dragon noise

Dragon Age Romances
  • Me: *creates inquisitor*
  • Me: *gets farther in game*
  • Me: *looks at character romances*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *sighs and restarts the game*

Heheh, I think it’s safe to say yall saw this one coming, buuuuuuut there’s no reason I can’t go with the flow anyway~! Decided to try out the binary brush once more for fun, and I’m aaaaaaaaalmost getting the swing of it! Just looking to refine it a little more heheh~

At any rate Ruby snagged himself the elusive GIGATURKEY that only appears once every blue moo-wheneverthere'saneedforahugeservingofcookedmeatforvorishreasons~ I think you can imagine what happened next, and the results have that strained belly starting to look a bit like that glazed ham he’s working on~!

Just a little something silly for the occasion, because honestly it’s a holiday around family, friends, and most importantly FOOD! Hope yall have a good thanksgiving for those who celebrate it and those who don’t~! Catch up with some friends and family, give them a call if you’re not there, and take a few minutes out to have a nice think about what you’ve got to be thankful for~!

because straight people dont know how to have conversations