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EUROVISION AGE: A Dragon Age/Eurovision Fanmix
Because nobody expects the Glitterquisition

An * indicates song lyrics that aren’t in English. Lyrics have been translated as best as possible.

The below links take you to the official Eurovision performance videos, except where not available (2014 songs, Regina) or where I thought the official music video was better.

The Members of the Inquisition

The Inquisitor: Popular”, Eric Saade (2011)
(I will be popular, I will be popular…)

Cullen:  “Rise Like a Phoenix”, Conchita Wurst (2014)
(I rise like a phoenix/Out of the ashes/Seeking, rather than vengeance, retribution)

Vivienne: Work Your Magic”, Dmitry Koldun (2007)
(Work your magic/You set my beating heart in motion/When you cast your loving potion)

Varric: Fairytale”, Alexander Rybak (2009)
(I’m in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts/And I don’t care if I lose my mind, I’m already cursed)

White-Haired Mage Who Might Be Cole: Bistra Voda”, Grupa Regina (2009)
(…when everybody else leaves/I’m keeping you for as long as I live)*

Solas: Unsubstantial Blues”, Ruzsa Magdi (2007)
(You’re such a casual man, lending an empty hand…)

Cassandra: Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl)”, Svetlana Loboda (2009)
(Baby, I can save your world/I’m your anti-crisis girl)

Iron Bull: Boom Boom”, Emmy (2011)
(You are the strongest fighter/You’re the king for me)

The Mustachioed Man a.k.a Dorian: Moustache”, TWIN TWIN (2014)
(I’d give everything I have/for a moustache)*

Leliana: L’amour a la Francaise”, Les Fatals Picards (2007)
(A souvenir, a rendezvous/Flowers, flowers, flowers for you)*

Sera: Satellite”, Lena (2010)
(Love my aim is straight and true/Cupid’s arrow is just for you)

Scribe Girl: Madness of Love”, Raphael Gualazzi (2011)
(I don’t know who you are/I don’t care who you are anymore/I know for certain I won’t bother you with nostalgia)*

Bara Warden: Hard Rock Hallelujah”, Lordi (2006)
(Brothers and sisters, keep strong in the faith/On the Day of Rock-ening, it’s who dares wins)

Music to Choose Your Party Members By: Party for Everybody”, Buranovskiye Babushki  (2012)
(Party for everybody!)*

Music to Drown In Your Feels By: Waterline”, Jedward (2012)
(I thought that I’d been over my head/for the last time…)


At the Orlesian Ball: Dancing Lasha Tumbai”, Verka Serduchka (2007)
(Me English not understand/Let’s speak dance!)*

The Rift Opens: Only Love Survives”, Ryan Dolan (2013)
(Let the world collide, don’t be afraid/And if it’s the end of time, love will remain)

The Mage-Templar War: Only Teardrops”, Emmelie de Forest (2013)
(How many times can we win and lose?/How many times ‘til we get it right between us?)

That Pirate Hat: Wolves of the Sea”, Pirates of the Sea (2008)
(We will steal the show, Jolly Rogers go!/ We are wolves of the sea)

A Tavern Song: Alcohol is Free”, Koza Mostra (2013)
(Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol is free! Alcohol is free! Alcohol is free!)*

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this is probably an extremely unpopular opinion but i don’t care much for vegeta

it’s not that i dislike him i just! don’t! care! about him almost at all

Fairy Tail (Fairy Tales)

NaLu: The Dragon and The Princess
Gruvia: The Prince and The Mermaid
Jerza: The Knight and The King
Gajevy: The Dragon and The Scribe
Elfever: The Beast and The Fairy
Miraxus: The Dragon and The Demon