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I have been drawing Guyjinah since the second he existed. Gosh golly, are my sketchbooks filled with him. I also have sketches of the rest of the gender-swapped members of Drawga from @drawfee. I just really love @nyaffe‘s drawing and the lore around Guyjinah so much. I swear I will post my Mermays soon. 

In Detective Comics 955, Christine Montclair inspires Cassandra Cain to go forth and rescue Batman and the rest of her team/pseudo-family by reading from a novel/story book by a woman called Carolyn Wu-san. Unbeknownst to Cassandra, Carolyn Wu-san also happens to be Cass’ aunt.

Introduced in another book earlier in the DC Rebirth line in Supergirl’s title, where Cat Grant mentions that she’d taken a body-language reading course with Carolyn. Interestingly it appears that she might be both famous in her own right AND might actually be alive somewhere in the DCU, when her past incarnations seemed to exist to motivate her sister Sandra (Lady Shiva) into going on a rampage by dying.

Created for Richard Dragon: Kung-Fu Fighter 2, a title which was attempting to ride the same martial arts fad which would give both to Iron Fist. Carolyn was a New York-based college student who first had the indignity by being kidnapped by some guys due to her godfather being famous DCU martial artist O-Sensei, followed by her getting kidnapped a second time by a Swiss spy known as… err… the Swiss.

After torturing her for information she didn’t have, the Swiss having believed her uncle had been sending her valuable information, she was then promptly killed in a motorcycle accident as the Swiss attempted to escape a pursuing Richard Dragon. Richard then followed the wounded spy to a junkyard and beat him to death.

This was followed shortly afterwards by the debut of Lady Shiva, who decided to murder Richard, believing he was responsible for Carolyn’s death (which he sort of was, chasing a panicking motorcyclist down a mountain road and all). It being the 1970s, Sandra also developed feelings for Richard, although later writers were a bit more vague as to what those “feelings” might be.

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Carolyn disappeared from the continuity, only to re-emerge in Lady Shiva’s new backstory in Cassandra Cain’s solo Batgirl series. There Carolyn and Sandra grew up together in Detroit, where they became well known for their body-reading abilities which translated into neat martial arts-dancing. Unfortunately for Carolyn, assassin David Cain had also noticed them, and, deciding that Carolyn was holding her sister back by existing, he violently murdered her.

After the furious Sandra eventually tracked him down, David gave her an ultimatum, if she agreed to have his kid, he’d give her access to the facilities and teachers to make her truely the Best Martial Artist in the World. And if she refused, he and the rest of the League of Assassins would just murder her.

She picked the former, skipped down once Cass was born, and spent the next 17 or so years looking for someone worthy enough to defeat and kill her… What with her decision and Carolyn’s death weighing so much on her that she wanted to die but couldn’t go through with just committing suicide. Yaaaay.

All of this is contrasted with the new Detective Comics version of Shiva, who appears to have, at least initially, joined the League of Assassins out of a genuine desire to make the world a better place… Only for Ra’s al Ghul to turn her into a terrifying extremist when the full extent of his plans was revealed to her.

There is also the interesting meta-plot here, where Carolyn’s deaths in the past led Lady Shiva down a path which would lead her to become a bloodthirsty monster, whereas here Carolyn manages to inspire Cass to save the day despite them never having met OR know they were related to one another. Neat.


★  Tamveer

Sheena is the First to her clan who later then becomes the Keeper. She’s very talented in her magic, especially fire, and would often play pranks on her fellow Clansmen even when she became the responsible Keeper. Not many enjoy her trickster ways, but her only and true friend Vaheer does; and that’s enough for her to keep on doing it. She also likes to collect and make clothes on the side.

Vaheer, though a mage himself, prefers the life of a Hunter. Practicing on perfecting his aim with a bow and arrow while prowling the forested lands of The Emerald Graves in the form of a brown Wolf. Not many of the Clan enjoy his company as his interests delved heavily to what would be considered outlandish and dangerous behaviour yet also reminiscent behaviours of the Dread Wolf. He also loves to make puns.

They’re still alive, and waiting for the forest to give them back their little Tammy.


Some background bits:

  • This is an alternate take on Lady A’s fade dream sequence in the Until We Sleep AU. My original headcanon is something else entirely, but I felt this kinda works for the purpose of answering this reply.
  • Anders was in a Rivalmance with my Warrior Rashida Hawke, so he was coerced by Justice to commit the act that started the Mage-Templar War. Hawke killed him out of a combination of shock and mercy.
  • Anders appears to Lady A as a combo between his Awakening-Dragon Age 2 selves. Why? Dreams are weird, yo.

While this isn’t exactly the answer you were perhaps expecting, I hope this works for you motherhen-bear :)

anonymous asked:

So if your Hawke was left in the Fade, what are the chances she'll conquer it and become the new Maker with Anders as her consort/pet. And how doomed do you think Thedas would be?

Luckily, A) Ineia has literally zero desire to put in all that work/have all that power and responsibility, and B) I actually left Moustache behind because ha ha haHAHAHA