dragon sea slug

If you haven’t thought about your fave characters as furries then have you really thought about your fave characters

(Maya = Glaucus atlanticus AKA blue dragon sea slug. Krieg = giant bald cave hyena/artificially spliced-in dragon because Hyperion is dicks)

On that topic, people often think that Goodra is partly based on this blue sea dragon sea slug, Glaucus atlanticus

but that looks nothing like Goodra

Understandably, It’s probably because the Glaucus atlanticus is really well known, i.e. it IS the dragon slug you first think of when you hear the words dragon + slug.

However, confusingly (and wonderfully)  there is another group of aeolid nudibranch sea slugs called blue dragons, the Pteraeolidia 

Which not only match Goodra’s colour scheme excellent but are called dragon sea slugs too!

Another closely related group also looks like our fave gooey dragon, the Phyllodesmium sp.

Anyway nudibranchs are SUPER COOL BRO


This is the blue dragon sea slug, also known as Glaucus atlanticus.  Not only is the blue dragon immune to its sting, it’s able to process the Man o’ War’s nematocysts, the cells that allow for that creature’s deadly sting, and store them in its own extremities. Those venomous cells can be used by the blue dragon later on, and in a higher concentration, making their sting even more deadly.


Glaucus Atlanticus

It may look photoshopped but it’s a real creature! Glaucus atlanticus (common names include the sea swallow, blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug and blue ocean slug) is a species of small, blue sea slug, a pelagic aeolid nudibranch, a shell-less gastropod mollusk in the family Glaucidae.

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