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Hah yEs. Don’t hate on them tho guys, that’s their interpretation. It will never be exactly like the book. The Harry Potter movies wasn’t exact as some may belief. Never bash the actors or creators. People who haven’t read the books might like the movie on it’s own.

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This might be a hard one but please bare with me. Inquisition companions, advisors, and Morrigan (and Kieran if you can but if you can't that's fine) react to the Inquisitor who grew up in the streets and had to hide when they found food - like one day they open a closet or a cupboard and find the Inquisitor eating a pie?

Cassandra- She had been looking for the Inquisitor for some time already to no avail. Yet when she went into the kitchen and opened up a cabinet she nearly yelled at the sight of the Inquisitor in there with a half eaten pie. She demanded an explanation as to why and when they tell her that they had to live on the streets and hide when they found food she became sympathetic towards them. She had no idea. She does tell them that no one will take their food but makes a note to tell the others.

Varric- He had been looking for them to play a round of wicked grace but couldn’t find them. He went back to the tavern to get a drink and when he opened the closet containing the cups he was surprised to see the Inquisitor in there casually eating a pie. Of course he asks why, it’ll be an interesting story about the Inquisitor. He doesn’t expect them to say that they grew up on the streets and had to hide when they found food. Still he can’t help but chuckle at the situation especially if it’s a qunari Inquisitor who barely fits in the cupboard.

Solas- He had been looking for ingredients for a new potion he was developing. When he opened up the cabinet containing glass bottles he did not expect the Inquisitor there holding a pie and a fork. He pulls them out and demands for an explanation they tell him they grew up on the streets and would have to hide when they found food. It makes him realize how real they are and he thinks about his plans. He tells them that they don’t have to hide anymore.

Iron Bull- He figured something was up when they seemed to disappear whenever food was around. He never asks why though. That is, until he finds them in a cabinet with a half eaten pie. When he asks why they tell him. “Sometimes we’d have to do that,” he tells them, “you look away and next thing you know your foods gone. That won’t happen here though. Plenty for everyone.” He lets them be but buys them a drink later.

Dorian- Similar to Solas he had been working on a potion. He did not expect to see them in the closet eating a pie. He damn near has a heart attack and in Dorian style fashion makes it about him. He does ask why they were in the closet and they explain. He understands but thrills them they don’t need to do it anymore.

Vivienne- She had gone to her closest for a change of clothing. Only to see the Inquisitor among them. Eating a pie. She orders them to get out and demands for an explanation. When she hears about why and how everyday was a competition for food. She gets it but tells them that as Inquisitor they are called to higher things than hiding in closets when they have food.

Blackwall- He doesn’t find them in a closet but in a far corner of the barn. In almost scares him half to death but he calms down he asks why. (Insert story here.) He gets it. Having to hide like the others he says they don’t have to do it anymore.

Sera- She had been looking for them to do some pranks but couldn’t find them. When she goes to open a cabinet to get some of the things see needs she finds the Inquisitor sitting there eating a pie. She screams and startles them causing them to fall out of the cabinet. She asks why they were in there and they explain. (You know the drill by now.) She understands “I get it, yeah? I had to do the same as a kid. There’s no same in it.”

Cole- He’s the reason they had the pie honestly. He felt them longing for it. “Going hungry for days. Everyday a competition. Only the strong survive.” You don’t have to hide anymore but you can if you want. He often checks on them if they hide when they eat.

Josephine- They had a meeting with some noble but they were nowhere to be found. When she opens up a cabinet that contains the wine glasses she finds them and screams because she didn’t expect them there. The noble asks if everything is alright she plays it off as seeing a rat. They reschedule the meeting for a late date. She knew of the Inquisitors living conditions before the inquisition became a thing but she didn’t know they hid when they had food. She tells them they don’t need to hide anymore.

Leliana- She noticed how often the Inquisitor would disappear whenever food was around. She knew of their past and the struggles they encountered. She just doesn’t expect to find them in a closet one day with a mostly eaten pie. She leaves them be but tells them to see her later on that day. She tells them that there is no need to hide anymore. They know but they are so used to doing it

Cullen- He damn near has a heart attack when he sees them. Like Leliana and Josephine he knew of their past but explains they don’t need to hide anymore.

Morrigan: She never went hungry with her mother, but after the mirror was smashed she spent many an hour hoarding small treasures against a similar fate. If she stumbles onto the Inquisitor the witchs biting tongue is either still or uncharacteristically gentle, and she leaves them to their meal.

Keiran: With the innocence that most children possess the boy thinks nothing if this action, beyond that it is a grand idea to hide treats from his mother. Their open delight at the location and choice of snack charms even the wary Herald, and when Morrigan later finds them after a panicked search they are contentedly munching on pie.

Rick Riordan The Ship of the Dead Tour Information!

Here’s some stuff I learned at the Rick Riordan tour stop:

  • @viria‘s art was in the powerpoint and it was so beautiful, bless it 
  • Mallory Keen backstory in Ship of the Dead
  • Hearthstone is going back to see his father in Ship of the Dead
  • (he didn’t say too much about the book tbh)
  • Aru Shah and The End of Time by Roshani Chokshi: March 27, 2018 (she was at my tour stop and someone in the audience got an arc of the book; lowkey jelly)
  • New Kane Chronicles book (like Camp Half Blood Chronicles): May 2018
  • Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze: May 1, 2018
    • He officially announced that Piper and Jason will make a return in this book
    • Also, all of the characters from HoO will show up at some point in ToA
  • The Storm Runner by Jennifer Cervanten: Fall 2018
  • The Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee: Fall 2018
  • The Magnus Chase Coloring Book: August 14, 2018
    • He did say he hasn’t listened to it though, saying that like the movies and the audiobooks, he finds it weird to listen to his own writing
  • The Lightning Thief Illustrated Edition: August 14, 2018
  • New updated website at readriordan.com: fully updated by October 17th
    • There will be a “Who’s your godly parent?” quiz 
  • Bonus: He also directly mentioned college students reading his books, saying he plans on sticking to middle grade writing, but he appreciates us still reading the books if we want!
  • Also, he does like falafel.

Multifandom | Believer [+1k subs]

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For the micro-prompts: sweat! (and Cullen, if that's allowed)

Ask and ye shall receive! :D I tried writing it from Cullen’s POV but then it got dark (???) so you get Ellana instead :) I hope you enjoy and THANK YOU for the prompt ^_^

Characters: Ellana Lavellan/Cullen Rutherford (modern AU/dance!fic)
Prompt: Sweat

That particular morning they had decided to go on a run together as part of their constant discovery of what they could do as a couple. As Ellana leaned against a tree along the path, she was rapidly understanding this would be something Cullen could do without her. She wasn’t exactly in bad shape, but his pace - most likely due to his much longer legs - had been brutal and she hadn’t been able to properly keep up.

“Almost done,” she reminded herself and returned to the path at a jog.

When she rounded a corner, the first thing that caught her eyes was the bright skin and wide expanse of Cullen’s exposed back, his unmistakable golden hair, and that gorgeous, perfectly-shaped ass. He had stopped next to a water fountain and Ellana silently thanked  the Creators that she would get a quick reprieve soon.

Each step took her closer and she stared at him, at the way sweat highlighted every hill and divot of his muscles, at the way they shifted any time he moved even a little. She could hear the deep timbre of his voice and she realized he wasn’t alone. She frowned.

“I’m flattered, but no.”

His words were stern, but polite and Ellana wondered what in the world was happening. When she finally stopped next to Cullen, the cause of his agitation came to full view, making her breath stumble for a second.

Leaning against the water fountain was a beautiful human woman, tall, dark-haired, bronzed, and perfectly shaped in all the right places. Her workout clothes were just on this side of propriety, snugly covering her curvaceous ass and tits. She looked like a model that walked out of a billboard and her gaze cut to the bone when she glanced at Ellana.

“What do you want, rabbit?” she snarled. “Scamp.”

Before Ellana could utter a word, something primal woke up within Cullen and his body shifted visibly as he stood taller, broader; dangerous.

“This is my girlfriend you just insulted,” he said, his voice deceptively even. “Kindly remove yourself from my sight before I do something I might regret.”

Ellana didn’t think Cullen would actually hurt the other woman, but the threat alone was enough: the tramp huffed in annoyance and quickly stomped off. A timid hand reached for her and she felt his pinky gently wrap around hers.

“I’m sorry you had to endure that,” he said quietly. “I don’t normally get stopped on this trail.”

Ellana narrowed her eyes and purposefully gave him a thorough once-over: the broad shoulders, the perpetual stubble, piercing eyes, the sweaty skin. Cullen could have been a gladiator in the times of Rome, slicked up and ready to be paraded before the masses; a bonafide Adonis.

“Perhaps you should try looking less like a god of sex when you go running.” She turned to him and gently pressed her other hand against his abdomen. He jerked under her touch and she could feel his heated gaze drilling into her. “Did you have to leave your shirt at home?”

The smirk that twisted his mouth was positively mischievous. He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on her cheek. While the gesture itself was sweet and innocent, the way he towered over her, the way his intense musk surrounded her, it made Ellana breathe just a little quicker.

“Yes,” he growled into her ear. “I know how much you like looking at the muscles on my back.”

Ellana vaguely wondered just how quickly she could get herself home so she could drag this man into their bedroom and have her way with him.