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Because Shep and Pehn speak the best common tongue, they’re usually the ones going out to trade with the humans.

Pehn really hopes there’s more to Shep’s sales pitch than “ Buy my shit shem!”


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Here Be Dragons (How do I choose?)

The background of dragon mythology is deeply embedded in the Dragon Speaker trilogy. Questions of what dragons may have been modelled on, what they look like, their characteristics and their habits lent itself very well to The Balance of Four.

A quick re-cap of dragon folklore: at its most basic, there are the “Western” and “Eastern” dragons. The Western dragon is a scaly, winged fire-breathing creature, hoarder of treasure, dwelling in a mountain or near a lake, fierce and bloodthirsty, and an enemy of both people and live-stock. The Eastern dragon is usually depicted as a kind and benevolent creature, far smaller than their enormous Western cousins, no wings, and have a tendency to be friendly towards humans. 

Which dragons did I want in my books? There are many different physical features I could choose from. The Mythical Creatures Guide states there were many different sizes, as imagined by Western and Eastern cultures, even those with different numbers of legs, heads and tails. As we have seen, original folklore tales speak of dragons without wings, dragons who were kind and courageous and had humans for friends, bestial dragons who destroyed entire civilizations and had to be culled, and dragons who had the ability to create weather with one soft breath. Eagle-eyed readers of the books may already have spotted each of these references that I include in “The Balance of Four” and “At the Edge of the World.”

We see in the books that the Element Dragons encapsulate the different features: compare the tiny wingless Enki to the fire-breathing winged Vulcan who dwells in a mountain. The City Dragons are friends with humans, but still have many of the characteristics of the Western dragon. There are even a few wild dragons out in the open countryside, forced into hiding by special forces who aim to cull them. 

All the dragons in my books are an amalgamation of the Western- and Eastern-culture. I hope to show that I don’t believe in any one “true” form of dragon; that each has its own valid representation. 

A “Western-world” dragon

An “Eastern-world” dragon.


Noivern from Pokemon. Noivern is just one of those Pokemon that everyone fell in love with when it was revealed and it’s easy to see why. A giant badass dragon-bat with speakers for ears? Buy the mods that for a dollar! Mod B also likes the little white tuft around its neck. It helps break up an overall dark design and helps stop the details getting lost in each other. Neat.