/drabble plus illustration for it! In all seriousness though I have no idea what said gift should be and if its not already apparent from the picture Newt is able to share it with Graves so *digging the hole deeper*