dragon moms

I wish that the parents could understand how important could it be to wear a clothes or play with a toy which is not stereotypically for their children gender. Please let them, you don’t know what they are feeling.

Angel the series rewrite where when Charisma Carpenter winds up pregnant, instead of writing… what they did… they write a story where Cordelia had entirely consensual sex with Groo (turns out their magical prophylactic only prevented the visions transferring, not pregnancy) and has a basically normal pregnancy. The big bad for season four is summoned Literally Any Other Way. Cordelia never goes into a coma or dies. Instead she joins Wolfram and Hart with the rest, and she’s juggling being a working mom to a half-demon baby through the final season and it’s hilarious and awesome. She’s like an amazing dragon mom. All the zany baby stories are perfectly apt metaphors for actual parenthood, with just minor comedic magical emphasis. She doesn’t die at the end of the series either. She just fucking lives to fight and be a cool mom.

most dangerous woman

when fans think about the woman who can have this title in one piece  everyone think of those 2 :

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but in reality it’s this one :

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hear me out……………if by any chance anyone hurt this sweet pumpkin here’s a list of people that will rage

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and dragon since he will be with sabo and probably will never forgive them for what they did to luffy sugar mother

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and of course this guy

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so yeah you will literally make enemy of a yonko a supernova the revolution leader and his right hand man and a literall marin legend

think about that