dragon pearl jasmine


Companion to Sunrise. For @theadamantdaughter in solidarity against a ridiculous brigade of anons.

Summary: Iroh and Katara have a late-night chat.

It was late, but Katara still had work to do around the camp. Zuko had helped her bank the campfires, but there were still dishes to scrub and food to pack away for the next adventure. Katara had checked their water supplies an hour before restocking, and was now fishing in the river, hoping to catch a few juicy morsels for breakfast.

Closing her eyes to get a better feel for the water, she extended her bending senses until she could feel the little vibrations where the flow of the current was disrupted. There … no, that was a twig … there! Katara reached forward and made a scooping motion. A blue tentacle looped away from the rest of the river and wrapping tightly around a fat spotted carp. Water shot upward as Katara plucked the fish from the darkening waters, encasing her catch in a globe. She kept her prey immersed with one hand, while with the other, she formed an ice spear.

“Miss Katara?”

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