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Ha-ha, I didn’t forget that I wanted to do more @incorrectrotbtdquotes​ , I’m just getting consumed by Overwatch fandom. 

I wanted to do this quote so badly since the first time I saw it, but only now I got a feel of how I wanted it to be. I’m pretty satisfied with the result. Rapunzel may be a precious beloved-by-everyone flower, but I firmly belief she has a scary badass side of her.)


Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile.

My ongoing experiments with the Figment Familiars are going well! I’ve now got three completed (they’re just waiting on Hearts now), and three more including the dragon on the lower left that are partially finished. It’s amazing how much you learn through working on something, and I’m glad to have taken the time to play with this concept. I’m hoping to have a handful of finished Figments to list on Etsy by December 1st, so if you’re interested keep an eye out!

Each Figment Familiar will have a Heart - a stone or small object embedded inside it to give it its own unique energy and personality. Because they have no cast parts or armature, they’re suitable for keeping in your bag or pocket as well as on a desk or bedside table! I envision these as helpful day to day companions, and I hope that they’ll be welcomed into their keepers’ lives.

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Name: Nico
Age: 18
Country: Canada

Hi! My name is Nico and I’ve just finished high school here, and I’ll be studying international relations in college come September. I’m from British Columbia, Canada, and would love to have a penpal that I can send cool little snacks and other things to (despite being a broke student). I’m a huge Geography and History nerd as well, and enjoy talking and debating about politics and current events.
I’m a very easygoing person that tries to have a positive outlook on life, and I’m really open to meeting all sorts of people.
That being said, my hobbies include hiking, needle felting (ask me about it sometime?), and gaming. I play a lot of Overwatch, Stardew Valley, and I love love love Dragon Age. My favourite shows are The Amazing Race, and Skam. I listen to Sigur Ros, Of Monsters and Men, Sekai no Owari, and Bastille just to name a few. :P
I also speak French, Japanese, and am currently learning Norwegian. I’m really open to anyone and anything so feel free to send a shout! \o/

Preferences: Preferably someone around my age so 16-17+ ish

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"Arya Stark. Sort of. It’s a compatibility thing." Hmmm what do you mean? (Hope it's not something along the lines of "cold blooded and misogynist killer" ):)

Thanks for the question!

Well, how do I put this? 

First off, let me just begin this with a caveat: I don’t hate Arya and I certainly think she’s a good character who’s more than earned her place in ASoIaF. 

GRRM does very well at deconstructing her general character trope, giving layers and relatability to her, and she’s damn near-broken my heart a few times with some heartrending material like her chat with Thoros about a man without a head, the aftermath of the Red Wedding and her thinking about her family as she looks at Needle.

It’s more I didn’t really care for her character trope (Plucky Tomboy) on a genre note, so I was less inclined to engage on an emotional and intellectual level, her A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords chapters had some padding in them which wore on me a bit and her chapters didn’t hit me as much as, say, Sansa or Catelyn chapters, for example. 

It’s just Arya’s a more universal fan-favorite (this fandom has so few!) and I certainly like and feel for her enough, but I don’t really love her in the way that a decent chunk of the fandom does. I don’t have that kind of ardent fervor that others have, even when I recognize she’s a good character that deserves all the analyses and meta done with her.

On a last note, and I know you don’t believe this (and all the power to you) but I just want to address this: “Cold-blooded and misogynist killer” … well, that’s just nonsense.

Arya isn’t a cold-blooded killer by nature. She’s certainly traumatized and her psyche has been affected accordingly to said traumatic events, leading to being more accustomed to death and killing, both from a hands-on and observer perspective. However, that doesn’t make her cold-blooded so much as a victim of being surrounded and eye-witness to so much death, fire and horror.

In fact, her killings generally have three motives: self-defense, mercy-killing or to combat injustice, either done to her or done to others.

Hell, she’s not even really that comfortable with premeditated murder with strangers by A Dance with Dragons:

“He is an evil man,” she announced that evening when she returned to the House of Black and White. “His lips are cruel, his eyes are mean, and he has a villain’s beard.”

The kindly man chuckled. “He is a man like any other, with light in him and darkness. It is not for you to judge him.”

That gave her pause. “Have the gods judged him?”

Like, if Arya was really that comfortable with murdering strangers with no remorse or compunction, why does she feel the need to justify it as a mercy?

“He moves his hands too much,” she told them at the temple. “He must be full of fear. The gift will bring him peace.

“The gift brings all men peace.”

“When I kill him he will look in my eyes and thank me.”

And she stops trying to self-justify his death once she hears the reason (an injustice) why someone wants the man dead:

A sad smile touched his lips. “It is one thing to write such a binder, though, and another to make good on it.”

Cat understood. One of them must hate him. One of them came to the House of Black and White and prayed for the god to take him. She wondered who it had been, but the kindly man would not tell her.

She’s not misogynistic either. Yeah, she’s not a fan of the feminine-coded activities that Westeros laid out for her, but that’s because she’s not comfortable with them and isn’t good at them in a society that dictates this is the main path of womanhood in Westeros, not because she loathes or despises other women. That’s perfectly fine. Arya should be allowed to follow a path other than the strict patriarchy-mandated path to womanhood.

And she expresses as much in the first book alone:

“The Lannisters are proud,” Jon observed. “You’d think the royal sigil would be sufficient, but no. He makes his mother’s House equal in honor to the king’s.”

“The woman is important too!” Arya protested.

Nymeria nipped eagerly at her hand as Arya untied her. She had yellow eyes. When they caught the sunlight, they gleamed like two golden coins. Arya had named her after the warrior queen of the Rhoyne, who had led her people across the narrow sea.

Arya seemed puzzled at first. Then it came to her. She was that quick. They said it together:


Wanting to carve out her own space of femininity or disliking the patriarchy-mandated feminine-coded activities doesn’t make her misogynistic. It just means Westeros’ current conduct of womanhood has no space for Arya because it is oppressive to her own abilities and skills and views her as a failure for not being able to perform patriarchy’s strict type of femininity, which feeds into her self-esteem and insecurity issues.

In fact, “cold-blooded and misogynist killer” fits a ton of male characters more because Westeros sucks (thank you, toxic patriarchy), but also, in terms of female characters, it fits Cersei better than Arya. At least Cersei is consistently written with internalized misogyny and capable of ruthless cruelty. 

That is not Arya though.

Why I theorize about Mother3 as the framework for Black Butler....

Yana-san wasn’t sure this manga series would ever get picked up (let alone become a huge industry), so she was tentative about writing arcs that might never see the light of day. HOWEVER, the main plot, the main characters (as well as some more minor ones), and the timeline of the series were planned from the very beginning, and Yana-san told us all about it in just TWO PANELS in CHAPTER ONE.

That first panel is a close-up of irises – Victorian flower language meaning “I have a message for you”.

The second panel is the VERY NEXT PANEL, the game packaging for “Mouse3”.

It’s a direct reference to Nintendo’s Mother3, which had been released in Japan back in April of the same year (2006).

The game revolves around mirror twin boys (with anagram names) who get separated soon after the tragic death of their mother. They are about ten years old. The older twin, Claus, dies (trying to avenge his mother’s death) a bit less than a month later. Lucas stays home for about three years before making his own journey for the same quest (revenge), but now it’s not just for the death of his mother but also for the disappearance of Claus and how all this trauma has made their father utterly useless. They don’t know Claus is dead, since they hadn’t found a body.

He sets out on his quest with his loyal DOG. They infiltrate their enemies, sometimes taking jobs with them, sometimes even dressing the dog up like a human. There’s even a scene in which the DOG is refused entry to a MUSIC HALL because he’s obviously NOT HUMAN. (Think: the two bouncers [Neckbeard and Skinhead] who refuse Boney entry look *very much* like the two thugs who toss Sebastian out of Sphere Music Hall. I’ve posted comparison pics before….) The vast majority of the game is played within a ONE YEAR TIMELINE. (Think: BB ever since chapter 14.)

He ends up with a “treasured” Courage Badge/Franklin Badge (a family heirloom) from someone with strong ties to his family. The person who hands him this “treasure” is the local (and very eccentric) grave keeper. (Think: Undertaker and his “treasured” mourning lockets.)

He gets help along the way by these weird fairy-like Magypsies, though they can be rude at times. All of them appear to be male but have magenta hair and dress as women. They are keeping a Dark Dragon asleep with magic needles. (Think: Grell Sutcliff as the main parallel but also include BB characters seen or associated with various kinds of needles, like Lau, Charles Phipps, Nina, Blavat, etc.) Lucas learns about a prophecy and that he’s able to fulfill it: if he pulls out the most needles, then he will control this Dark Dragon. (Think: having a contract with/being able to control a “Black Butler”.)

Then he finds out that someone else has the same ability to fulfill the prophesy… that this other person is heartless… and that their identities keep getting confused. (Think: the shooter in ch126.) There are even a couple scenes in which Lucas makes a TELEPATHIC CONNECTION to this Masked Man, though he has no idea how or why. (Think: the earl talking to a mirror image of himself in dreams/hallucinations. Also think: the earl thinking Undertaker is with a boy who looks like him, but then he wakes up and sees Sebastian by his bed.)

Two other people join him and become his team:

1. Duster forgets his identity and takes up a new persona in a five-piece band that “undoes” the brainwashing caused by Happy Boxes. His strongest weapons are his SHOES (which he can upgrade during the game). Much of his time is spent trying to find the missing EGG OF LIGHT, which contains his memories. (Think: the duo of Edward [joining the P5] and Lizzie Midford [with her shoes].)

2. Kumatora lives in an old castle that is haunted by the “ghost” of tradition. She always wears a hoodie, can be quite rude and distant, has psychic abilities (telepathy), and hides her true feelings. She disguises herself in a purple hoodie and changes her name to VIOLET in order to infiltrate the enemies. As Violet, she waits tables at a MUSIC HALL. At the end of the game she cries, unable to stop, and it’s apparently the first time she’s ever cried in her life. (Think: Gregory Violet, who was met at the super-traditional Weston College. Also think: Gregory Violet crying/showing emotion when the earl and Sebastian find him in Bath and save his life.)

A villager who had been silent (until he decided it was the right time) tells Lucas all about the history of Nowhere Islands… and how the people had arrived, on a big white boat, with the hopes to start over their lives. (Think: all those references to Noah’s Ark.) They even wiped their memories clean and came up with fake histories. Only this one person was left with his memories intact for the purpose of telling it to the one who will fulfill the prophecy. (I think Tanaka will ultimately fill this role.)

Lucas and his team have to defeat numerous enemies, including one who uses Happy Boxes (delivered by a trained and enslaved monkey) to brainwash the masses. (Think: Blavat Sky using the S4 performances to sway the masses.) Another major enemy they have to defeat is King Porky and his servants/army. (Think: Queen Victoria, Double Charles, and John Brown.)

They are sometimes helped by an eccentric inventor who is obsessed with donuts (offers them to Lucas, too) and driven in his pursuits by CURIOSITY. (Think: Undertaker, his bone-shaped biscuits/cookies, and how he’s driven by curiosity about life and death.) King Porky stole technology from him and even forced him to work on new inventions for his personal benefit. (Think: Queen Victoria wants Bizarre Dolls as “allies” and has Sieglinde Sullivan working for her now.) One of the more interesting inventions is a mobility suit that looks like SPIDER LEGS. (Think: Sieglinde Sullivan.) However, what the inventor is best known for are his FASCINATING CHIMERA. (Think: Undertaker’s Bizarre Dolls.)

After all other enemies have been defeated, the only person standing between Lucas and the last needle is the Masked Man who had previously shown up out of nowhere (from time to time) to mess stuff up and compete to pull needles. It’s the same guy that’s causing all the MISTAKEN IDENTITY issues. It’s the guy who is “HEARTLESS”. He turns out to be Claus, Lucas’ twin who had died ALMOST FOUR YEARS ago. He’s “heartless” because after death he was turned into one of those Fascinating Chimera; he’s a walking corpse programmed with a single purpose: beat Lucas in waking the Dark Dragon. (Think: the real Ciel turned into a Bizarre Doll and “programmed” with an “episode” to seek out his own revenge and to, perhaps, also reclaim his birthright.)

They fight; his friends can’t help him anymore (not even the dog). That “treasured” badge saves Lucas from an attack that would have probably killed him. Then, essentially, a miracle occurs in which the ghost of their mother forces Claus to remember who he was… and that they shouldn’t fight. Claus gives up… as his programming fails… and they reunite just before Claus “dies” a second time. (Think: the earl and real Ciel face off, but not even Sebastian can do much about it… for whatever reason. Perhaps he is busy fighting someone else? And one boy “wins”….)

Then Lucas pulls up the last needle. The Dark Dragon wakes up and causes Armageddon-level havoc before basically resetting things back the way they had been. There is the rubble of destruction everywhere, but the people are ok; the Dark Dragon’s power was even strong enough to return everyone to full health and strength. (Think: Sebastian will follow the will of whichever “Ciel” proves victorious….)

Done. The end.


THIS is why I spend so much time going on about my Mother3 theory…. :)

Visit @abybweissekuromother3 for more about my theory….


Finally!! Little Kolby’s finished!! 😀
A few weeks ago I decided to try out needle felting and I ended up falling in love with it. I love sculpting things with clay but I hate the mess and I hate getting it under my nails, and I’m also slightly allergic to clay. Although I could have made like 5 clay Kolbys within the time it took to make this needle felted one, I still enjoyed it 😂 there’s something nice about it being soft and also moveable! This was my first time ever doing this so I’m teaching myself all by trial and error :0 I wish he had a bit more mobility but I winged the wire armature inside then realized it probably should have been a bit bigger. But I think it’s fairly good for my first needle felted creation!
Eventually once I’m faster and more confident with this, I will start taking commissions :> and I plan to make a pretty big Dragon Wheatley but I’m waiting until I’m much better at it! ^^ next thing to work on will probably be little Pokémon I’m gonna sell at a con! (One wing being smaller is intentional. He has a crippled wing)

Basic work is done on one wing, still needs to be neatened up but the main structure is down. I may do a tutorial on this someday, if anyone would like to see that?

Semi related, I am also looking into live streaming craft sessions. At the moment I’m just doing them privately but it’d be nice to make it a regular thing. I am in the GMT timezone so it may be early for some of you, but good for all you other Europeans out there?

Jin’s Final Fantasy 15 Inspired Soaps

Hi everyone! Jinju here, I am in need of monies, who isn’t though? I am creating soaps inspired by Final Fantasy 15 and will be selling them on Etsy. This is the line up I will be having! I have most of the products being shipped to me now and a some on hand. There will be a discount for followers of my main blog and smut blog, like 10 - 15% off total purchase. Pricing for one 4 oz (standard size) bar will be about $5 plus shipping. The pricing might change that is the basic price for right now.

I plan on making a batch of each then any after that people will need to wait for them to cure. One batch makes about 8 soaps.

If you are interested in any of these soaps just send me a “ask” and I’ll answer, I would like to see who would be the most popular one. So I know who to make more of!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Lavender, camomile, cinnamon and mandarin orange. (Sleep inspired)

Prompto Argentum: Honeysuckle, peaberry, sea breeze. (sunshine inspired)

Ignis Scientia: Coffee, milk, almond and coffee grounds. (Ebony inspired)

Gladiolus Amicitia: Fresh cut grass, musk, bergamot. (outdoors inspired)

Ravus Nox Fleuret: *Tea infusion* Emperor Dragon Pearl and Dragon Silver Needles (relaxation inspired)

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret: Lavender, violet, rose, mandarin orange. (sleep inspired)

Nyx Ulric: leather, patchouli, lemongrass (outdoorsman inspired)

Cor Leonis: Vanilla, camp fire, orange and cinnamon. (travel inspired)


OC’s From Tumblr Fandom (These are only available to the owners of the OC!! And will only sell with their permission!)

Morana Tarda: Campfire, dragons blood, lemongrass.

Ruby Philomela: Sea breeze, peaberry, violet

Penelope Ulixes: Primrose, used book, coffee

Sheridan Edmonton: Violet, peaberry, primrose.

@rubyreddemise @sylleblossompetals @stephicness I made scents for your OCs!

@themissimmortal The soaps I was talking about!

When she turned sixteen, the princess wished for a needle. “I want to sew a bit,” she wrote on a note and put it into the basket that went down her tower for food and books. “Just so I have something to do.”

When she received it, tucked under berries and cheese, the princess took the needle between two fingers. She went down the tower and to the door where the dragon lay.

“Beast,” the princess said.

The dragon said nothing. The chain around its neck was golden and terrible. Its wings were folded. It lay still and looked at the princess.

She lifted her hand. The needle gleamed silver in the dragon fire under the beast’s belly. “I can unleash you.”

For a while, the dragon only looked. It looked and looked, and then it opened its jaws. “And what do you want in return?”

The princess smiled. She went over to the dragon and pushed the needle into the lock sealing its neck.

“What do you want?” the dragon asked again. But the princess said nothing.

While she worked, the beast slowly shifted to its feet, and the princess did not flinch when hot breath flooded over the scars on her naked shoulder blades. She did not tremble when the dragon nudged her where her wings used to be, neither when it sniffed where horns used to adore her bald head, nor when it nosed at the burns that torches had left on her four arms.

The chain fell. A shudder went through the dragon’s body. It took a deep breath, its throat bulged, and magic erupted from its freed lungs. The door on the bottom of the tower burnt to ashes.

The princess smiled.

“Well,” the dragon said when they stood outside and looked at the sky. “Now you must tell me.”

And still, the princess smiled, a slow and horrifying little smile that stuck to her tiny mouth. The dragon stumbled away from her, terror shooting through his veins. He was up in the sky within seconds, but the princess only looked at him.

When she spoke, it echoed across the clearing deep in the forest, and the dragon in the sky shuddered from her soft voice that sang gently:

“I want to ask them why they did not lock me up a bit better.”