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captive prince chatter: whenever i see the name smaurent i always think of a dragon, so if laurent were to be turned into a dragon, how do you think things would go?

This is a lovely question that I am very much interested in!

I imagine Dragon!Laurent to be a sort of werewolf type thing. Or like an a/b/o fic.. he shifts once a month (or three) for a couple of days at most. Maybe as the years go by and he researches more about the subject he learns how to control it and shift at will, but mostly it’s just a thing that happens and then he’s back to normal. (Honestly i just can’t think about Damen living the rest of his life without Human!Laurent at his side)

I went on a dragon hunt to try and find a photo of a dragon I could use to describe  Dragon!Laurent but as it turns out I’m either very bad at looking for dragons or that dragon does not exist.

So I’ll just describe him for you then - Dragon!Laurent is actually very similar to Human!Laurent. The first thing you notice about him is that he’s very pale. He’s not white, he’s not sand coloured - but he is very very pale. Next this are his piercing blue eyes. Same exact shade as Human!Laurent. Only after you’ve recovered from the colour shock do you realise he’s also very very big. Laurent isn’t even a foot shorter than Damen - let’s not forget that. Dragon!Laurent is MASSIVE. He’s also very strongly built. Very thick and long neck, strong sharp and long tail. Body is slim but strong. When he spreads his huge ass fucking wings they’re so pale they’re practically see-through.
He’s a fussy dragon. Fussier than Human!Laurent. He doesn’t like being ridden much. He takes to flying like a fish to water tho. Incredible speed, height, accuracy.
He’s smart too. Freakishly so. Humanly so. He’s very imposing.. makes you feel like he’s watching and cataloging your every move. Which he is. But where Human!Laurent did it quietly and secretly - Dragon!Laurent does so openly. That’s not to say he isn’t sneaky. He’s unnaturally stealthy for a creature that size. He can soar and land in almost absolute silence.
He’s also a pampered dragon. He likes the beach on a sunny day.. he likes it when Damen brings him his meat already dead and skinned by butchers so he doesn’t have to deal with the mess himself. He also likes it when Damen touches him. He likes when Damen leans on him and reads. Or sleeps. He likes feeling like he’s protecting Damen. He only ever lets `Damen ride him, and only when they have to. Or if Damen looks a little sad. (every version of Laurent knows how to make Damen happy) 

Feel free to add on your own Dragon!Laurent stories - I’d love to read then all!!!

Finally able to draw my Prince x Dragonkeeper AU

“Prince Katsuki was simply stunned when he entered the dragons’ aerie to inspect his newest aquisiton: His muscles bulged and rippled beneath the golden skin that shone with a thin layer of sweat. His fiery red eyes were filled with a passion and wildness that made Katsuki shiver in awe; those piercing sharp teeth gleamed in the dim light and his strong legs were planted firmly against the lithic ground as he tore on the chains.
Oh, yeah, and Katsuki’s new dragon was there, too.”
- (Extract from a fic I’ll never write xD) -


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Kiss Below the Waist. Dragon Age. Alistair x Roselyn Cousland 
set in @blustersquall‘s Prince!AU

“Does it hurt when I press my fingers here?” Alistair held Roselyn’s bruised ankle, shifting his fingers, gauging by her hisses and clenched fingers where it hurt the most. “It doesn’t feel like you broke anything. Try rotating it now. Yes, like that. Good.” Taking a poultice, he pressed it against her purple skin then wrapped her ankle in a bandage to hold it in place.

“Will I live?” she asked.

“Doubtful,” he said, face somber. “Bruises like that have felled Archdemons and High Dragons before. It’s a wonder you’re still talking to me now.”

She groaned in exasperation, her hand giving his shoulder a playful nudged. He laughed.

“It’ll be tender. And you shouldn’t put any weight on it, but you’ll be fine after a few days’ rest. We should keep your ankle cushioned with pillows too. You move around in your sleep enough that you’ll need the extra barrier.” He continued to cradle the injured limb against him, his thumb tracing absent circles along her uninjured skin. It made him ache to see her in pain like this. It’d been a simple fall, the smallest of accidents, but seeing the anguish in her face, hearing the barely suppressed whimper she kept clenched in her throat—it made him sick.

He cleared his throat, keeping his face on her ankle so she wouldn’t see the worries weighing on him. “I’ll make sure that the servants spoil you rotten while you’re resting; you won’t want for anything.”

“How do you know so much about all of this?”

“Remember at the tourney how I said that I’d had worse injuries before?”

She nodded.

“I usually had to patch them up myself to. A bruised ankle is a relatively simple injury by comparison, even though it may ache like a more serious wound.”

“I see…” Her free hand came up to his cheek. The touch was light, hardly there at all, and yet she managed to turn his head towards her. He almost couldn’t bear the sympathy in her eyes. She was the one in pain, not him. “You are wrong about one thing, husband.”

He frowned. “What’s that?”

“About me not wanting anything. I’ll…” Her cheeks grew faintly pink when she trailed off. “I’ll miss your company while I’m confined to bed.”

Alistair laughed at that, unable to stop his grin. “I promise to visit whenever I’m able.” He leaned down and pressed chaste kisses along the edges of the bandage until her fingers ran through his hair, causing him to lean up and kiss her lips instead. “I swear it.”

Fire Emblem Awakening Fanfic Masterpost

One of my writing buddies recently pulled together a list of all her fanfiction posts, and that made me think I should do that, as well. I’ll break this into f!Chrobin, m!Chrobin, and Other.

Collectively I’ve posted over 150,000 words in Fire Emblem Awakening fanfic. (I’ve easily written almost double that if you include deleted scenes and half-started projects.) Also, Chrobin Week pushed me up over 100 Followers on Tumblr, which is just wonderful! Thank you all for following me (and putting up with my crap!) 


The Prince’s Mistress - After Gangrel is vanquished, Chrom proposes to Robin, but she refuses his marriage proposal. Robin claims that she is already engaged to Lon’qu. But Robin is hiding the real reason she can’t and won’t marry him – she is certain that if she marries him, her recurring vision of killing him will come true. Two years later, while they are planning for the Valmese invasion, Chrom makes an advance that Robin can’t refuse. Robin/Lon'qu, Robin/Chrom, slight Sumia/Chrom. Features cheating. (55,000 words, incomplete, Explicit)

Touch - When Chrom is diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live, Robin and his family come together to make the rest of his life as wonderful as possible. Modern AU - Heavy angst, grief, and themes of death. (4,600 words, incomplete)

Bound Together (Chrom/Robin, Chrom/Grima) - Grima decides to save Chrom for her own purposes, but gets more than she bargained for when she leaves his soul intact. A set of dark scenes exploring the dynamic between Grima, Robin, and Chrom. (9,600 words, incomplete)

In the Presence of the Gods - When Princess Robin discovers her father wants to sacrifice the wounded amnesiac with the mark of Naga on his arm, she rescues him from the dungeons. Role Reversal AU. Character Death (4,800 words, complete)

Peeping Chrom -  Chrom doesn’t know when to stop looking - and Robin catches him peeping. (3,800 words, complete, Explicit)

Beneath This Dark Sky -  Chrom shares a memory of Naga’s sacred place with Robin. Character Death (645 words, complete)

Reincarnate -  Manakete/Reincarnation AU - After Chrom dies, the immortal manakete Robin loses interest in the world - until, a few hundred years later, she meets a young man who reminds her of someone she used to know. (583 words, complete)


Sleeping Soundly -  Robin is willing to try almost anything to have a good night’s sleep, and to get rid of the nightmares that plague him. But Chrom’s suggestion might be too much. (21,000 words, complete, Explicit)

Come the Morning -  In a world where Lucina is never born, Chrom and Robin struggle to stop Grima. Takes place after Valm. Sequel to Sleeping Soundly. (7,100 words, incomplete, Explicit)

Take Control - Porn without Plot - Male Robin/Chrom explore BDSM for the first time. Vignette-style chapters (15,500 words, Very Explicit)

Protected - Robin has always assumed he is just a beta - until he goes into his omega heat, shortly after Gangrel is defeated and peace has returned to the realm. But Chrom is away on business… and he’s the only alpha that Robin wants to mate with. Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (20,000 words, incomplete, Very Explicit)

Kidnapped - Chrom, the prince of Ylisse, keeps getting kidnapped by an immortal dragon. His father hopes to put a stop to this, using any means necessary - but Chrom enjoys his time being kidnapped. Dragon and the Prince AU. (5,700 words, incomplete, Very Explicit)

Repeated - In desperation, Chrom tries increasingly risky tactics to keep Robin from sacrificing himself and disappearing from his life forever. Based on the Loop AU from Chrobinprompts – Chrom is forced to repeat his life again and again, always falling in love with Robin, but being unable to keep him from dying. (3,600 words, incomplete)

The Last Year’s End -  In a world where Grima has won, and none of the children survived… Grima!Robin spends a holiday with Chrom, who may or may not be a figment of his imagination. (1,500 words, complete)

Blurred Lines (Chrom/Grima) -  Chrom awakens in a compromising position after a defeat on the battlefield, and Grima takes full advantage of it. (Non-consensual elements) (2,300 words, complete, Very Explicit)

Fade - After Endgame: Robin does the thing but he doesn’t fade… immediately. Robin’s hand falls to the bed, muscles heavy and tired. His body aches and burns, and parts of it are going numb. “You know I’m… dying, don’t you, Chrom?”  (6,000 words, (in)complete) (Chapter 1 - May We Meet Again and Chapter 2 - The Pain of Memory cross-posted on Tumblr)

Possessive - Robin has a little accident and Chrom gets angry and, well, possessive. (1,200 words, complete, Explicit)


My Heart On Your Sleeves (Chrom/gender-neutral Robin) - When Chrom starts wearing two sleeves, Lissa grows concerned, and asks Robin to speak to him about it. Featuring gender-neutral Robin. S-Support Fluff. (3,000 words, complete)

Going for Gold (Chrom/Gaius) - Chrom wonders why a man would agree to defect for candy and gold. Gaius explains (but not in so many words) that “gold” means something completely different than Chrom thinks. Or, a steamy meeting in a secluded alcove in the middle of the night (in which Chrom is confused and Gaius gets what he wants). (1,500 words, complete, Explicit)

A Welcome Surprise (Frederick/mRobin) -  Robin gives Frederick a surprise that he quite enjoys. Light bondage. (3,000 words, complete, Explicit)

Flowers and Forgiveness (Cordelia/Sumia) -  After Sumia takes an arrow and falls from her pegasus, Cordelia is wracked with guilt. (2,700 words, complete)

Space Cadet AU (Frederick/mRobin, Chrom/Gaius, Lon’qu/Vaike) - Snippets posted so far, a full fic is in process. Based on the Space Cadet AU by f0ffff.

 - Snippet 1 - Frederick/mRobin

 - Snippet 2 - Chrom/Gaius (slightly NSFW)

Wow had a lot of activity recently! Hello new followers! Time to horrify you with.. this?

I’m magical, I turned a Hiccup Bath scene quite unsexy. Asexual powers were activated. Unfortunately nothing mind-alterating was applied other than my stupid/twisted sense of humor. I just.. noticed.. that feral hiccup would probably be pretty dirty! Especially that rats nest he calls ‘hair’. Valka aint gunna stand for that shit. Into the laundry tub with you!

Noisy horror for everyone involves ensues. 

@sassygreytea from x

He hummed, loving his hair being played with. The kiss was happily returned, a smile as they parted, heads resting on one another. What a relief such words were, something he already knew reconfirmed by his love. Soon they’d be in their new sanctuary, they’d be safe.

“I’m no prince love,” hand lifted to cup Humpty’s cheek, thumb smoothing over the skin. “You still haven’t told me what happened those days we were separated,” he desperately wanted to know, but hadn’t pushed the subject out of respect.

Ⱶ   Slowly working his way up to a standing position was difficult. He took the hand from his cheek, holding it tightly. “Things I’m not proud of. That I don’t want to fill your kind heart with and make you hate the people we left. With us gone, I want the thoughts of them gone as well. I don’t want what was done to me to leave a scar in you.”

Ⱶ   He could only hope that explanation was enough. He didn’t like keeping things from his love, but what he said was the truth. A burden he didn’t wish to heavy his heart with. It was done and gone. The kingdom was gone. They were both free and they had each other. Nothing of the past mattered now.

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Mafia!au, Prince!au, TWD!au

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it


  • he’s a great shot, probably one of the best. and he’s as good as the gun as he is at throwing weapons.
  • his initiation to prove his loyalty was killing his father ( garou ), since he would have a new ‘family’ now. jae-ha was young and had run from an abusive home, and though he did go through with killing him, it was harder than he’d like to admit. he’s just never been a vindictive person.
  • gi-gan’s a high ranking member that took personal responsibility for him at first. jae-ha’s really attached tbh.
  • his normal job is as a bartender.


  • he has absolutely not interest in politics and regularly avoids the meetings, which gets him in trouble. people also think it’s a shame because he has a great intuition and is natural in regards to diplomacy.
  • anti-arranged marriage to the max. he’s been really dismissive of any of the conversations for him to marry to expand the country, but he also knows that his objections won’t matter for long.
  • rarely sees his parents except when necessary. he’s mostly under the ‘care’ of his uncle garou, who’s a knight, but he tends to ditch him all the time. garou berates him a lot and he’s just not here for it.
  • jae-ha has a penchant for running off from the castle and into the city. he’s had a lot of secret passageways out of the castle since he was a boy, things that he learned from some of the servants working there. 
  • he likes to go to the port in the city and listen to the stories. he’s had plans to run before, to take a ship to somewhere far away. he got caught and it didn’t go over well. 
  • flirts with all the girls in the castle and all the visiting princesses, ladies, etc. probably has won the heart of a few but none have won his.
  • he likes to jump and climb a lot, and did it a lot when he was a kid. one of the times he got badly hurt and it left a nasty scar on his right leg. he’s pretty self-conscious about it.


  • i just gotta ‘steal’ the headcanon from the mafia!au and reiterate that he is a damn good shot.
  • he used to collect throwing knives before the apocalypse, and most of them were lost, but he still has one that he uses for his silent killing weapon of choice. 
  • he’s been searching for gi-gan however long it’s been going on, and he’s headed towards a settlement where he’s heard an older lady has taken charge, creating a ‘city’ near the port.
  • that above is a reason why he’s never really had a stable group, and isn’t really looking for one. 
  • his personality is a little different. he’s less trusting than he already was, doesn’t smile or joke as often, and kind of lost, or rather repressed, his usual flirting habits. 
  • he’d sooner die than put walker guts all over him to get through a herd. this may or may not be a joke. 
  • one of the worst things about the apocalypse is that he can’t find any alcohol tbh .
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Colored version of the greyscale WIP I posted last night of the first of three Dragon Age: Inquisition companion tarot cards for Laurent.. Pretty happy with how this came out.

Now to do the other 2 cards… Though I’m still waffling as to what arcana to make Laurent’s romance card… I guess I’ll figure it out eventually lol. I’ll just do his starting one first (Magician).

Will probably end up printing this one and hanging it on my wall

The Lady Cousland (Prince!Alistair x Cousland AU) Part 6

She hasn’t seen him for four days.

The feeling of him burns through her skin, lingers on her lips, the scent of him still worn into the dress she’d been wearing that night. Elissa didn’t know what to do, what to say to him after something like that.

She’d coerced him into kissing her, too frightened to talk to Nathaniel, but also wanting more than anything to kiss the Prince. She’d been able to think of little else since meeting him, and the way he’d looked at her from hooded eyes that night, how he’d been so close she could smell the strawberries on his breath.

She’d never be able to eat another strawberry without thinking about it now.

Elissa had taken to spending more time in the private gardens or sneaking out to the forest with Fenrir to hide away from Alistair, whose dejected eyes had her heart throbbing with guilt every time she caught a glimpse of him before she vanished.

She didn’t know what to do, she liked him, actually liked him. This in itself was the biggest surprise for her, to actually find a man who was more than a passing fancy, with who she wanted more than a kiss and a quick lay – this she knew was real.

It terrified her.

The thought that she had found it, what her parents had, what her brother had, it was almost too much. The stubborn, independent streak she had told her to run, to leave well enough alone and continue doing what she had for the past couple of years.

That was safe, it was easy. But Elissa Cousland wasn’t known for safe or easy, not by a longshot, her mother lamented over that fact nearly every day at least three times, to Elissa’s chagrin.

That’s why she’d woken this morning and ran straight to the stables, riding out on the charger her father had given her for her sixteenth name day, nearly four years ago. She stands now with Fenrir, bow in one had with a quiver resting against her thigh, glaring at the target she has positioned at the other end of the clearing.

Fenrir chuffs again, almost seeming to laugh at her annoyance. They would be good shots, just shy of the center, if she wasn’t Elissa. She wouldn’t settle for anything less than her best, and at her best she’d been able to sever an arrow in two with her accuracy.

She readies herself again, pulling the bow taught, her arms trembling just slightly at the weight of the bow in her arms. She narrows her eyes at the target, touching her index finger to the corner of her mouth as she focuses, honing in on the center of the target.

“Elissa?” A voice calls. She yelps, loosing the arrow in fright, watching it sail over the target and into the surrounding forest. She winces slightly, hands trembling as she turns to meet his amber eyes, gazing at her hesitantly as he twists the reigns of his horse between his fingers.

All the air in her lungs leaves her in a tortured gasp, sucked out by the mere sight of him. He’s dressed casually, his white tunic hanging haphazardly from his leather breeches in some places, the first few buttons undone, revealing auburn chest hair that made her ache inside.

She bites down on her lip, trying to stop the blush from assaulting her cheeks, but she fails, the pink hue slowly snaking up her neck to her cheeks. His cheeks are just as red as he shifts, digging one of his worn leather boots into the dirt below them.

That was one thing she’d noticed too, he’d always dress in well-worn clothes and shoes, never the pressed new linens that Cailan always strutted about in, flinching if he even so much as saw a speck of dirt. She liked that about Alistair, it made her comfortable, as if he wasn’t really a prince, like they were just a girl and a boy, hopelessly confused about each other.

“I’m sorry if I-“He starts, at the same time she stutters out. “I didn’t mean to-“

They both pause, before Alistair chuckles, shaking his head and making his way over to her. She gently sets her bow down, trying not to blush at his proximity, not as close as that night – never as close as that night, but close enough for her to see each individual freckle across his nose and cheekbones, the way his tunic shifts each time he moves his shoulders.

Her eyes snap back up to his when he clears his throat, watching her eyes rove over his broad chest with a raised eyebrow and a very familiar smirk.

“Why my lady, if I didn’t know any better, I would say you’re very intrigued by my finery!” He cries, chuckling when she blanches, before her lips curl up into a ghost of a smile, recognising the teasing tone his voice had taken on.

“Of couuuurse your highness!” Her voice high pitched and very snooty. “I just couldn’t help but notice the hue, is that eggshell? Or is it crème?” He snorts loudly, before throwing his head back to laugh as she brushes dirt off his shoulders.

“I believe it’s called dirt.” He laughs back, grinning wide when she giggles, one delicate hand reaching up to cover her mouth. She sighs a little as she looks up at him, still taken by how handsome he was, the way his hair curled slightly at the ends and the smattering of freckles over his nose like small constellations.

His hand reaches up, trembling slightly as he brushes his fingertips over her neck, watching as her plump lips part slightly, barely daring to breathe as his hand reaches up to cup her cheek, his eyes watching hers for any sign of hesitation.

Elissa’s breath hitches as he strokes his thumb across her cheekbone lightly, tilting his face as he nears her lips, his eyes hooded as he watches her lips pucker slightly in anticipation. Her hands slide up and over his neck, brushing the soft hairs at the nape of his neck.

It feels like the world around her explodes when their lips meet. She arches up into him, one of his arms sliding around her waist to yank her closer with a gasp, fisting the material of her soft tunic in his hand.

She didn’t think that there would be a better kiss than that night, but it turns out there was, standing in the middle of the forest with him, the feel of his hard chest against hers, his hand tangling in her red locks to angle her head, deepening the kiss as he assaults her mouth deftly with his tongue.

Elissa whines, throwing an arm over his shoulder, trying anything to get him closer, as if the press of their bodies could fuse them together, so that she’d never have to be without him, without this feeling that he incited in her.

Alistair pulls away with a gasp, his honey coloured eyes blown wide as he stares down at her with a gaping mouth. A slow smile works its way over her slightly bruised lips, watching as his lips twitch slightly in response. He tries to wrestle his grin back, but before either of them can blink, they’re both giggling, leaning into each other as they laugh, before she pulls them back together, sighing in bliss as their lips connect again.

Just to spoil eeveevie and anon-omis even more :3

The Prince and his Dragon AU


  Beads of rain drops slid down iridescent scales, their natural rosy color dulled by the dark surroundings. The cavern was cold and damp, but it was cover from the storm that raged outside and the humans that hunted them. So it wasn’t home, but it would have to do for the night. 

Δ “Get away from there, they’ll see you if they pass by here.” Humpty turned his head back towards the rear of the cave when his brother’s irritated voice echoed up from the darkness. He snorted a puff of smoke in derision for being scolded by his twin but limped his way away from the opening. 

  As he moved a long slender wing drug just above the ground behind him. The delicate webbing between bone had been perforated in several places, raw and red from some sort of encounter previous. Once he reached the relative safety of darkness in the rear of the cavern he slumped down on the hard rocks. Curling up beside his brother for warmth. Humans were such troublesome creatures.

”Laurent Approves.”

… of dat ass.

Trash Captive Prince Dragon Age: Inquisition AU, where Damen is the inquisitor (and a qunari-elf because bara and no one hates Orlais like the Dalish) and Laurent is an Orlesian mage (because Vere=Orlais) THAT IS TOTALLY NOT PART OF THE ROYAL FAMILY NOPE NOT AT ALL.

Basically I have very extensive headcanons about this AU and I’m trash.