dragon sale

Selling my first Gijinka

Selling a dragon + Gijinka for some lair expansion dough. =D
Price =
Auction house/autobuy = 200kt.

But I’ll also accept 150kt from whatever tumblr offers that much first.

This guy is a little special in that I am never doing hair like that again. Haha. Ah.
He also somehow turned out more effeminate than what I was attempting, but I like him.
I’ll message the full size portrait to whoever buys him.


Thank you so much.



Trix the cook and Thorne the brewer had some cute hatchlings today! They love what their parents do, and are more than willing to share their art with other clans!

Note–once the dragon is yours, you can change/delete the bio as you wish!

Bettina the Candy Maker–Blue Bar/Charcoal Eye Spots/Leaf Underbelly (45kt)

Petra the Ice Cream Maker–Royal Bar/Ice Eye Spots/Leaf Underbelly (45kt)

Anselm the Liquor Maker–Grey Bar/Black Eye Spots/Leaf Okapi (45kt)


Plague-y Noodles for sale!! 

Finally my spirals hatched no so long ago and they didn’t one egg me. (bless)
So here they are now for sale!! (all dragons are still hatchlings)


I also accept gems at a 1:650 ratio

If you don’t have the money right now, feel free to sign up for their pinglist in my hatchery right here.

If not interested at all, I would really appreciate it if this post got some boosts.


The shark sisters are finally finished! Punks and professional thieves, the lot of them. The youngest is up top and the eldest is at the bottom. They’re up for 45kt each on the auction house! They are up for negotiation, of course. Click their colors below for a direct link~

1. Twilight, Blue, White

2. Lapis, Cobalt, White

3. Indigo, Unltramarine, White


See that mirror? He could be all yours. Look at what a cutie pie it can be!

He’s an unbred gen one! He’s on the AH for 450k and is already gened with piebald and paint. He’s one off XYX and his tert is rose which looks really pretty with glimmer.. but also really good with just underbelly.

I’m willing to haggle with the price or take mixed payments!
gem ratio: 1:650

Buy him here

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