dragon scribe

One more of the ladies that work’s for one of my players ^-^ this lady is in charge of the finances and paperwork of her estate, which is named the Menagerie :) 

Aria does all of my player’s banking as well ^-^

Injured Dragon 032017

I found Dragon in one of the bedrooms in my mind space today. He was taking off his robe, presumably to go to bed, and I noticed these giant scratch marks on his torso. They looked fresh.

It turns out, Dragon had met with an emissary from another clan. He described this clan as more aggressive than his own, more prone to violence. This clan prefers their dragon form to their elven form, which Dragon was quick to emphasize was not a bad thing in and of itself.

Dragon works as a scribe for his own clan and is considered almost an authority, and so this emissary came to him regarding some kind of law or treaty his clan was having a problem with. He seemed to think Dragon could simply change it, and when Dragon told him he did not have the power to do so, the emissary lashed out. Dragon explained the emissary was young and inexperienced; his superiors quickly restrained him and gave Dragon an apology and a gift. The wound was not deep and Dragon said it would heal most likely by morning, but I was still concerned.

He told me not to worry, so I left him to rest up. I learned some rather interesting things about his people, and it makes me want to ask even more.

Fairy Tail (Fairy Tales)

NaLu: The Dragon and The Princess
Gruvia: The Prince and The Mermaid
Jerza: The Knight and The King
Gajevy: The Dragon and The Scribe
Elfever: The Beast and The Fairy
Miraxus: The Dragon and The Demon

Wow, I just remembered...

Rumbelle was the reason that I made a Tumblr account. Because I had finished OUAT over the summer and no one I knew that watched the show shipped Rumbelle. So all summer I went on Tumblr without an account and just searched Rumbelle posts and filming pictures. Then finally, after the promo came out and I was literally flipping my lid, I finally gave in and made an account.