dragon sea slug


Glaucus Atlanticus.

Also known as sea swallow, blue sea slug, blue angel or blue dragon, it is a small sized sea slug that lives in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific ocean.

They feed mainly on other sea creatures like the Portuguese Man-o-War, a cnidarian often mistaken for a jellyfish. The Glaucus is immune to their venom, and can actually store it in its cerata ( their dorsal and lateral outgrowths on the upper surfaces of the body). As a result they can sting potential predators. The sting is quite painful for humans, so they should be handled carefully.
At times, and given the occasion, they can be cannibalistic.

With the aid of a gas-filled sac in its stomach, the Glaucus floats at the surface. Due to the location of the gas sac, the sea swallow floats upside down. 

Like almost all heterobranchs, Glaucus is a hermaphrodite, having both male and female reproductive organs. After mating, both animals produce egg strings.


Some sea creatures adopts! Each are 10$, no bidding, just send me a message and they belong to you the moment they’re paid! I will send you a clear reference then with notes of design and details, if you need one, as I’m aware my sketches aren’t always readable.

You are allowed to:

  • change their looks, colors, etc. to your liking
  • change their names
  • change their gender/sex
  • use them in your stories
  • add apparel, clothes
  • draw them in any way, shape or form

You aren’t allowed to:

  • trade, resell them
  • claim you made the design

Status: (left to right, up to down)

  • Drago - sold
  • Crabby - sold
  • Starla - sold
  • Violug - sold
  • Sharky - sold
  • Naut - sold

Even if you can’t buy, reblogging would be amazing!

Time to post some commissions I’ve done behind the scenes!

This is a cell shade commission for @vyrutokkonomi, a picture of his GF’s character Lunima! I must say I quite enjoyed not only drawing this, but  applying so much… blue, to this picture. Blue is a lovely calming color, as are many of its shades. vuv) It was a pleasure to draw AND color this.

Thank you so much for your business!

On that topic, people often think that Goodra is partly based on this blue sea dragon sea slug, Glaucus atlanticus

but that looks nothing like Goodra

Understandably, It’s probably because the Glaucus atlanticus is really well known, i.e. it IS the dragon slug you first think of when you hear the words dragon + slug.

However, confusingly (and wonderfully)  there is another group of aeolid nudibranch sea slugs called blue dragons, the Pteraeolidia 

Which not only match Goodra’s colour scheme excellent but are called dragon sea slugs too!

Another closely related group also looks like our fave gooey dragon, the Phyllodesmium sp.

Anyway nudibranchs are SUPER COOL BRO

anonymous asked:

Can you draw Lapis and Peridot? But corrupted?

Hey. Since the fourth prompt this week could involve corruption, I decided I’d wait until today to show you !

For Lapis I just remembered a kind of sea slug (’dragon sea slug) I really like, which also have similar colors as Lapis

For Peridot, I hesitated between something butterfly like, a caterpillar (don’t ask why, I don’t know XD) and finally, a triceratops.

Seems a the dinosaur was fitting a little better so I used it as a model. She still looks a little differents but well, I wanted to change it a lil’ bit so it wouldn’t be a complete copy of the actual animal.

I also used the night palette again because I love it :d

(oh and @lapidot-anniversary-week / @jenhedgehog )

Love dance of the dragons by Triggerfish_Images Sea slugs (or nudibranchs) are hermaphrodites, which means they are male and female at the same time. When your cruising the seabed looking for a date, this makes life alot easier. Dragon nudibranchs, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.