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So. I made a thing. Call it an Earth x Arcane ancestral peace song? Long story short I think there are probably a lot of feelings between the eldest and youngest gods/flights. While they are directly at odds since Arcane’s essence is the reckless pursuit of knowledge change and Earth is responsible preservation even if it calls for suffering and self-sacrifice, I think there’s a sort of… mutual respect between the two?

This was fairly complicated, because in my head there’s a lot of harmonies that I did my best with, and I think Earth would definitely sing in rhymes and Arcane wouldn’t really have any feelings about rhyming, idk I know how the song *feels* and not much else.

The lyrics alone suggest the Earth parts are kinda raining on the Arcane parade, but it’s not like that. The Earth dragons think it’s beautiful too, they’re singing the chorus too, but they their youngest siblings to have context. And it’s painful, because history is painful, but it helps both of them appreciate the current age and feel hope that even if things go really wrong again in the future, there will still be good and worthwhile things that come out of it.

Uhh, special shoutout to @hungrytundras who took the time to support my first dinky little song-lore adventure, and is a solid 50% of the reason I actually sat down and ironed this out.

It’s called Stars Over Dragonhome. If you want to get a feeling for how it sounds in my head, listen to Exec_Rig=Veda/. Particularly the big cresting harmony that starts around 2:20.

Even in this ancient and barren place
If you look up there is wonder
Over this empty cradle of forgotten ages
Constellations still live

This sight which can only awe
How small we feel
But how connected we are
How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome

Those eyes turn only toward answers
I only hope sometimes you remember to look down
Youngest children, innocent and unguided
Remember the pillar is shattered on the ground

(This sight, which can only awe)
Remember that which is no longer here
Remember that these stars will fade
(How small we feel, but how connected we are)
Remember that not all they shine on is great
And that even blessed things someday break

How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome

A different world born in a supernova
Unthinkable until the atoms collide
But such uncertainty is worth chasing
Discoveries all beautiful, all worthwhile

This sight which can only awe
(Change is loss)
How small we feel
(And uncertain gain)
But how connected we are
(Ages end and begin again)
How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome
(Below the spinning stars over Dragonhome)

This sight which can only awe
(Don’t forget)
How small we feel
(Don’t forget us)
But how connected we are
(Don’t forget what we were)
How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome
How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome

Heaven and earth, ancient and new
This horizon merges the two
You change us, and we teach you
Under the stars over Dragonhome

Warnings of Sworn

They’ll come in droves
They’ll buzz for attention like hives,
But unless the masses are prepared,
The drakes are going to eat them alive.

Dragons are dark
Of the earth,
Of magic,
Of life,
They marr timelines and the dreams with strife.

They’re violent,
Leave a mortal’s mind perplexed…

But yet we follow,
We’re intrigued
To succeed.
To follow their innate instinct to succeed.

Sometimes a Sworn is chosen,
By the Drake who is beholden,
By a mortal’s who actions
Are worth a fraction
Of their time and commitment,
That their hearts and minds shipment
Of service.

The mages will flock,
In panics tear their frocks,
To gather their tomes and seek to the clock,
Before the time the Blue Flight will not seek their docs.
To weave spells in hope to find,
That they are of similar mind.
To not be branded of foes,
Of the ones of the flight, who end in ‘Gos.

Healers may find and see,
That the flight of Red is the one to lead.
That they walk in the shadows of claws,
And their leading Aspect will give them pause.
At the strength of the Life Binder,
While it is hard to find her,
Will display for the world over yonder,
The temptations of Life,
To combat the strife,
Of the battles of Nexus,
The spells and the hexes,
A unifying banner that leaves little room,
When enemies of the Red flight spell their doom.

Or perhaps the darkest flight,
Who’s once great aspect had Azeroth’s nights
Shrouded in ash, in magma in tectonics
That rocked from here to Gnomregan’s robotics.
To learn to shape earth, to protect the Flight’s dying–
But trust me, the Drakes are trying–
To resume their place in this battle torn world,
To reclaim the story their master unfurled.
So if those of might can battle His Spine,
The Black Flight is the one to find.

Then, alas, the most recent loss,
Of the Aspect of the Dream’s demigod.
To try and repair the soil,
That Ysera herself in the Dream would toil,
Seeking the Green Flight as a bear or owl,
Without a grand dragon above to scowl,
Seeking a drake or a wyrm or a whelp,
A sworn might see to the Green Flight to help.
To storm the isles,
Against the twisted and reviled,
To take on the eyes of green,
And amass powers no mortal’s yet seen.

And finally, the flight most out of our hands,

That seek shelter in the time worn sands,
The other last Aspect with perhaps less brawn,
But to combat has scales made of Bronze.
A mortal may seek to find the dorm,
That they can attain the title of Sworn,
To serve at the hands of a Keeper,
Choosing against the claws of a Sleeper,
Challenging time that they can amass
The granted powers from Nozdormu’s hourglass.

But alas, to find them is rare,
When the ones lost to madness give mortals a scare.
Of orc, of human, of dwarf and elf,
It takes strength to look at oneself,
And wonder why they want to commit,
To creatures who throw world-wide fits,
Over Northrend,
Of Nightmares
Of Malestromes,
Of Times where
They were seen beyond mortal comprehension,
And that only seemed to elevate tensions,

To where we didn’t want to submit,

We wanted to keep our free will, and quit.
To deny them the rights to our lives and souls,
Or, so that is how the tale goes.

But to head down this path…
To suffer that potential wrath…
Is more than worth
The birth
Of your new life.

…..good luck.

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The History of Middle-earth \ Dragons

“Dragons lived throughout the First, Second, and Third ages of Middle-earth and may have lived longer. They were originally bred by Morgoth during the first age to serve as gigantic shock troopers and mobile artillery. The first dragon ever seen in Middle-earth was Glaurung, the father of dragons, who Morgoth used to great effect during the fourth and fifth battles in the War of the Jewels. Like most of the creatures made or twisted by Morgoth, they were capable of reproducing naturally. Dragons were sometimes referred to as serpents, great Worms, or simply Drakes, with the first two specifying the Wingless Dragons.

i don’t care about waking up to a person i love, i wanna wake up to a new song of my favorite artist for the rest of my life


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I can’t believe I did this in one day.
Thank you so much, my little trolls for playing with me, that was really interesting and intense to do. Maybe I will do more in few weeks.
I noticed there was lots of requests about The invisible Child, the last dragon on earth, Adventures of Moominpappa and the Secret dish! I know i didn’t draw an Adventures of Moominpappa’s doodle (something’s coming ;D ) and I certainly forgot some episodes you asked me… But you were so many! XD

Last thing, even it’s doodles, I swear I did my best. Thank you to be with me and I hope i will give you the need to rewatch some episodes!!